Lime Scooter Speed Hack: Secrets Unfolded!

For any lime scooter rider, one of the common concerns would be how to increase the top speed. I am pretty sure as a lime scooter rider, you are not out of the group. But there must be some hack for increasing speed, right?

So, what is the Lime Scooter Speed Hack?

The simplest way of increasing the speed of a lime scooter is by changing the battery and the motor. Other than these, upgrading the speed controller, increasing the tire pressure, and rewinding the motor also help in increasing speed. But before making any changes to the scooter, make sure you know the mechanism of your scooter well. 

That’s just the zest of the whole conversation. If you are interested in knowing the hacks in detail, then follow along.

What is the Top Speed of a Lime Scooter?

Like every other electric scooter, the lime scooter also has its own speed limit. The highest speed one would get with the lime scooter is either 14.8 mph or 20 mph. However, the speed limit will depend on your city’s available model of the kick scooters.

Lime Scooter Speed Hack

Usually, a lime scooter has a motor of 250 watts. The mileage a lime scooter provides on an average basis is 20 miles. Nonetheless, a scooter that is heavily used on a regular basis may lose the battery capacity as well as the speed limit. 

You can check this video to know the top speed a lime scooter can go:

Lime Scooter Top Speed Hack: Step-by-Step Process

Not every electric scooter is capable to upgrade the speed. There are a few criteria, and if your scooter falls into these categories, you can upgrade the speed. If you can access the controller and the battery pack of your scooter and can remove the controller, you can upgrade the speed limit. 

Also, if your scooter is hub-based, you can upgrade the speed of your electric scooter. Since the lime scooter falls into this category, we can upgrade its top speed. 

Here is the process of increasing the top speed of a lime scooter in the following-

Hack 1: Remove the Firmware

A firmware speed limiter usually uses either the control panel or LCD panel or controller software to limit the power input. To access the LCD panel, first, you have to go to the “P SETTINGS”

You need to connect over the app interface for pushing the ROM flash, which would directly update the firmware. Remove the firmware, which is unlockable through the app or software. 

For P Setting, the associating power limits are- P8 which is motor power and p12 which is acceleration speed. 

Hack 2: Upgrade the Speed Controller

Although upgrading the speed controller is not always possible for every scooter, it is another good way of increasing the top speed as well as the acceleration. Other than the scooter motor, the speed controller is also a limiting factor. 

For upgrading a speed controller, you can buy a smart speed controller having an easy installation process. After installing that, you would be able to upgrade the speed without changing the battery. 

Installing Speed Controller:

Here is the easy installation process for the speed controller in the lime scooter-

  • First, connect the motor 3 phrase line with the new speed controller line.
  • Next, connect the hall wires to the scooter.
  • Now switch on the controller and connect the self-learning plug. If the tires are revolving then the controller has been connected successfully.

Once done with connecting the speed controller, you are ready to check the new speed.

Hack 3: Change The Battery of The Scooter

One of the most effective ways of increasing the highest speed of a scooter is changing the battery with a higher voltage battery. Along with that, you need to change the controller that supports the elevated voltage rating. However, the battery is the core component to acquiring the top speed.

Change The Battery of The Scooter e1684660599832

Changing your battery to a higher voltage (100V-120V) would drastically increase the voltage. The procedure for changing the battery is given below-

  • First, remove the battery box placed on the lower part of the steering column
  • Locate the negative and the positive terminal of the new battery and place it accordingly in the place of the old battery
  • Finally, place the battery box in its place and secure it properly with a screw

One important thing to keep in mind after installing the new battery, don’t forget to check the scooter battery life. Make sure you test the speed and mileage of the scooter with the new battery. 

Hack 4: Increase Tire Pressure

Although increasing tire pressure sounds irrelevant to increasing speed, the process is really effective. Increasing the tire pressure will eventually decrease the rolling resistance. So, the motor will deal with less resistance from the road and the speed will increase. 

To increase the speed up to 15-20%, increase your tire pressure to the maximum PSI which is 22 for the front tires and 36 for the rear tires. It will increase at least 3-5 amp speed to your lime scooter’s maximum speed. But before increasing the tire pressure, make sure you are aware of the tire type of your lime scooter very well. 

The latest modes of lime scooters come with solid tires. Solid tires don’t have the option of pressure increment. However, solid rubber is the main component that makes the tire more efficient. 

However, if you are an expert, then working with tires and repairing the scooter tires won’t be difficult for you.

Hack 5: Rewind the Motors

The most challenging hack to increasing the speed of a tire is motor rewinding. There are very few people, who have the expertise to rewind their electric scooter motor. That’s why it is always the best option to rewind the motor under an expert’s hand.

Rewinding the motor will create higher power capability and ensure faster spin of the motor. The winding upgrade will also create a drastic change in the speeding but for that, you need a battery and motor to support the higher voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to use the lime scooter for free?

Lime provides all of its users with a unique referral code. You can share that unique code with your friends and family so that they can try the free scooter service. Once any of them completed their first ride, both you and the rider would earn a ride coupon for the next trip. 

Is the lime scooter’s speed limited?

Depending on the usage, the lime scooter has a speed range of about 30km. Usually, you can ride your lime scooter at 25km/h speed. However, in some areas, there is a certain speed limit that a rider has to follow. 

Can lime scooters be tracked? 

Yes, lime scoter can trace the location of the other scooters through the help of GPS tracking. That way it can verify whether the scooter is in the right place or not. This is a very effective feature to avoid vandalism. Lime scooters can also provide GPS monitoring for assisting the riders with their lost scooters. 

Final Worlds

Hope, we could help you with the Lime Scooter Speed Hack that you were looking for. The hacks are pretty simple but if you are in doubt, do take the expert’s help. And for the lime scooter, you need to be aware of the spp really well for a hassle-free ride. 

That was everything from our side on the lime scooter speed increment. 

Have a safe journey!

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