Why is my hoverboard beeping? Find out how to fix it!

Many hoverboard owners are familiar with that annoying sound signaling about problems with a device. Most problems can be solved, so they won’t intimidate you anymore. However, sometimes the hoverboard just keeps beeping. This guide will show you how to get rid of this disturbing sound.

Why do hoverboards beep?

As you know, a sound alarm is specially designed to be distinctive and intimidating (so people can not ignore it). Hoverboards are no exception. Most hoverboards have sound alarms paired with red LED lights. Those lights indicate internal problems (and constant red light is a more common problem than constant beeping, by the way).

Why is my hoverboard beeping? 5+ causes & easy tips to fix

Why is my hoverboard beeping? What causes the beeping sound?

Well, red lights and beeping sounds are caused by internal problems. However, if you are sure that it’s just a system error, you may try to fix the hoverboard yourself. But first, let’s take a look at the most common problems causing the sound alert.

What are the most common causes of hoverboard beeping?

Uneven Surfaces

While you are riding your self-balancing scooter on a flat and level surface, you should never notice the sound alarm. But when you start riding on uneven surfaces, your hoverboard will let you know about it.

The reason for the sound signal isn’t uneven surface per se, but rather the information about the incline of the surface over the board’s limit. It causes a massive change in the hoverboard’s balance, so it’s inevitable for a vehicle to start beeping and flashing lights.


Most mass-market hoverboard models have their incline range limit set at 15 to 20 degrees. If the incline sensors get the information about the limit passing, they send the information about it to the CPU. However, if you hear it while riding on a flat surface, you must check all the systems. Maybe there’s another problem to solve.

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Fast Speed

If you exceed the speed limit set for your hoverboard model, you will hear the beeping signal. Just like the incline limit, every self-balancing scooter has speed sensors. If they have the information about overpassing the limit, the circuit board will slow down and you will hear the sound alert (combined with an LED light signal).

The best way to turn off this sound is to slow down.

Remember: slowing down is very important for many reasons.

  • First, a hoverboard is a vehicle. So, speeding over can be dangerous both for you and other people on the road.
  • Second, constant speeding is harmful to all parts of the hoverboard (wheels, suspension, battery, CPU), so it’s self-defense for a device.

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Low Battery Level

Another reason for a hoverboard to start beeping is discharged battery. Most vehicles start beeping is the battery level falls below 20%, so it’s actually a good sign to stop the ride and start the charge.


The sound signal is usually synchronized with a green LED signal, so it shouldn’t be hard to differentiate it from other issues. And, if you constantly hear the beeping from your hoverboard, you should check your charger. It helps you understand, what you should check first: a battery or a charger and wall socket. After doing that you´ll be able to remove or fix the broken part.

Other Battery Issues

If you have a beeping hoverboard with a blinking green light after the full charge, you have to deal with a defective battery. It may be external damage or just a glitchy battery (or, maybe, the glitchy battery indicator light).

Since most hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries, there’s a variety of reasons to have the battery damaged:

  • physical damage while riding (like bumping or hurting it with metal shards)
  • improper charging (using an improper charger without an adapter)
  • constant overcharging (which is harmful to Li-ion batteries)

Many owners complain about hearing the hoverboard beep all the time while their gadgets are charging. The most probable reason for it is loose wiring inside the hoverboard. And this slight defect tends to get worse and worse with every charge-discharge cycle. Even the one loose point and one battery pack charge with it can make the CPU notify you about the problem.

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What are the reasons for loose wiring?

In many cases, this defect is caused by charging the hoverboard while it’s still in the manufacturer’s box. Since there’s not much space for it, moving the board will cause the loose wires. And loose wires may end in a short circuit and fire.

The best way to find the weakened wire is to open up the hoverboard, remove every part from within and test the wires one by one. If you find the cause of the noise, wrap the weak place with electric tape.

But we must warn you: you should do it yourself only if you are sure you won’t break the board! In other cases, bring your scooter to the repair shop.

Dust and Dirt

Since a hoverboard is a vehicle used on streets and roads, it’s inevitable to contact with dirt and dust. There can be gaps in your board, so the dirt can be trapped between the moving parts. Dirt can cause problems with wiring and electronics (which may end in short circuits and fire), so you must clean your hoverboard regularly and properly (both inside and outside).


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Sometimes hoverboard beep means that it needs calibration. It is useful for your self-balancing scooter because it helps to ensure the owner whether every footstep is accurately registered by sensors.

Calibration may be performed by these steps:

  1. First, you should adjust the pedals of the foot. It will help to keep the level properly within the ground.
  2. Then, press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds. You will hear the hoverboard beeping one more time, while the lights will start flashing.
  3. Keep the button pressed before the hoverboard turns off. Then, keep it in the same position for a few seconds.
  4. Then, push the power button again (to turn your board on). You will see that the smart balance wheel is ready to use.
  5. Repeat all described here steps if you see that your hoverboard wasn’t reset. The hoverboard can be calibrated at least five times (as it’s suggested).

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If your hoverboard beeps after all the manipulations, you should try to calibrate it another way. Here are the steps you should take for it:

  1. Turn your device off
  2. Then unscrew all the small screws across the hoverboard (there should be a lot of screws)
  3. After unscrewing, you should open the hoverboard slowly. You will see the power of all the inner cables
  4. Then, you must see whether you may find any loose lines or any wires that are not properly clipped
  5. If you see any issues with wire clipping, it can be solved by pushing and pulling again
  6. If you see any loose line while checking, disconnect it and try to push it again (with a pen or a pencil), and then try to connect it again. A little sound will help you to know whether the problem with wiring is resolved
  7. Join the line again in order to make the hoverboard work properly again
  8. Tighten the screws. Turn the hoverboard to hear whether it’s still beeping.

If that annoying sound doesn’t go, you must proceed to the light test.

How Can I perform The Light Test?

If your beloved hoverboard still won’t stop beeping, you should check the emergency lights. Thankfully, there is a code programmed for every hoverboard. It will help you to understand what kind of problem your gadget suffers from. You can know it from the number of flashing red lights.

So, let’s dive into it!

  • Blinking 1 time should tell you about the faulty motherboard. First, try to solve this problem by disconnecting the motherboard of your hoverboard from all the wires. Then, reconnect it in the same order. If your hoverboard stops to tell you about its problems, everything’s OK. If it still beeps, you should replace the motherboard with the new one.
  • Blinking 2 or 3 times means an internal circuit problem. The best solution to this problem is to buy a circuit board replacement kit.
  • Blinking 4 or 5 times is for a problem with the internal motor. Said motor is used for self-balancing and is situated on the corner of the motherboard. One of the possible solutions for this problem is replacing the electric motor inside the wheel of the hoverboard.
  • Blinking 6 times tells you about the faulty battery of your beloved hoverboard. It may be not fixed the way it should be, or it may be not compatible with your self-balancing scooter model.
  • Blinking 7 or 8 times tells you about the gyroscope issues. It may range from an unstable socket to poor interface alignment. It can be solved by changing the gyroscope or replacing the entire circuit board.
  • Blinking 9 times is the simplest problem to solve. This is the way the hoverboard tells its owner that it is turned upside down. The only way to stop beeping and blinking is… well, turning the hoverboard into the right position.


Hoverboard (just like any electronic device) is prone to problems with different components. Red lights and loud, distinctive beeping sounds are used to make the rider pay attention to said problems. Using the tips listed in this article, you will solve all the problems in time, so there will be no need to ask: “Why is my hoverboard beeping?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping red?

There is a wide variety of reasons why you hear your hoverboard beeping. It may be caused by riding on uneven terrain, physical damage to some parts of the hoverboard, battery issues software glitches and even turning the board upside down!

Why is my hoverboard beeping and not turning off?

The problem with turning off the board may be caused by a glitchy battery or motherboard. If you are in this situation, bring the board to the garage or the backyard and let the battery drain all its charge. If the beeping sound is still heard after the recharge, remove the battery pack (unscrew the hoverboard, disconnect the battery from all wires, and re-wire it).


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In the most severe cases, bring your hoverboard to the repair shop.

How do you reset a hoverboard battery?

Resetting the hoverboard can be performed by holding the power button for 5 to 10 seconds. Then you should wait half a minute before the LED lights stop flashing. Turn the scooter off (it is needed for the device to store the new calibrations). After all the operations, turn your board on and check whether your hoverboard beeps. If it still does, you should take it to the repairman.

Can you replace the battery in the hoverboard?

Replacing the hoverboard’s battery is not difficult. You should just unscrew it from the frame and disconnect all the wires. Since the hoverboard is designed with the possibility of battery pack replacement, there will be no problems. The only thing is the battery can be damaged, so be careful and keep the sharp tools from it.

Have you ever heard that your hoverboard is beeping? What did you do with that sound?

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