Hiboy S2 Won’t Turn On: All Problems, Reasons & Solutions

If you are interested in scooters, then Hiboy S2 is not an unknown name for you. This scooter is widely known for its amazing performance. However, like all other electric scooters, this also has some technical issues like the scooter won’t turn on issue. 

So what are the possible reasons that cause Hiboy S2 won’t Turn on?

It can be due to a faulty battery, or the battery is not charged properly, a faulty motor, damaged wiring, or a damaged fuse that refrains the scooter from turning on. Sometimes physical damage can also cause this problem. But don’t worry, you can easily solve this problem just by following a few steps just by replacing the faulty battery, fuse, or motor. 

If you are interested in a detailed discussion of the problems and the solutions, keep your eyes on the following article. It contains everything that would guide you throughout. 

Hiboy S2 Scooters Won’t Turn On: Reasons & Solution 

Hiboy S2 is one of the most popular scooters available in the market. This particular scooter has different models with new features that made the scooter even more popular. However, a common problem that Hiboy S2 users are facing lately is scooters won’t turn on

Here are the model-based reasons why Hiboy S2 is not turning on along with the solution-

Model  Reason  Solution
Hiboy S2 Scooters won’t turn on
  • Battery is out of charge
  • Poor battery connection
  • Malfunction in power button
  • Faulty fuse
  • Charge the battery properly
  • Fix the power switch
  • Fix the battery connection
  • Replace or fix the fuse
Hiboy S2 Pro scooters won’t turn on
  • Dislodged throttle magnet
  • Dislocated wiring
  • Physical damage/accident 
  • Motor issue
  • Replace the throttle magnet
  • Correct the wiring
  • Repair if there is any damage in the scooter body
  • Fix the shoulder joints
Hiboy S2 Max scooters won’t turn on
  • Loose battery terminals
  • Faulty speed controller
  • Low voltage in battery
  • Faulty motor
  • Reconnect the battery terminals
  • Replace the battery
  • Fix or replace the motor
  • Fix the speed controller

3 Reasons Hiboy S2 Won’t Turn on: With Solution

There are many available brands of scooters present in the market and Hiboy S2 is one of the popular models. If you are looking for an affordable scooter with all the top tire features, then Hiboy S2 scooters will be a good choice.

hiboy s2 electric scooter won't turn on
Source: electric-scooter.guide

However, like every other scooter brand, Hiboy S2 users also reported an issue, which is Hiboy S2 won’t turn on. There are multiple reasons behind this and every problem comes with solutions. 

Reason 1: Battery Not Charged Properly 

If your scooter battery is not charged properly then such a problem may take place. It is very important to charge your battery fully before starting the scooter. 

If your battery doesn’t have the appropriate voltage or has a loose charging terminal, that also prevents the battery to charge properly.

And when these battery-related problems are there, your scooter fails to turn on. 


Here is the solution for the battery issue- 

  • Try to charge the battery up to 6 hours before starting your scooter
  • If there is any corrosion happening on the battery terminals, make sure you remove that first
  • If the battery terminal is loose, tighten the terminals so that the scooter gets the right voltage
  • Use the original charger for charging your battery
  • If the battery is the issue, most of the time replacing the battery is the only solution

Reason 2: Faulty Power Button

A faulty power button is another common reason that may cause Hiboy S2 won’t turn on problem. Sometimes the power button can get damaged due to an accident or can get faulty. In those cases, the scooter fails to turn on. 


If the scooter is not turning on due to the power button then you need to restart the whole system. For that, first, press the power button and hold it down for a few seconds. Then, power it on again. 

If this doesn’t work then reset the scooter. For that, remove the battery first and press the power button for 10 seconds. After that reinsert the battery again and start your scooter.  

Reason 3: Faulty Fuse 

A faulty fuse can cause trouble in turning on the scooter. Sometimes, you would notice the circuit breaker or fuse has blown. If you have overloaded your scooter or riding it on a steep hill, the fuse can get blown. Cable tension in the brake pad also creates a similar issue. 


To avoid fuse problems-

  • Make sure you don’t overweight your scooter
  • Avoid riding the scooter on the sand, steep hills, or muddy roads
  • Avoid creating tension on brake pads by pushing or hitting those
  • Replace the fuse if it is blown out which will cost $5-$7

Fuse Replacement:

The following steps would guide you through the Hiboy S2 fuse replacement process-

  • First, make your scooter upside down and unscrew the bottom of it
  • After opening the hood securing all the wiring inside, beside the clip connector, the fuse is located
  • Untape the screw from the place 
  • Take the new fuse and tape it on the place of the old one
  • Put the hood again and secure it with all the screws that were taken off

Hiboy S2 Pro Won’t Turn on

Hiboy S2 Pro, another model of the Hiboy scooter also has a scooter not turning on issue. Other than that, this can be a great scooter option for any regular scooter user.

Hiboy S2 Pro Won't Turn on
Source: greenewheels.co.uk

Reason 1: Dislodged Throttle

Dislodged throttle magnet is a major cause that refrains the scooter from turning on. Usually, if your scooter has been through an accident, the throttle can get damaged. However, you can easily solve the damaged throttle problem by making a few adjustments. 


These are the solution to the throttle problem in Hiboy S2 Pro-

  • Check the voltage drop in the battery pack. If you find low voltage on a heavy load, change the battery
  • Deep charge the battery
  • Test the battery charger using a multimeter. If the voltage is low, replace it
  • If the battery charging port is defective, fix it. 

Reason 2: Loose Wiring 

Sometimes, wrong wiring or a loose connection can cause the scooter to fail to turn on. An accident or overweighting the scooter can cause a loose connection in the wiring issue in a scooter. 


To detect the loose wiring problem, open the scooter and check the wiring manually. Here is the solution to the loose wiring problem in the scooter-

  • If the wiring is corroded, replace the wires.
  • If the connection is loose, tighten it as required.
  • If the wiring is damaged or fired, replace it. 

Reason 3: Faulty Motor

Sometimes, a problematic motor can cause the scooter won’t turn on problem. Sometimes, the wire that is connected to the motor can melt which causes the motor issue. The speed controller can also get damaged due to a short circuit. 


The solution to the motor problem in Hiboy S2 Pro-

  • Pull the wires connected to the motor gently to detect any melted or burnt wire. Replace it immediately if there is melted wire.
  • Smell the speed controller and motor to detect any unusuality and fix any burnt components.
  • If the speed controller is damaged, repair it

Repairing Speed Controller:

You can repair your Hiboy S2 speed controller by the following steps-

  • Switch on the power switch and try pushing the scooter start
  • Inspect the controller through smell, touch, and sight
  • If everything is fine, then the issue is in the battery. You can fix it following the above-mentioned method 

Hiboy S2 Lite Won’t Turn on

Hiboy S2 lite is another edition of an electric scooter in the Hiboy series, renowned for its latest features and user-friendliness. However, this model also won’t turn on sometimes. Have a look at the possible reasons and solutions to it in the following.

Hiboy S2 Lite Won’t Turn on
Source: electricscooterinsider.com

Reason 1: Loose Battery Terminal 

Loose battery terminal is a very common problem in scooters. If you find your scooter is having a battery issue, firstly we have to use a multimeter to check whether the terminals have the required voltage or not. If not then the terminals might be loose. 


Here is the solution to loose battery terminals-

  • First, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery
  • Then disconnect the positive terminal
  • Next, take a small cotter pin and place it between the terminal and the post
  • Now, tighten the terminal again and tighten the excess of the cotter pin of both the terminals.

Reason 2:

Sometimes, a faulty speed controller can cause an issue in turning on the scooter. Incorrect voltage in the speed controller mostly causes such problems. This is a very common issue but the good part is the problem is easily fixable.  


Here is the solution to the faulty speed controller problem in Hiboy S2 max-

  • Take a multimeter set in 200k
  • Using the multimeter, measure the speed controllers voltage
  • If the voltage is not stable and not increasing or decreasing smoothly, the speed controller needs changing
  • Replace the speed controller with a new one and set it to your scooter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to reset a Hiboy scooter?

To replace the Hiboy scooter, first, turn off the scooter and place it horizontally. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and wait until you hear a beeping noise. Now, restart the Hiboy again and your scooter should be reset. 

Why my Hiboy scooter has no power?

There are several reasons for Hiboy scooters having no power like freezing cold temperatures, damaged batteries, falling off battery capacity, improper charging, and many more. Before taking any steps for solving this issue, make sure you inspect the problem carefully.

Where is the fuse located on my Hiboy Scooter?

Usually, an electric scooter has a fuse that is located at the outside of the scooter or near the battery pack. The location is not different for the Hiboy S2 scooter as well. The battery pack is located under the footplate in the wiring harness. 

Final Words

Hope you found the article helpful regarding Hiboy S2 won’t turn on. Although all the Hiboy users have faced it at some point in their use it. But the reasons for this problem are pretty much the same. So a careful user can easily avoid such unwanted issues. 

That is it for now. See you soon with something more exciting. 

Till then, have a safe journey!

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