How to make an electric scooter faster – 5 Tips to increase your electric scooter’s speed.

Life will never be the same,

Life is changing…

For many of us, it is nothing more than a verse from the now-obscure song. However, we can witness that everyday life is changing very quickly, it becomes faster year by year. And, of course, for every one of us, the high velocity of life means getting from one place to another as fast as possible. That´s why more and more people choose electric scooters due to their efficient, low-cost, and eco-friendly perks.

And it’s fun!

Riding an electric scooter will remind you of your childhood (when you rode a bike or kickstart scooter). You can have fun together with your kids or your friends. And, overall, feeling the wind in your hair while riding through the city is a nice way to spend your free time!

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So, what about speed?

And of course, many of us wonder how to make an electric scooter faster.

How to make an electric scooter faster? - 5 easy tips

When we talk about having fun while riding or driving some transport means, many of us associate “fun” with “speed”. And, talking about electric scooters, we must always remember that it is driven by an engine (not by muscular power). So it has a speed restriction.

In many countries (France and Great Britain, for example), the maximum speed for electric scooters is limited to 15,5 mph (25km/h), while in the USA the speed limit for adult electric scooters is usually 20 mph (30 km/h). There are also restrictions on riding on bike lanes. Most of the speed restrictions apply to children’s scooters or those used for rent.

Nevertheless, many riders wonder how to make an electric scooter faster and get more fun from riding it. But before you make your vehicle faster be sure you know how to ride an electric scooter properly.

Why do we need speed limits for electric scooters?

How to make an electric scooter faster

Well, when we talk about speed limits for electric scooters, we should understand that there are good reasons for setting them. The main reason is safety. An electric scooter is a relatively new invention, and riding it through city streets can be very, very dangerous. To set maximum limits, manufacturers use hard wire-speed limiters, which cut the throttle off to prevent you from reaching the maximum speed.

There are two types of speed limiters. One of them is anti-lock brakes (they prevent you from reaching speed over the limit) and the other one is electronic throttle locks (which stop the engine when you reach full throttle and exceed the power limitations).


Both types use electronic sensors which help to collect the information for electric scooter hardware. It’s also provided to riders by showing the information on basic LCD panels. It helps you control your scooter and manage your speed (no matter, high or low).

So, what can I do with the speed limit?

Of course, there are a lot of methods that can help you to get rid of the speed limit and make your electric scooter faster. The easiest one is to remove hard-wired speed limiter from your scooter. To turn off the speed limiter you´ll need to find the wire that is connected to the speed controller and disconnect it. It will also help your electric scooter to accelerate smoother. Let´s see how you do it.

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Tip 1

Remove the speed limiter from your electric scooter

  • First, you are to remove two crosshead screws at the deck’s bottom and front. Loosen the locknut on the throttle side of the carburetor and disconnect the wire from it.
  • Then, remove the top crosshead screws on either side. Free the screws from their casing. You’ll see a metal ring that is used as an attachment for the aforementioned screws.
  • After that, open the casing in the direction of the front wheel. Remove the white wires from the base. Cut the wires.
  • Tape the wires together after cutting. Then slide the case back to shut it.
  • Replace the crosshead screws with new ones.

So, that’s all! Your scooter is free to reach its top speed!

After watching the video below you’ll be able to make an electric scooter faster.

Are there any cons to this method?

Of course, removing the manufacturer’s speed limiter has its cons (just like any other simple solution).

Firstly, you may have problems while in traffic (for example, with turning or stopping before the traffic light).

Secondly, the scooter’s battery will drain faster.

Speaking about other problems we must mention that removing hardwire limiters can lead to motor overheats, so it’s not recommended for hot climate areas (like California or Arizona).

And, of course, NEVER remove the speed limiter on your kids’ electric scooters (no matter how they ask you for it). Kids’ safety is first!

Are there any other methods how to make an electric scooter faster?

OK, if you don’t want to remove hardwire speed limiter, you can choose other methods for increasing electric scooter speeds.

Tip 2

Increase tire pressure on your scooter

It´s the easiest one. The recommended tire pressure for most electric scooters is between 40 and 50 PSI. For higher speeds, add about 3-5 PSIs. It can give you an additional 3-4 mph (5-6 km/h) on the road. You can also experiment with different sets of tires. Remember that using off-road tires on concrete roads makes no sense in terms of increasing speed.


Tip 3

Change sprockets

Most electric scooters manufacturers use sprockets instead of gears. Use the shorter sprockets at the rear and replace the front sprockets with longer ones. It’s very affordable, doesn’t make your motor overheat, and there are a lot of spare parts (even the original ones) on sale!

What can I do with my scooter’s engine to make it go faster?

There are some methods for increasing the speed of your electric scooter by increasing the motor power. How is that possible? Let´s see.

Tip 4

Modify Firmware

To make an electric scooter faster, you can download the modified version of the original firmware. It is designed to increase the motor’s constant power. Increased constant motor power helps get a higher scooter’s speed.

But again, be careful with the temperature! Higher speed means higher temperature. Especially in the summer and if you ride on steep slopes.

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Tip 5

Upgrade battery pack


First, you can increase your scooter’s speed by upgrading batteries. You should remember, that every model is designed with definite battery voltage, so using a higher voltage battery can be pretty dangerous.

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Changing a 24v battery for a 48v battery (for example) will lead to system overload, which, in turn, will lead to a short circuit and, probably, fire. The price for such type of advancement can be very high: severe damages from fire and, probably, loss of your beloved scooter.

How can I avoid it?

There are some simple rules: always use batteries of comparable voltage, connect the battery directly to the electric engine and remove the controller.

Another solution can be reprogramming the scooter’s firmware to work with higher-voltage batteries.

Tip 6

Add one more battery

Instead of upgrading batteries, you can just add another one! It has many benefits, besides increasing speed: you may cover longer distances, you may feel more comfortable, and not being afraid of running out of batteries during the ride!

Fortunately, many manufacturers thought about it and designed their electric scooters with a slot for an extra battery. You may just plug it in, without any DIY staff! It goes without saying that every battery pack must work with a compatible engine. But you should remember that an extra battery also means extra weight, so it can make your electric scooter less maneuverable. And, of course, higher power means higher risk.

Children’s electric scooters with weak motors just shouldn’t work with batteries designed for high-end models. It’s dangerous both for riders (since more affordable scooters for children are designed for lower speed) and for electric scooters (since it can lead to system overload, a short circuit, and fire). In other words: you don’t need high battery power for a low-end scooter.

Also, you can just charge the batteries in time. It wouldn’t allow battery and motor power to decrease and will keep the motor fit.

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What can I do with an electric scooter motor?

There are some solutions for increasing the electric scooter’s speed based on advancing the scooter’s electric motor. For example, the electric motor can be rewinded.

Tip 7

Rewinding the motor

It can be really useful if your electric scooter suffers from overheating. Increasing the number of windings can help you to get better torques. Reducing the number of windings, in turn, would reduce the torque and help you to reach a higher RPM.

However, there’s a big turn-off for motor rewinding: it is difficult to even for licensed professionals. So we recommend you not to try this at your home or garage.

What should I keep in mind before increasing my electric scooter speed limit?

Of course, accelerating your scooter has some cons. It makes your rides less safe. You must always keep your attention on the road during your ride. Besides, it´s important to keep your speed within the limits described by the traffic law. For example, while driving a bike lane your speed should be under 20 mph (32 km/h).

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And, no doubt, you should NEVER forget about your protective gear (helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads). And never drive through crowded sidewalks. It may end in an accident with severe injuries for both sides.

You must also keep in mind that the speed of your e-scooter depends on many factors: your own weight, tire pressure, type of terrain, weather, etc. Always check the characteristics (weight limit, battery capacity, acceleration speed) of electric scooter models before buying one!

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And, of course, there are many scooter manufacturers who offer multiple models. Check owners’ forums or social media groups to learn more about the experiences of other electric scooter owners (and their experience with scooter modifications, too).

Even for scooters sold globally, there can be regional differences. Read about them on the Internet.

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What do all the methods have in common?

You can see that all the ways to make an electric scooter faster have one thing in common: they all deal with some kind of invasion of the original design of the scooter. It’s just like the overclocking of the CPU: it makes your electric scooter faster, but it also influences its vulnerability and changes the balance of the system.

You should also keep in mind that every scooter model is designed for certain specifications (both maximal and constant speed). So, modification of it can hurt the engine and the wheels. And, while most models are speed hack capable you should always remember it. If you care about speed, maybe the best idea is just to buy a more powerful electric scooter with a higher top speed.

Using faster electric scooters is a great experience and you won´t need to modify their construction. You´ll just enjoy your scooter’s speed without any risks!

What can we say in the conclusion?

As you can see, electric scooters conquer the world. Many people love electric scooters for their affordability, simplicity, and convenience of usage! Nevertheless, while some are afraid of possible accidents caused by high speed, others seek a way how to make an electric scooter faster.

Thankfully, electric scooters have not-so-complicated designs, and tuning them is not difficult. Some of them are built with the thought of modifications. However, you should NEVER exceed the speed limit set in your location. Abide the laws, don’t put others in danger, and your rides will be a lot of fun!

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If you have any ideas or would like to share your experience please leave a message in the comment section below!

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