When Were Scooters Invented Or A History Of Your “Modern Friend”

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They are all around the city now, but a couple of years ago we could not imagine we will ride them, and they become our best and fast friends. Right?

Electric scooters are used to commute to offices and around the downtown for convenience and traffic with no jams. It is an eco-friendly device that saves the planet. Does it mean, with its popularity of it, we will save the Earth by 2035?

Few people know though that the history of electric scooters started much longer. When was the first scooter ever made? More than a century ago, this invention had already existed. Let´s see when were scooters invented or a history of your “modern friend”?

Electric scooters

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The Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, one of the most significant historical periods, altered the way people worked and lived. Before the late 1700s, agriculture and manual labor were the mainstays of national economies. Due to production concerns, small-scale farming enterprises frequently proved ineffective.

Then, in the 1700s, Thomas Newcomen rewrote the history books by building the first steam engine prototype. The device was initially employed by Newcomen to pump water out of mine shafts, but other engineers quickly decided to experiment with the technology and explore other possibilities.

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Steam trains quickly replaced the archaic horse and cart as the new mode of transportation by the early to mid-1800s. However, the expanding tide of the invention has begun to make room for additional creators. Another invention of that period was named Velocipede.

Made by the German investor, Baron Karl, paved the way for them and suddenly bicycles became more popular than electric scooters. What did the first scooter look like?

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Motorized scooter

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Kicked scooters that were no longer needed in the city became popular for those to travel around it. Which country first invented scooter? The concept of the scooter stretches back at least a century before to 1817 and Baron Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun of Germany.

Another inventor modernized the automated scooter (Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson) that worked as a battery-operated bicycle.

This invention was patented in 1913 as Autoped. It was very similar to the modern scooters that we love today, but still, it had a lot of differences in weight and operating options.

The patent won $100 for Arthur.

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Electric scooter

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It is powered not by the kick as a wooden kick scooter of 1890. Motorized bikes are also not compared to electric scooters of the modern era. They were invented for comfortable movement and silent commute to work or places.

When were scooters invented or a history of your “modern friend”

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Further, with time, the invention was improved, and gas-powered scooters were substituted with electric scooters. Despite the Battery from the Eveready Battery Company and a modern engine, speed of 30 miles per hour, portability, and activated breaks, the motorized scooter was bulky.

Electric scooters became the next generation after Autoped. They were the favorites of mail service workers for many years. Though, by the 1900s the middle class who preferred comfort selected cars with seats and roofs to electric scooters. When did e-scooters become popular?


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In the 1980s, at the age of happy parties, colored hairstyles, and shopping malls that changes people’s leisure time habits, the electric scooter Go-ped appeared. It was remembered and improved to become portable and easy to carry.

The first model was gas-powered, but in 2001 the company released an electric scooter with an electric motor.

In the 1970s, Peugeot was the first manufacturer who agreed to invest in the massive production of electric scooters. It was a great success despite the batteries of those times were not so stable and have to be recharged frequently which was not ecologically well.

The invention was not released until 1996 to massive produce as a result. The big progress came in 1991 when Lithium-Ion battery technology that is used for PCs and mobiles was invented. Now the batteries store energy longer, and they are more eco-friendly.

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The 2000s

When did electric scooters first come out? Over 20 years, Go-ped was where electric scooter begins. But most people remember the Razor, which was so much fun!

The story of the invention began when Wim Ouboter suddenly realized he wants some sausages from his favorite shop, but it is too far to walk there. Again, laziness gives birth to inventions, right?

We do not know if he got the sausages at that time, but he modernized the existing model of electric scooters and solved the problem of parents every Christmas (presents to teenagers).

Modern electric scooter

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Modern electric scooter begins with the reintroduction of Go-Ped. Producers of different budgets and origins started to launch massive production of scooters, causing the motorized scooter boom in the modern era. One company called Myway (a garage project in 2009) is one of the leading electric kick scooter manufacturers.

In 2018, Chris Healthcoate-Rey and Maciek Piskorz founded Apollo Scooters in Montreal, Canada. This initiative aimed at combining convenience and sustainability. They were very ambitious to wish their product was the best in the market. Among the striking differences Apollo was sold, imported, and delivered to the customer’s house, it has different models and suggested unique designs.

Electric kick scooters caused the scooter revolution when motor vehicle popularity decreased due to their high prices and jams on the roads. People now prefer convenience, and many stands by ecology protection. So, motorized scooters are the best solutions that match the criteria.

Segway was the next in the history of your “favorite friend” but a device that wanted you to keep a balance and stability was not compared in popularity to safer scooters such as Razor for example.

Let’s look at some factors that paved the way for the e-scooters we know and love today.


The technology of the devices played a significant role in raising the popularity of scooters. Revolution in technology solved the concerns of battery prices. They fall in 2010 and producers could lower their prices for the scooters, eventually making more options for customers to buy a high-spec scooter.

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Now due to improved technology scooters can travel further, and faster and became alternatives or even competitors to cars and bicycles. Also, their mobility and portability beat the cars, as parking places people have to look and pay for became a real pain.

Electric scooters invented another business idea of sharing rides. Uber and Lime made ride-share famous, offering almost free rental e-bikes or scooters on streets since 2017. Companies make a lot of money on this service. This means the popularity of scooters is growing, and more and more people select scooters to travel around the cities.


Will this popularity keep in the future? I think – yes! Even despite some issues with scooters? But this happened to cars too! It is time to take advantage of technological advancement.

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Here are some advantages:

  • ecology is being protected by the UN and the world is thinking of reducing the damage as much as possible. E-scooters that have strong motors, travel at high speeds but do not produce emissions as use electricity.
  • compared to electric cars that cost about $56000 on average, scooters are cost-effective.
  • compared to electric bicycles, scooters are more convenient to be kept in parks and offer versatility. They are reported less in accidents than bikes.
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In the future, it is predicted that 56% of cars will become electric but as they are expensive and not everyone will allow them, scooters will grow its popularity. Not only they are less expensive, but they reduce congestion in megacities with the most population in the world living there.

Farewell words

Now you know that the history of e-scooters has begun many years ago. Imagine 3 centuries ago people were thinking of batteries and their application!

We can conclude that the future of technologies and the lives of electric scooters will last even longer. Sharing gained popularity among the scooter-riders.

It is convenient and cheap to travel by kick scooters, especially in the city. Go electric. Want to know how to waterproof your electric scooter, read the article.

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