How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise?

More and more people choose electric scooters as their transport for traveling short distances such as getting to work or going shopping. It is more convenient than using public transport.

It is also cheaper and environmentally friendly.
How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise

If you are using an electric scooter, you have to know what are its main technical problems and faults. In this article, we will tell you about the beeping errors and the ways they can be sorted out.

How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise? What are the main reasons for electric scooters’ beeping noise?

The beeping noise your electric scooter might make is either just a warning signal or an alert that something is wrong. It is the case of finding what is causing the noise and fixing it. Let’s look into the main faults you might experience.

How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise

First-time activation beeping and the maximum speed of the scooter

Before the first ride, you have to activate your electric scooter. The process is simple and will only require the installation of the home app. Once you have downloaded it, follow the steps on the screen for activating your scooter.

If you don’t do the activation, the beeping noise will remain and the speed of your scooter will stay limited to around 3 mph. Once the activation is complete, the maximum speed will depend on the model of your scooter.

For example, the popular models of Ninebot Zing series electric scooters have a maximum speed of 8.6 mph for the E8 model and 11.2 mph for the E12 model. Zing series kickscooters come without a Bluetooth module and can be activated without connecting to the Segway Ninebot app. Find the instructions below.

Cruise control

If your electric scooter starts beeping while you are riding it, most likely the cruise control function is activated. It helps to keep the current speed after releasing the throttle. The function can be controlled on the scooter display menu.

Incorrect Battery Charger

The beeping noise, occurring during charging usually means that either the charger is not plugged in correctly, or you are using the wrong one. If the charger is not genuine and has the wrong voltage, it can cause overheating.

Low battery power

When you are on the go and start hearing a beeping noise, it can be an indication of your battery running out of power. Depending on the model of your electric scooter, the battery charge can be checked either on the display or by pressing the release button.

If the indicator light comes up solid red, it means you have almost run out of power. If the scooter is not moving and you see a red flashing indicator light, it means there is no battery power.


Riding the electric scooter in hot sunny weather can cause it to be overheated. But that is not the only reason for the overheating. It can be a sign of a battery fault or coolant leak. The problem is serious and needs to be immediately addressed to prevent serious damage to your scooter.

How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise

Anti-Theft Features

If your electric scooter has an anti-theft feature it will start beeping in case of theft. The beeping sound is quite loud and will make people around aware of an accident and scare the thieves away. Make sure you know how to activate the feature and how to disable it.


If you start riding too fast, your electric scooter can notify you that it is overspeeding. Apart from the motor not being able to cope with the speed, it is important you follow the rules for your safety.

Proximity sensor

There is a variety of different proximity alert sensors on electric scooters depending on the model. They help to prevent a rider’s injury by beeping when you get too close to dangerous objects. Usually, the sensors are located by the battery of electric scooters.

Tilt alert

Some modern models of electric scooters have built-in tilt sensors. In the case of a scooter changing the angle, it will warn the rider with beeping sounds. It helps to avoid accidents when riding.

Brake or gear issues

All scooters have brakes and it is important to keep them in working condition.

If you have any concerns regarding them functioning properly, especially if there are beeping sounds, check your scooter for possible damages related to brake pads, wire connections, or other gear faults.

It is important to address it fast to ensure your ride is safe.

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to incomplete first-time activation

To complete the first-time activation depending on the model, either install the app and follow the steps on the screen or:

  1. On your scooter press the throttle and the brake lever at the same time
  2. Keep holding them for a few seconds until you hear two beeps, release the brake lever and the throttle
  3. The flashing indicator lights will turn off and the beeping will stop

The activation is complete and your scooter is ready to be used without a speed limit.

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to using an incorrect charger

To solve this problem, you can try the methods below:

  1. Checking the battery specifications whether it is the correct voltage and the correct charging device. It is important to use genuine parts and accessories that suit your scooter to keep your battery in good working order.
  2. If the battery is replaced and you are using the correct charger but the scooter still beeps, the problem might be related to the wiring being loose. The scooter goes into protection mode. Sometimes it happens after excessive riding.

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to low battery

  1. Carrying a spare battery. It is a case of remembering to take it with you and it is extra weight to carry.
  2. Make sure the battery is always fully charged before leaving for a ride
  3. Charging the scooter outside at the charging stations

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to overheating

To keep your scooter from overheating follow the steps:

  1. Checking the battery level. If it gets low, there is a higher chance of a scooter overheating faster
  2. There are scooters that have a display that shows their battery life. To keep the battery in good order for longer avoid using it in extreme temperatures and charge it using the correct charger
  3. A way to lower the temperature of your device is by turning a lower power mode on
  4. If the scooter is not damaged but the beeping remains, replace the battery

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to anti-theft features

That is what you need to do to stop the beeping:

  1. Turn the feature off on your scooter
  2. If that didn’t help, remove the battery and proceed with resetting by holding the reset button for a few seconds
  3. If none of the above worked, contact the service center or vendor for support

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to overspeeding

Beeping caused by overspeeding means that the motor of the electric scooter isn’t able to cope with the suggested speed. If you like riding your scooter fast, you should look into getting a faster model. Or yet another way of stopping the beeps is installing a speed limit on your electric scooter.

How to stop my electric scooter beeping noise

Possible solutions to an electric scooter beeping due to proximity alert

The solutions are quite simple:

  1. To disable the alerts on the electric scooter. That will not affect the use of your device but will stop the beeps.
  2. Change the way you ride your scooter, and avoid coming close to vehicles or people. Stay away from the crowds.

Possible solutions to the beeping of electric scooters due to tilt alert

The first step is to check the posture of the scooter and adjust it. If tilting persists, maybe you need to replace the tilt sensor. Consider going to the service center to get it fixed or replaced.

Possible solutions to the beeping of electric scooters due to brake or gear issues

  1. Start with checking the device for any damage to brake pads or discs
  2. The gear shifter has to engage correctly. If this doesn’t happen, the warning beeps will notify you that the device isn’t able to go into any gears
  3. The wires must not have any damage or signs of corrosion, they can’t be loose
  4. If you find any damaged parts, they have to be replaced

How do I reset my Xiaomi electric scooter?

Overloading the device can cause it to power off. Check the weight limit for the Xiaomi scooter. If you aren’t exceeding the allowed limit, press the reset button next to the battery.

The device is not working


Check the motor, the battery, and the charger of the device. Perhaps you are using the one that has the incorrect voltage.

Unlocking the device


We recommend connecting the e-scooter to the relevant app and swiping right for unlocking. If that won’t help, try detaching the handlebars and the wire inside for three to four hours and connect it back afterward. The e-scooter will be automatically unlocked.

Checking the battery


There are a few methods you can use for checking the battery. Get a voltmeter to perform the test. You might need to open the device for that. It requires you to have some technical knowledge so it is best to go to the local repair store or a repair center.

The speed controller is not working

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To repair the speed controller, you will probably have to go to the repair center. Start with inspecting the fuse and the circuit breaker. Check out the other parts that are connected to the speed controller.

Unlocking the speed of an e-scooter


You can unlock the speed limit on some e-scooters, depending on their type. If you have the Xiaomi scooter, go to the app and connect to the device using the Bluetooth module. Once the device is connected, access the speed and power settings on the display and generate a ROM flash that will perform a firmware update.

If there are faults that you can’t fix yourself, consider returning the unit for warranty repair.

How do I stop my Ninebot kickscooter beeping?

In order to stop the beeping and flashing indicator lights, you have to activate the device so its full potential can be used.

  1. Turn the scooter on
  2. Push the brake lever and the throttle at the same time for a few seconds
  3. After hearing two beeps, release them

The scooter is activated now.


How do I stop my electric scooter from beeping?

First of all, you have to determine the reason for the beeps. Whether it is the activation warning or low battery sound. Depending on the problem and the type of your device there are various solutions for stopping the beep sound described in this article.

Why is the scooter beeping?

Troubleshooting starts with reading the error codes that pop up, knowing what they relate to, and following the steps for resolving the issues. Once you have found the reason for the beeping, you can start fixing it, using information from this article. If the fault persists, you should return the device for warranty repair.


We hope this article was helpful and now you know the main reasons for the scooters to start beeping. Troubleshoot the problem first, then follow the solutions in the guide we suggested from the article above. Share this information with your friends. Let us know if you have any other problems in the comments below.

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