Airwheel Electric Luggage Scooter For Travel 

Airwheel is a leading Chinese company that manufactures a wide range of luggage products for travel and everyday use. They produce a revolutionary new product: electric luggage (suitcase) that has an intelligent riding function. This electric luggage scooter is designed to carry your luggage on your electric scooter and make commuting and traveling much easier.

Airwheel Electric Luggage Scooter

At first sight, it´s an ordinary suitcase. But you have a possibility to ride on it. Pull out the hidden riding pole and enjoy your ride. It is perfect for frequent travelers.

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When taking a flight, the lithium battery adopts an external pluggable design, which can be removed to meet the security inspection regulations, and can be used as a power bank to charge portable electronic devices.

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Smart riding luggage electric scooter meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements for non-check-in luggage requirements.

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This smart suitcase offers a unique rideable function that allows you to take it wherever you go. It can reach a top speed of 6.21 mph, so you can quickly get around town or travel to your destination.

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This e-scooter luggage stands out for its toughness, thanks to its large 4-inch wheels. These wheels make it sturdy and capable of enduring rough handling. It also has protective features like abrasion resistance and shock absorption, ensuring your belongings stay safe and secure.

In addition to its riding capabilities, this luggage boasts a removable battery, making charging a breeze. Simply plug it into an outlet for convenient recharging, especially handy for frequent travelers.

Inside, you’ll find ample space for your clothes and personal items, along with a compartment for your laptop or electronic devices. Its robust exterior is crafted from weather-resistant materials, and it even comes with a built-in battery pack, ensuring you can use it without the need for a constant power connection.

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As customers admit, it is the best way to get around and not just for airports. You can take it everywhere: on boardwalks, theme parks, and cruising. Its ride is great, battery lasts for hours. You can get to planes quickly without sweating or being tired. Its compact size fits perfectly in overhead bins as a carry-on. It’s also simple to use and drive. Both adults and kids love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Airwheel electric luggage scooter allowed in flight?

Airwheel SE3S is a smart rideable luggage with a built-in pusher motor and lithium battery. Its size and built-in lithium battery do not interfere with boarding, whether checked or as carry-on luggage in the passenger cabin.

The size of the Airwheel SE3S smart ride-on Luggage is 36 x 24 x 55 cm, which is in line with international standards for 20-inch boarding luggage. It can be carried directly on board without the need to check it in and fits perfectly in the luggage compartment.

For safety reasons, all major international airlines restrict the use of lithium batteries over 100WH in passengers’ carry-on items on flights. The Airwheel SE3S smart riding Luggage has a removable modular lithium battery with a capacity of 73.26WH to meet the requirements of international airlines for boarding. The battery can be removed quickly before security checks (no disassembly tools required) and then boarded without any problems.

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What is the recommended maximum load limit?

Maximum load capacity of 242.5 lbs (110 kg)

How do I charge the battery?

To charge the battery, first plug in the charger to a wall socket (AC100-220V), then connect it to the battery’s charging port (DC). While charging, the charger light turns red, and when it’s fully charged, the light turns green. It takes 2 hours to fully charge.

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What is the maximum speed of the electric luggage scooter?

The top speed is 5 mph (8 km/h) on a flat surface.

How do I use the Smart Riding Lugagge without power?

You can use it as an ordinary suitcase. Pull out the trolley bar and tow, pick up the “carry handle” and carry on. An empty smart Airwheel electric luggage scooter weighs 16.5 pounds (about 7.5 kg).

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