How to ride a hoverboard?

Most people agree that hoverboards are fun. But some think that riding a hoverboard is too difficult or too dangerous. Others think that there is nothing to care about while you are riding a self-balancing scooter. Such a reckless attitude often leads to road accidents and severe injuries.

Thankfully, experienced riders may give you some tips that will make you feel comfortable during the hoverboard rides. If you wonder how to ride a hoverboard safely, you´re in the right place! Let´s see.

tips to learn the hoverboard

Basic hoverboard riding tips

Before you start riding a hoverboard, you should keep in mind some important things.

  • First, if you are a newbie, you shouldn’t chase expensive high-performance boards (like Swagtrons or Segways). An entry-level model will be good for you. It will let the rider learn basic moves and tricks without going too fast or too risky.
  • Second, never forget about the safety gear. Your kids should wear all the necessary safety gear always while riding: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. At first, you will make mistakes. So, protective equipment is a must-have (to prevent injuries and consecutive problems).
  • Speaking of kids learning to ride a hoverboard: you should never leave them alone. They don’t know all the tricks and may be scared if something happens and they are left alone in the street. And, of course, you should control the way they’re riding and be prepared for falls.
  • Third, you should find a proper place for your training. You should not go off-road for your first rides (it will be too difficult for a newbie). Find a flat, even surface (like a bike lane in a park). The place should not be crowded, of course (riding any kind of vehicle means extra responsibilities, so you shouldn’t put the pedestrians at risk).

How to ride a hoverboard for beginners?

It can be quite challenging for the first time and it’s important for your safety to take the first steps correctly. You’ll be riding in no time if you follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

Read a manual

It´s essential to know how the gadget you´re going to ride on works and which parts it consists of. Some hoverboards have a learning mode specially designed for new riders, so see in your manual how to switch your board to this mode, and it will guide you and teach you how to ride a hoverboard properly.

Make sure that your battery is charged. How can I tell if my hoverboard is charged? Your charger has an indicator light. If you plug in your charger and it has a red or blue light, it says that the device is still charging. If the light is green, it means that the battery is fully charged.

hover structure

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Step 2

Get on a hoverboard

Don´t step on your hoverboard until you make sure it is turned on! The self-balancing gyroscope which keeps the hoverboard level only functions when it is switched on. So the first thing to do is to turn on the hoverboard.

The location of the power button can vary, but usually, it is close to the charging port on the back (consult your manual). Hold the button for some seconds until you hear a beep.

After that, you can get on your scooter. You should do it by putting only one foot at a time. After you put both feet on board, check whether you feel comfortable and can keep balance. Stand straight and still, take your time. After you get used to balancing, you may start.

Step 3

Speed Up

Starting the ride isn’t tricky. Start by leaning forward slightly and your hoverboard will go forward. The more you lean the faster the scooter will go. If you want to slow the hoverboard down, straighten up and move your heels back. You will need a bit of practice with that to get more confident with that.

how to ride hoverboard

If you are afraid of going too fast, there is no need to worry. Virtually every hoverboard has a speed limiter, so, if you push the limit, your hoverboard will let you know (by beeping and, probably, blinking with LED lights). If a learning mode is turned on, you won’t accelerate too fast (it’s basically lowered speed limits with engine RPM limitations).

Step 4

Turn left and right

Roads are not only straight lines. You need to turn, too. Since the hoverboard is turned by muscular power, you will want to know some tactics. To turn your hoverboard left, you should push your right toes forward, and vice versa (left toes to turn the right). Saying it in other words: lean in the opposite direction to the way you are going to turn.

Don’t forget to keep your other foot horizontal while turning. Why? You should use the opposite foot to use a bigger turn radius to move weight more effectively. Don’t forget: bigger toe movement means sharper turn (which is bad for your balance), so be cautious while turning your hoverboard.

Tip: don’t use your waist while turning. You should use your feet and legs for proper control.

How to spin in circles

After you learned how to ride a hoverboard, you will want more. Spinning in circles is a well-known yet exciting trick. You can perform it to impress your friends.

How can it be performed?

It’s basically the same as the usual turn (you use your left foot when you turn clockwise and your right foot while turning anticlockwise). But the very important thing is to understand when you should switch a leading leg. It lets you switch one turn into the other.

Performing stunts and tricks

Many hoverboard owners have watched videos of pro-riders performing exciting tricks on their hoverboards. Some of them even bought the boards because they were fascinated with said videos.

Sadly, some newbies mistake the self-balancing scooters for skateboards. Unlike skateboards, hoverboards are not suited for ramps or other skate park decorations. You may perform some figures on an even surface, though.

One of the easiest and best-known figures is “Genie“. It is basically the interconnected S-turns, but with one interesting feature: you use your shins (or knees) instead of your toes to press the hoverboard.

Another impressive trick is a one-foot circle. As you see from the name, this trick is performed with only one foot on the deck. Where is the other? The second foot is placed on the wheel cover. This trick requires more concentration and coordination but looks very impressive.

Moving backward

After you learned to move forward and turn, you need to learn how to ride a hoverboard backward. Technically, it’s not difficult: just lean your body backward. It will shift the balance enough to make your hoverboard move backward.

However, there is one thing you should never forget: moving backward just for fun shouldn’t be performed (except in empty places where you can’t hurt anyone). Riding backward drastically narrows your field of view, so you may be not able to react properly. Training will let you feel more comfortable, though.

Step 5

Getting off a hoverboard

Getting off a hoverboard is not difficult, but you should know some things.

  • First, you should not get off the moving board. It is outright dangerous (both for you and the pedestrians).
  • Second, you should move your weight to one foot (your dominant foot, no matter what, right or left). Take your other foot off the hoverboard deck and make a step backward.
  • Then, take off your second foot and move it backward.

Never jump off the hoverboard (except the emergencies like battery fire).

How to ride a hoverboard off-road

Many hoverboard owners live in rural areas outside the big metropolitan areas. Others go to the countryside for a vacation. They are interested in the possibility to ride a hoverboard off-road.

There is one thing all riders should know: riding off-road requires enough practice. You should learn to ride on an even surface before. Also, if you have an entry-level hoverboard, you shouldn’t even try to ride on uneven surfaces. Basic-tier boards are not suited for all-terrain use.

There are boards suited for rural areas and all-terrain rides, but they are mostly expensive high-quality models with powerful motors and big wheels. If you want to try off-road hoverboard riding, renting an off-road model may be the best solution for you. You will know whether you are ready for it, and how it feels to ride a big, powerful scooter.

What not to do while riding a hoverboard?

We spent a lot of time explaining how to ride a hoverboard. Now, it’s time to explain how you should NOT ride it.

  1. First, don’t look down too much. A hoverboard is a transport means, so you should keep your eyes on the road. Any distraction may lead to an accident and injuries.
  2. Second, don’t bend your knees while riding. The main power helping you to steer the hoverboard is the pressure you provide with your weight. When your knees are bent, the center of gravity is moving down. It makes steering more difficult.
  3. Third, never turn on a high speed. Many drivers or motorcycle riders know that slowing down before the turn lets save the brakes and turn safely (without the brake blockages or slipping). You shouldn’t turn on a high speed while riding a hoverboard for exactly the same reasons.
  4. And fourth: never perform any stupid stunts (like riding with your legs crossed). It will disorient you. You will miss your right toe for a left, and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to ride a hoverboard?

There are many ways to ride a hoverboard. Some of them are pretty crazy (like crossing legs or sitting on a board). The optimal way is to keep your toes parallel to each other while keeping your waist straight. You should turn using your toes opposite to turn direction (left foot to turn right and right foot to turn left) while keeping the other foot horizontal. Never forget about the safety gear while learning to ride.

Is it hard to balance on a hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard isn’t difficult if you have a good balance. The key to the right balance is the right stance. It should be as wide as possible (your feet shouldn’t be close to each other). You should stay straight during the ride. Try to avoid any sharp turns and steep slopes (they are bad for your balance and can make you fall from your board).

A hoverboard is one of the most thrilling gadgets available now. Follow the tips listed in this article, and you will be able to ride your hoverboard safely. Don’t forget to wear safety gear and be respectful to other people on the road.

Tell us about your first experience on a hoverboard. Was it challenging? How fast did you learn how to ride a hoverboard?

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