Lime Scooter Red Light: What’s the Hidden Meaning?

If you have ever used lime scooters, then you must have come across different kinds of indicator lights for the lime scooter. Sometimes it might get confusing to understand which light indicates what. 

So, what does Lime Scooter Red Light indicate?

The red light in the lime scooter means the scooter is still charging. While charging the scooter, it will show a red light which indicates the battery is charging. And when the scooter is charged, you will notice a green light instead of the red one. 

Simple right? But you need to know more about the indicators and how it works. To know more about this, keep your eyes on the article below. 

What Does Red Light in Lime Scooter Mean?

While charging a lime scooter, there can be two types of lights- red and green from which you can determine the charging state. The red light means charging and the green light indicates already charged. These two lights will also help a user to know whether the scooter is charging appropriately or not.

What Does Red Light in Lime Scooter Mean

While you have plugged in the scooter for charging, if you see a solid green light then your scooter has some issues. You need to report it as a broken scooter immediately. 

If you notice a simultaneous blink of red and green lights on the power supply, unplug the power supply post right away. It is indicating a broken power supply and requires quick fixing. 

On the other hand, while booking a lime scooter through the Lime app, you need to unlock the scooter you want to borrow. Before you unlock the scooter, the throttle led will show red light.

Here red light means the scooter is unavailable. On the other hand, the green light indicates the scooter is available for you. 

How to Complete the Charging in Lime Scooter?

There is a complete set of instructions that one needs to follow regarding charging a lime scooter and how lime scooter works. A user needs to follow the instructions accordingly to complete the task properly. Here is the whole process of reserving a scooter and charging it in the following-

Reserving the Scooter: 

Before getting into the charging process, you need to reserve a scooter requiring a charge. The reservation process is as below-

Reserving the Scooter 

  • Use the Juice App pickup screen to reserve a scooter with a charge task
  • Fetch the scooter if located nearby or receive it
  • Scan the scooter
  • Take the scooter where your charging station is located
  • Charge the scooter up to 95%. Also, inspect if any kind of repair is needed
  • After finishing charging, get back to the lime app for the dropping-off location
  • Reserve a suitable limehub
  • And finally, drop the scooter on the specified limehub

Do not forget to scan the QR code and upload a picture of the scooter of the deployment while leaving the scooter. 

You can check the following link for more information:

Charging the Scooter:

After reserving the scooter, you need to charge it for the required amount of time for charging your lime scooter: 

  • Plug the scooter charger into the charging port
  • Plug in the charging cord on the scooter. The plug point is located on the stem of the scooter
  • Keep checking the light on the power supply to turn it from red to green
  • Always double-check on the app to be sure about the charging level up to 95%
  • If you see different readings on the app and the scooter, ensure the connectivity

Precautions While Charging the Lime Scooter

These are the few things you need to keep in mind while charging your lime electric scooter

  • The best practice is to rely more on the scooter than the app. The app is the best medium to be sure it’s charged 95%.
  • Do not overcharge your scooter by keeping your scoter and the charger on the power supply for too long
  •  Keep your scooter and the scooter charger in a cool and dry place to avoid heat
  • While charging in cold weather, keep the scooter for 30 minutes in a place where the temperature is above freezing temperature 
  • Do not overcharge the scooter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why my Lime scooter is not moving?

Your Lime scooter may not move due to insufficient balance, missing payments, pre-authorized failure, or application glitches. However, if the payment procedure is the reason, update it first and then try again. If it still doesn’t work after updating your information, look for another scooter. 

Why my lime scooter is making beeping noise?

When the lime scooter is making a beeping noise, that means the scooter is unlocked. This is not a problem with the scooter, in fact, it indicates the scooter is operating normally. So when a scooter is unlocked for use, it will make this beeping noise. 

Can the lime scooter be ridden at night?

No, one should not operate a lime scooter at night. Usually, the lime scooter is not equipped for clearer visibility at night time or in darkness. So cars or other vehicles might not be able to see this. Without having safety headlights for the night, one should never ride a lime scooter at night. 

Final Words

Hope this article could resolve all your queries regarding the Lime Scooter Red light. This scooter is pretty convenient to use only if you know how to operate it through the app. 

That is everything for now. See you soon with something more exciting.

Till then, have safe rides!

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