How to Turn Off Bird Scooter if Phone Dies: Stepwise Process

While riding a Bird Scooter, your phone died all of a sudden? You can still turn off the scooter manually. You will need the phone only to lock the scooter again.

So, how to Turn Off Bird Scooter if Phone Dies?

To turn off the Bird scooter if the phone dies, all you have to do is slow down the scooter gradually with the help of the stomp break. Stop the scooter in a suitable place and press the turn-off button for 2 seconds. You will see your scooter is turned off with the dash display and the lights. After turning off the scooter, try to lock the scooter as soon as possible. 

If you are still a bit confused then don’t you. The following article has all the steps described precisely. So if you get some time in hand, just go through the article and follow the steps accordingly. 

How to Turn Off the Bird Scooter if the Phone Dies?

Usually, while riding an electric scooter like a Bird scooter and suddenly the phone dies,  you can also manually turn off the scooter. The steps for turning off the bird scooter without the phone are stated below. 

Step 1:

Use the brakes of your scooter to slow down the speed and avoid sudden braking. For this, use the back brake (Stomp brake) instead of the front one which will help to stop the scooter gradually.

Step 2:

Once your vehicle has stopped, try to park it in the parking zone of the bird scooter. If that is not possible then keep your scooter aside and turn the scooter off holding the turn-off button for 2 seconds. It will turn off your dash display along with the light. 

If this process is inconvenient, you can also use the left handlebar as a brake for the scooter. 

Step 3:

As soon as you are done turning off the scooter, put it in the charge and contact the authority about the issue. Otherwise, being unlocked, it will cost you extra charges for those hours.  

The best way to deal with a suddenly stopped electric scooter in between the roads is to go for manual riding. 

What Happens When the Bird Scooter is Not Turned Off From the App Due to Dead Phone?

In some cases, it has been stated that when the phone is dead and the scooter is not locked through the phone, it will count the hour. That means it will keep counting those hours while your charger was turned off without the app and kept the scooter unused.

how do you turn off a bird scooter

To avoid such issues, try to contact the support team and inform them that the scooter is not locked due to a dead phone. And for the riding hours, use GPS tracking to note how long the scooter was stopped. 

To know more check: 

Driving Bird Scooter Without the Bird App

If you don’t have the Bird Scooter app and want to rent a scooter in a non-android method, you have that option too. You can take the help of the steps described below for manual riding for scooters

Driving Bird Scooter Without the Bird App

Account Setting:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with a phone that can send and receive SMS
  • Wait for the account approval message for three working days
  • After the approval, set the payment information with the ‘PAY’ command and choose the preferred payment method.

Start Riding: 

  • For starting the ride, look for a Bird scooter zone or parked bird scooter on the street
  • If there is no bike around, call 1.866.205.2442 to find your Bird
  • For starting the ride, first, find a Bird scooter located between the vehicle’s handlebars
  • Next, send an SMS to the provided number during signup containing Bird ID and “Unlock” text
  • The SMS will unlock the scooter for you and you can start riding
  • After finishing riding, the rider will send a lock massage to the same number
  • And with this, your ride is completed and the scooter is locked 
  • Finally, you will receive a follow-up text containing the cost of the trip

Tips & Tricks of Riding Bird Scooter

There are a few tips that would help you while using a bird scooter. For a smooth ride, it is very important to maintain those to avoid any unwanted charges. Let’s have a look on those at the following-

  • Avoid riding a Bird scooter in extreme weather conditions
  • Leave Your scooter in a dry place under any shelter
  • Don’t make delay while your Bird Scooter is in charge
  • Test the stomp break by stepping on it while rolling forward to be sure it stops the wheel when pressed
  • Make sure the tires are in the desired condition with enough air
  • Check for tight steering by moving it back and forth
  • Ensure the neck sleeve of your scooter is crack free
  • Do not use harsh chemical substances like gasoline or alcohol for cleaning your scooter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why my Bird Scooter is not ending the ride?

In some particular areas, Bird Scooter needs to be parked in the dedicated parking place for it to end the ride. These regulations vary from city to city. In Birs App, those places are marked as P symbols on the map. If you are inside a parking lounge and still having difficulties ending the ride, then it must be the GPS location issue. 

Why my Bird Scooter is not charging?

If your battery is not charging even after your charger is showing a green light, then it must be for the safety feature. Sometimes, when the battery is hot, it refuses to take charge until the temperature is not charging-friendly. You can leave the charger plugged in and let it rest for 30-60 mins to cool down. 

How long does a Bird Scooter battery last?

On average, the Bird Scooter battery can last max 20-30 miles. And timewise, it will last 2 to 3 hours. So, when your scooter is fully charged, it can take you to your desired destination without any trouble. One should always leave their scooter kept in charge while locking it for another ride. 

Final Words

With all these, we are at the end of our discussion regarding How to Turn Off Bird Scooter if Phone Dies. hope this article could help you with all the necessary details you need for the process.

One added tip for you, make sure you unlock your Bird Scooter only when you are sure that every part is functioning properly. Otherwise, you might end up paying extra for it. 

That is it for today. Have a safe ride!

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