Want to know how to ride an electric scooter? Here are 5 super easy steps!

How to ride an electric scooter. 5 super easy steps.

Here you’ll find 5 easy steps to ride an electric scooter safely.

Compared to bicycles, riding electric scooters is simpler and most users can learn how to do it quickly. Nevertheless, it´s useful to read a guide on how to ride an electric scooter before you hop on your electric vehicle.

Electric scooter safety first

The same safety gear that is advised for bicycles can also be used on an e-scooter. At first, you´ll need a good helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a pair of gloves. Always choose protective clothing and equipment that are appropriate for the speed and style of your trip. After some riding experience, you can get rid of the elbow and knee pads, but a helmet is always required.


How to ride an electric scooter for beginners?

It’s quite easy to ride an electric scooter. If you know how to ride a kick scooter you´ll quickly learn how to ride an electric scooter. But it’s important for your safety to take the first steps correctly. You’ll be riding in no time if you use the tips listed below.

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Step 1. Read a manual


It’s crucial to become comfortable with your scooter and its controls before you begin to ride. You should know where the brakes, horn, lights, and accelerator are located and how they work. The scooter´s dashboard will inform you if you have enough battery life, how high your velocity is, etc.


Before starting you should check the scooter’s battery life and make sure the tires are in good shape and have sufficient air in them. You should also make sure the throttle and brakes function properly.

Step 2. Choose a place


If you use your electric scooter for the first time, find a quiet open space where the surface is smooth and predictable. You should choose a flat, paved surface such as a sidewalk. The location should be free of other cyclists, pedestrians, and cars.

A good idea is an empty parking lot. Good riding conditions will allow you to concentrate on getting to know your new buddy and learning how to ride an electric scooter safely.

Step 3. Raise the kickstand and start your electric scooter up

Fold up the kickstand next to or beneath the e-scooter using one of your feet. After this, it will start to lean, so grab on tight! You can try out your scooter without even turning it on by using it as a typical kick scooter if you want to be cautious. You may get an excellent sense of the balance, steering, and brake feel from this.


Afterward, turn the power button to the “on” position to start the vehicle. Start on the first mode. Most electric scooters have at least three modes. Each one of them gives more power and a higher maximum speed. Starting from the first level gives you the possibility to learn how to push off, balance and brake. Once you feel confident, you can try out other modes and find which one suits you best.

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Step 4. Set your weak leg on the scooter deck and push off


Use the kick scooter position. Put your weak leg on the scooter deck, lean forward while maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars, and kick off with your strong leg from the ground. E-scooters require a kickstart because until it hits a certain speed the motor won´t kick in.


The scooter will begin to move slowly. To accelerate, gradually press the throttle. The throttles on various types of e-scooters will seem different, but the operation is the same. To get the scooter moving, start with a gentle, steady motion. As you begin to move, use your powerful leg to maintain balance.

Once you start moving put your dominant leg on the deck behind your weak leg, and you’ll be able to maintain your balance by doing this. Get a feel for the weight and balance of the e-scooter and gently increase pressure. Turn the handlebars of the scooter in the desired direction to make a turn.

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Step 5. Use e-scooter brakes

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Most electric scooters have brakes similar to a bicycle. To slow the scooter, just pull the brake lever. Make cautious to pull it gradually since if you do it suddenly, you risk falling off the scooter. The back brake can also be applied to slow down more gently. On your practice ride get to know how the brakes on your e-scooter react and how long it takes to come to a stop.


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Although it’s not difficult to learn how to ride an electric scooter, it takes time to master the skill of commuting safely in traffic.

Before riding on a busy road practice at low speeds in a quiet area, better under the control of a more experienced friend, and get some experience riding. Always make sure you have appropriate gear on. It´s also important to know traffic laws and double-check the electric scooter’s condition.


E-scooters offer you a fun way to get to a place you need avoiding traffic jams. Nevertheless, it´s the responsibility of a rider as well as the drivers of other vehicles.

Common Mistakes to avoid while riding an electric scooter

  • Wear safety gear

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that head injuries occur in 45% of all electric scooter accidents. Using a helmet is crucial and can save lives. Some people think that if they know how to ride an electric scooter they can get rid of the helmet. But they´re wrong! Be prudent when you ride an electric scooter and you will avoid the majority of injuries.

  • Don´t look at the front wheel while riding

The one thing a lot of beginner riders do is stare down at the front wheel. Stay relaxed and look further ahead of where you want your scooter to go. This will help to be aware of what is happening around you and also helps with handling.

  • Don´t press the throttle too hard.

Otherwise, it makes the scooter jump forward and you can lose control or even fall off the deck.

  • Don´t push the brake lever too hard.

The scooter will stop abruptly and you can lose balance and fall off.

  • Don´t turn the handlebars too far.

If you want to turn, you should make sure that you keep the scooter upright. But if you turn the handlebars too far you can´t ensure it and the electric scooter will lean and fall.

  • Make sure to give yourself and others lots of room

Give the people and vehicles in front of you enough space. If you hit the person in front of you or if they apply their brakes, you could suffer a serious injury.

  • Ride at slow speed if you have any doubt

If you are riding slowly, you can always jump off the scooter to avoid falling. It´s important for the other’s safety too. Children and dogs can be particularly unpredictable so make sure to ride at appropriate speeds.

  • Don’t use headphones or a phone

They put you in danger and take your attention from your surroundings. Furthermore, with your headphones on, you won’t be able to hear anything. So leave them behind till you get to your destination.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are electric scooters easy to ride?

Even for beginners, riding an electric scooter is not too difficult. You’ll be standing in a comfortable upright position. Additionally, the scooter’s deck is slightly elevated from the ground, which is safer and helps control your balance with one foot or simply jump off if you need.

You’ll discover that balancing is simpler than on a bicycle. Learning how to ride an electric scooter takes a few minutes. Within a few hours to a couple of days at most, you will begin to feel secure and competent when riding an e-scooter.

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  • Is it scary to ride e-scooters?

At first, when you´re not sure how to ride an electric scooter it can be scary. But then with the experience, equipped with protective gear, and following general rules, you´ll enjoy your scooter. You´ll see how comfortable it is and may prefer it to your bike o motorcycle.

  • Can you ride an e-scooter in the rain?

It depends on the model. But in general try to avoid riding an electric scooter in the rain, especially when visibility is poor or the rain is too heavy. You´re most likely to lose control of your vehicle even if your e-scooter model is waterproof. Riding safely at all times is the best way to enjoy your trips.

  • Can two people ride an e-scooter?

It is extremely risky to ride an electric scooter with two people because you risk falling off and being hurt. Two persons will cause the e-scooter to lose balance and become considerably more unstable.

Before riding a more powerful scooter try different models. While riding your first scooter don´t surpass a top velocity of 15mph and for many of us, this is more than enough.

You can watch this video guide on how to ride an electriс scooter and see a few tricks and tips that can catch you out as a beginner.

While you gain experience you may want to make your e-scooter faster. In our guide, you can find out some tips and tricks. But be careful and always wear protective gear if you ride at high speeds.

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Have a good ride!

If you would like to ask any questions or to share your experience please do so in the comments section below.

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