How to fix a hoverboard that won’t turn on? 5 Simple Fixes

If you are an avid user of a hoverboard, there is a possibility that you have problems with turning it on. There are a few reasons why your self-balancing scooter is not working properly. Let’s do some detailed hoverboard troubleshooting and find out which of the reasons is your situation.

Why your hoverboard isn’t turning on

  • Charging problems, when your hoverboard won’t turn
  • Motherboard or logic board issues
  • Hoverboard battery issues
  • Wire issues
  • You got overboard with a defect

Let’s take a closer look at these reasons and discuss what we should do, in each case, when the hoverboard won’t turn.

Charger Problems

Before the first use, the hoverboard must be charged for 5-6 hours, before the second and subsequent – about 2.

Accordingly, first of all, you need to put the “faulty” hoverboard on charge.

The cause of the issue may be that your hoverboard is not charging. The problem may be with the charger, misaligned charging port, defective charger, or other battery issues.

  1. Plug the charger into an outlet and check if the green indicator light is on.
  2. Connect the charger to the hoverboard.
  3. The hoverboard charger light turns red for a few minutes, then it should change to green. If you immediately see a green indicator light, there is a possibility that it is faulty.
  4. If you have access to another charger like yours, check it out. If the problem persists, then the hoverboard is faulty.
  5. The issue may be different but also related to charging.
  6. All hoverboards have a charging port with indicators that will not let you plug the charger in the wrong way. Sometimes the charging port and the charger don’t connect very well.
  7. Take out the charger and inspect the charging port.
  8. Make sure that the connector in the charger matches the pointer in the charging port. Connect it and if the red light is on, then everything is fine.
  9. Sometimes the charger can be broken or too slow. Most likely, in this case, the charging was initially faulty. Use only the charger that came with the hoverboard.
  10. If your one is broken, look for a new charger similar to the original one.

Battery concerns

If the issue is still not in the charger port or the charger, most likely the problem is in the hoverboard battery.

1. It is quite easy to understand if there are problems with a battery:

  • Check if the hoverboard battery indicator is green
  • Turn on the hoverboard
  • If you see an orange light indicator, then the battery is bad. You probably will need a replacement battery. A lack of volts can also interfere with the operation of the hoverboard. Use a voltage meter to check.

2. Another reason for a hoverboard not working is a depleted battery. This is a problem with the battery management system, which detects too much amperage during charging, and therefore cuts off the current.

To solve this problem, you can gently pull out the battery. Unscrew the nuts and remove the wire that connects the lights. After removing the battery, check it with a voltmeter. If the volts are less than 36, then the battery is not powerful enough to charge itself. If the volt is more, then there is a problem with the BMS.

How to know when the problem is wiring

The problem may also be in the wires.

Inspect the wires for defects and the charger cord.

Sometimes the hoverboard refuses to work because the wires are twisted inside or the cable has come off.

Such a breakdown can be repaired independently only if the user understands what he is doing and understands a little about the internal structure of the electric transport.

Carefully check the charging port wires.

Motherboard Problems

Another reason may be an issue with the defective motherboard. There is nothing special you can do to check if the motherboard is working, just by eliminating other reasons.

Sometimes the control boards of the hoverboard burn out due to overheating or mechanical damage.

In this case, the battery is charged, but the device will not turn on. You are not a service center, it is almost impossible to change the control electronics at home.

Replacements can be purchased from the company that makes your hoverboard model. Most often, the manufacturer has a solution to your problem.

Hoverboard with a defect

And last on our list of causes is a faulty hoverboard. Perhaps something went wrong during the production process, and then you get a hoverboard with a defect. That happens.

Check the reviews on your hoverboard website, there may be comments about some defects. Call support, explain the situation, and ask for help. Perhaps you will get a refund for the damage or be prompted on how to solve the problem.

How to Fix a Hoverboard that Won’t Turn On?

Be extremely careful and try to trust the experts. The problem could be anything from the battery to internal parts. You will need to be patient and find out, or take the device to specialists who will check everything.

The main thing you can do is to not overheat the hoverboard, don’t let it come into direct contact with water, keep it clean, and don’t overcharge.

Fix Charger Issues

If the hoverboard is not charging properly, and the problem is not in the charging port, you need to replace the faulty charger. Make sure the manufacturer of the new charger is the same as your hoverboard’s one.

How to fix battery fails

If you have a faulty battery, you need a battery replacement. If you have experience with electronic devices, you will be up to the task. But you can always use the services of a specialist.

When the problem is wiring

Check if you have loose wires at the connection points of the charger or the motherboard. Make sure the wires are good and not burned. Again, you can repair or replace them by contacting a specialist.

Problems with gyroscope

The gyroscope measures speed and tilt. It can be a gyroscope with two ports and a wire harness or a gyroscope with 2–4 ports and no harness.

What to do if the problem is motherboard

If the matter is not in the charge, and the hoverboard does not turn on, then the reason may lie in the failure of one of the three internal boards. Such a breakdown often occurs due to a short circuit, shock, or other external influences.

As a rule, replacement boards can be ordered for the vehicle. This can be done if the device was bought directly from the manufacturer. In any case, you can contact the service center, and they will help with the solution to this issue and the elimination of the breakdown.

If the problem is in the defective hoverboard motherboard, then you can only replace it. But in this case, you need to be careful and contact a specialist or the manufacturer directly.

How to solve issues with motor

There is a motor on each wheel. Fixing motor issues by repairing or replacing them would mean removing the wheels first. Once again, be careful and contact specialists.

What to do with a Defective Hoverboard?

Defective devices are not uncommon. Therefore, it is also impossible to immediately determine why the inclusion is missing. Of course, it is best that the defect is discovered immediately after the purchase or when inspecting the item before purchasing. Then it will not be difficult to exchange a faulty hoverboard.

The main thing is to entrust this matter to specialists and try to not find a breakdown and fix it yourself. Such actions will reduce the chances of obtaining warranty service or reimbursement, and exchange of the device.

How to take care of your hoverboard

1. Clean the wheels often

Clean your hoverboard wheels regularly. Not only it will allow you to remove excess debris and moisture that can ruin the device, but it will also give you access to a more thorough regular check. Use warm soapy water and a brush.

2. Do not forget to clean your hoverboard

It’s not just the wheels that need to be cleaned. You also need to constantly clean the hoverboard completely. This will prevent damage to the internal circuits or other internal parts of the device.

3. Always charge the battery

If the electric vehicle one day did not turn on for no apparent reason, then most often the snag lies in the discharged battery. It should be remembered when and how well the hoverboard was charged last. If charging was carried out according to plan and taking into account all the rules, a complete discharge of the battery in a calm state is an alarm call.

Sometimes hoverboard batteries fail. But, in the case when the battery device was simply forgotten to be supplied with electricity in time, there is nothing terrible. Although, we should not forget that allowing the battery to completely discharge (below 5%) is not safe.

4. Do not let the hoverboard get hot

The battery needs to be charged frequently. But in bad weather conditions, it is better to not charge it. And do not leave the device on charge when it is already charged. Let the hoverboard cool down after use. Store it in a cool, dry place.

5. Look after your foot paddle

The foot paddle must be stable. If you feel that something is wrong, take the hoverboard in for a check. A loose paddle can cause an injury.


Another common problem is the ingress of moisture and dust under the body of the hoverboard. If you remember walking in the rain or driving into a deep puddle, as well as other situations with the risk of moisture getting on the surface and inside the vehicle, then you can bet on this moment.

The ingress of moisture into the body of the device, a strong blow, a short circuit when using a “non-native” charger – all this can easily disable the hoverboard. Keep in mind that with such problems, you can not count on the warranty: you will have to pay for the repair.


We hope we were able to help with the problem that the hoverboard won’t turn on.

Some companies may also offer a hoverboard repair kit that may be useful if your hoverboard won’t turn.

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Is there a reset button on a hoverboard?

Just hold down the button for a few seconds. Ignore flashes and sounds, just press the button. Then release the button and flip the hoverboard over. It is now restarted and ready to be used.

Can you overcharge a hoverboard?

Leaving the hoverboard to charge for too long will likely damage the battery, and it will simply stop working. Charge only for the prescribed time. Leaving it to charge overnight will not give you more charge, and the battery may become weaker.

Can you use hoverboard in the rain?

No, it is better not to do this and not to use the hoverboard on wet surfaces at all. A hoverboard is not waterproof!

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