How To Lock A Scooter To A Bike Rack

Using a scooter to get to the office means it doesn’t need a lot of parking, you can still park it at your workplace. The same applies to exercises around the house or shopping. Small scooters are best carried with you to the store, to the post office, or anywhere.

However, what if you have a scooter that is more powerful and bigger and not compact enough to fit in a locker? Then parking outside is required.

how to lock a scooter to a bike rack

Scooters are expensive, and the eyes of criminals and thieves lurking around the city will certainly be riveted to them. Lucky for you, there are plenty of security options to choose from. Some locks are designed for motorcycles and scooters, but they always work like magic to lock your scooter.

How to lock a scooter to a bike rack?

Learning how to lock your scooter is very easy. What you need to do is follow the directions with the lock. The lock requires no experience to use, so you won’t have any problems setting it up. The key is adjusting many, while others use a combination. Remember it if you use a mixture.

Keep your bike lock key with you to secure your scooter to your bike rack. Perhaps you should make a spare key and lock it in a safe place.

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Types of locks for electric scooters

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Some of the more common types include chain locks, u-locks, and combination locks. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to choose the best lock for your electric scooter. Let’s see which of the following suits your needs based on the type of scooter you have.

  • Cable lock for an electric scooter

The most inexpensive lock options include cable lock. They were originally designed for bikes, but they can also be used to protect scooters by figuring out how to lock a scooter to a bike rack. Cable locks are versatile enough to be secured around handlebars and then fixed to a bike rack or anywhere else. These cable locks are compact enough to fit your bag inside.

When not in use, you can even store them and wind them up on your scooter. The links are thick, but unless the burglar has an angle grinder, which is a typical tool bicycle and scooter thefts use to pick a cable lock quickly, they are not easy to cut.

These locks often have a regular key or even a combination lock that you need to insert numbers into to open them.

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  • Chain lock for an electric scooter

How to block a scooter with a chain? Chain locks are convenient to use and provide better security for your electric scooters than a cable chain lock, although the use is almost the same as cable locks. The chain lock contains a series of chains that secure the scooter to bike racks, poles, tree trunks, bars, etc. The chain is coated to prevent rust and damage.

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In addition, it is not easy to cut with simple wire cutters. However, it may not withstand the pressure of a hacksaw or bolt cutter. And Sold Secure gave it a “Silver” rating. Thus, there is a possibility of a security breach. And they are relatively heavy to carry around.

  • Disc lock for an electric scooter

The disc lock is durable and waterproof. These locks have a wide range of applications. This disc lock is installed in electric scooters with a screwdriver. The fuse has a steel cable, which makes it resistant to theft.

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A disc lock needs a pair of keys to open it, and a complex pattern. This lock is fixed on the electric scooter, and you don’t have to worry about installing the lock when you are riding your electric scooter.

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  • U-lock and D-lock for electric scooters

While not as versatile as chain locks, U-lock is an easier option for securing an electric scooter securely. They are also known as D-locks in some parts of the world, such as the UK. They have a D- or U-shaped shackle.

This compact lock is made of steel or aluminum alloy. So with this lock, your electric scooter will not be easily accessible to a bike thief without a special tool or bolt cutter. U-locks should be used through the main chassis of the scooter for maximum security.

These U-locks are uniquely designed to prevent cutting or breaking. You can easily carry them with you. While this castle comes in a variety of sizes, in most cases it cannot be used with thicker or larger poles or trees. However, you can use additional padlocks, Z-lock, chains, or chain locks for added security.

  • Grip lock an electric scooter

You can use the grip lock to fix the handlebar of the electric scooter. This is an affordable option that can be easily attached. The handle lock will fit scooters with a hand-release brake, such as most Razor electric scooters. This keeps the brake pressed, making it difficult to push or pull back.

This type of lock is better if you use it as an additional lock along with a D-lock or chain lock. Since this only stops thieves from rolling your electric scooter, it won’t stop them from picking it up and throwing it at their car. This castle by itself would not be the best choice.

  • Ring lock an electric scooter

Most ring locks come with a cable lock. So, you get extra protection and an extra cable to hold your e-scooter securely. If your electric scooter has exposed spokes, then this lock is a good option for you.

A ring lock is much more secure than a simple cable lock. It is an anti-theft device, which can protect your e-scooter well from theft. The lock is easy to use and fits most scooters. It is also weather resistant and comes with a key for added security.

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How do you lock your scooter?

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Have you ever wondered how an electric scooter is stolen from its owners? Yes, with locks. But how do you block them? A future scooter lock is a significant part of the safety of your own scooter. Here is a quick checklist for spotting scooter marks.

  • Insert the smallest, strongest and tightest lock.
  • Secure the electric scooter with something strong, stable, etc.
  • Make it more awkward to reach.
  • Keep the castle above the ground, so it doesn’t break.
  • Use a loud alarm.
  • Applications are blocking the scooter.

Any lock is vulnerable with the right tool. The best tips for capturing a thief. Here we are working on them.

Try a combination of chain and lock

This is the maximum security you can provide to keep your electric scooter safe while you are away. You can secure it with a metal chain and additional lock to a fixed object, such as an electric scooter stand or bike rack.

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Assess your electric scooter for secure lock points

The best scooter lock is the one that fits. To get the right lock size, you need to look at your scooter and determine the safe locking points. Secure locking points are made of durable material or attachments that are not easy to unscrew or break.

Bulky scooters may need larger locks to slip through the scooter and still be able to reach a fixed point (like a pole or bike rack). The best places on your scooter to lock are: 1) around the stem, 2) through the folding mechanism, 3) and through the carry handle (but watch out for the easy-to-unscrew screws!).

Some places you shouldn’t use are 1) through the rear wheel that can be unscrewed, 2) around the handlebars, or 3) through removable or weak points such as fenders or bolt-on accessories.

Use the cover

You can use a cover to make your buddy less attractive to thieves. It is recommended to use an old cover, so it won’t draw attention. Thieves are always looking for something precious and easy to steal, so this extra step will increase the level of protection. The cover will also protect your electric scooter from dust and other external factors that can ruin its appearance.

Use a U-lock

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This is another option that is fairly safe. Because U-Locks are virtually unbreakable, you can use a U-Lock to secure the scooter’s front wheel to a stationary object. Then it becomes difficult to steal your electric scooters because they will need to break the U-lock to do so.

Attach the electric scooter to the bike rack


Attach the scooter to a permanent fixture or structure that is cemented into the ground or is not easy to move. The anchor should not be something through which a thief can lift or dismantle the scooter, such as unscrewing a badge from a short post to pry it out. Aluminum or steel poles, bike racks, stair railings, and tall signs are the safest. Do not choose metal fences, as they are often thin enough to be cut.

Remove removable parts

Many e-scooters have removable accessories such as a seat, seat stand, removable handlebars, etc. Take all removable parts with you for extra safety. Do this whether you are away for a while or longer because it takes a few seconds for a thief to steal them.

Combination bike lock

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Combination locks are the most secure locks to protect your belongings. The combination can be in cable, U-lock, and traditional locks. You need to set your password and your electric scooter is guaranteed because the lock will not open without a password. It’s like the pin code of an ATM card. Combination locks free you from having to keep the keys to the lock in your pocket or bag.

What should be considered when locking an e-scooter?

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There are several important factors to consider when looking for a place to lock your electric scooters, such as accessibility, safety, and weather. Accessibility is important because you want to be able to easily reach your scooter when you need it. Security is important because you want to make sure your scooter is secure from theft or vandalism.

The weather is also a factor to consider, as you would like to make sure your scooter is weatherproof. Try to follow all these tips to keep your electric scooter safe from thieves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a scooter on a bike rack?

Always attach your electric scooter to a bike rack when you leave it unattended, even if it’s only for a short time.

Can you lock a kick scooter?

Yes, use a U-lock.

Can you lock up an electric scooter?

Cable locks designed for bikes are the most affordable option for securing your scooter. They are flexible enough to wrap various parts of the scooter and attach them to anything that fits inside the cable lock. You can carry them in your backpack or store them right on the scooter.


Some high-end electric scooters have additional security features such as a key to start and an anti-theft alarm. If your electric scooter is not equipped with any of these, you can always buy a lock and learn how to properly lock the scooter.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your scooter will always be safe. A little bit of force when locking the scooter will definitely help lock it in place. Electric scooters aren’t cheap, so spending a few dollars on padlocks is a tiny investment. Ride safe, park safely and enjoy!

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