How to remove speed limiter on electric scooter and increase its speed

Many e-scooters have speed-limitation devices. This is done to ensure your safety, but some riders can easily get irritated by this feature.

If you can’t increase your speed, it can be quite disappointing. Fortunately, there is a way to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter.

This article can help boost the speed of your electric scooter.

Keep reading to learn how to remove speed limiter on electric scooter and increase its maximum speed.

how to remove speed limiter on electric scooter: Step-by-Step

What is the difference between electric bikes and electric scooters?

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Both e-bikes and e-scooters are environmentally friendly transport. They have similar structures. However, you probably may wonder if there are any differences between them. There are a few differences:


E-scooters are more light-weighted and portable than e-bikes.


Generally, electric scooters are more affordable than e-bikes.

Road variety

Most e-bikes can perform quite well on bumpy terrains. Scooters are made for easy solid streets.

What speed limit is set for electric scooters in the US?

The speed limit set for electric scooters in many states of the US is 25 mph. In some other states, the top speed is 30 mph. So speed limits can vary from state to state.

Get more information about speed limits and other laws concerning electric scooters in our detailed guide: Do You Need A License For An Electric Scooter?

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What is a speed limiter on an e-scooter?

Electronic speed limiters are a configuration in the software of the electric scooter. They limit the top speed to a specific threshold.

The e-scooter speed limiter is quite essential to control safety issues on the road.

Speed controllers aren´t modern inventions, they have been used since the late 1900s.

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Are a speed limiter and cruise control the same thing?

Cruise control is quite a progressive feature, installed in many e-scooters. It controls the speed of the e-scooter.

If a scooter is going faster than allows the speed limit, cruise control will automatically slow it down.

The speed controller limits the top speed of the vehicle. The scooter will stop almost immediately if this limit was exceeded.

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How does a limitation device work?

Limitation device is stopping the engine from reaching its top speed.

When the manufacturer’s top speed is reached, the speed sensor signals the processor to prevent the vehicle from going any faster. It allows you to control extra speed in traffic.

Factors that can affect your scooter speed

The Rider’s Weight

The rider’s weight is affecting the speed of the vehicle. If the rider is heavy, then the scooter’s motor and battery work harder to fire e-scooter to the top speed.

So, when you purchase the scooter, you need to check the recommended weight limit.

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Tire Pressure

If your e-scooter has tires that are too soft, it will quite significantly impact the scooter’s range and speed. Soft tires will also fail to absorb shock when traveling on rougher terrain.

Type of Terrain

The type of terrain also can affect the speed of the scooter. Urban roads are usually the best setting for electric scooters because the roads typically have smooth surfaces.

But on rural roads, these vehicles will travel more slowly because the tires will sink to the ground.

Battery Capacity

If the battery has a higher capacity, it can provide more energy for the scooter and it can reach a higher speed.

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How to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter

In order to do this, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1.

For the start, you will need a screwdriver. With help of this tool, you have to remove two crosshead screws at the deck’s bottom and front.

Step 2.

Next, you need to take out the crosshead screws at the top of the deck.

It will reveal a metal ring inside where they were attached before.

Step 3.

You need to open the casing in the direction of the front wheel.

Step 4.

After that, you have to remove four white wires from the base. Then, you need to cut them.

Step 5.

Next, the four wires must be taped together. You have to do this to keep them tidy. Then just slide the case back to shut it.

Step 6.

The last thing you have to do is replace the four crosshead screws.

Step 7.

Well done, you removed the speed limitation.

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Which uncommon solutions can boost the speed of e-scooters?

These changes are quite uncommon. But it has been observed that they can highly boost the speed of e-scooters.

1. Change the battery

It can be a good solution. However, it’s quite hard to find batteries that will fit in the tiny space of an electric scooter. But if you do this, it will increase its speed.

There are some risks, though. The scooter is not made for a higher voltage. A powerful battery can damage the electric motor.

2. Rewind scooter motor

It’s quite a risky and complicated solution. It should not be performed while you have a time warranty. But once the genuine contract has expired, you can use this method.

Rewinding an e-scooter motor will give you less torque and higher RPM. It will directly increase the scooter’s speed.

3. Switch the scooter to sport mode

Most e-scooters have different speed modes. For some electric scooters, such as UScooter Booster, the configurations are set to a speed of 18 mph.

That speed limit can be unlocked after engaging in the speed mode.

4. Change the Tires

Tires present resistance and it can affect the speed of the e-scooter.

You can swap the tires of your vehicle with more smooth tires. The new tires will increase your speed a little.

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Frequently asked questions about electric scooter speed limiter removal

Can you remove speed limiter on electric scooter?

Yes, you can do this. Generally, the users think it is tough to remove the speed limiter on their own.

But, there are ways to do this, such as, using the electric scooter display or cutting the speed limiting wire or wires.

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Can a speed limiter be removed?

The answer depends on the type of electric scooter you have. If you have a removable scooter battery, then you can remove it.

If you have an all-in-one electric scooter, you’ll need to read the instruction manual to figure out how to remove the speed limiter.

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Razor electric scooter speed limiter removal: 7 easy steps.

Regardless of the Razor electric scooter model, you own, you can unlock the speed restriction on your scooter, thanks to these simple steps.

Follow this instruction:

Step 1.

The things you will need: a Philips head screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a 3 mm Allen key.

Step 2.

Take off all the screws from the deck.

Step 3.

The pliers are needed for removing some of the nuts.

Step 4.

Now you have to disconnect all the connectors of the speed limiter.

Step 5.

If you look closely, you will see that there is a shunt whose function is to limit the current going into the motor.

Step 6.

For making more current pass to the motor, you need to increase the size of the shunt and solder it with copper. It will remove the speed limit of your electric scooter.

Step 7.

Now all you have to do is re-assemble the screws to their right places and get spinning.

Step 8.

Now you are done. The speed limiter is removed.

These tips will help you make your electric scooter faster.

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Can I make my electric scooter go faster?

There are existing ways to increase the speed of electric vehicles:

1. Always charge the battery

If you keep your battery charged, it can help you reach a higher speed.

Although it won’t improve the maximum speed of your scooter, it will give you faster acceleration and torque.

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2. Add an extra battery

You can add another battery. The dual battery will provide a quite good scooter speed. It will get more voltage.

The motor will get more power to run faster, and ultimately, you will receive more fast electric scooter.

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How do you adjust the speed limiter on an electric scooter?

It depends on the model of your electric scooter. You may be able to adjust the speed limiter settings or upload a new version of the scooter software.

If you want to proceed and ride on closed surfaces, then you can swap the components with more powerful ones.

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There are various ways to remove the electronic speed limiter on an e-scooter.

These methods vary from a specific electric scooter model.

Removing the speed limiter will boost the maximum speed of your vehicle. Also, you can add a second battery. It will help to get more power.

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