How To End Lime Ride In Red Zone? – Answered!

If you’re a Lime rider, you may have experienced situations where you need to end your ride in a red zone. 

But how to end Lime ride in red zone?

To end a Lime ride, park in a designated spot, tap “End Ride” in the app, follow instructions to lock the bike, and ensure you receive confirmation. For a Lime with a physical lock, you need to put the lock in the lock hole to end the ride. 3 out of 4 red zones won’t allow you to end your ride. For that, get out of the red zone to an approved parking space to end your Lime ride.

Scrolling down, you can find all about Lime rides, red zones, and why these zones are important. 

Can You End Lime Ride In the Red Zone?

Technically, yes, you can end a Lime ride in a red zone, but only in one type of red zone. Lime has instated four types of red zones that restrict four different activities.

you can end a Lime ride in a red zone
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There is one type of red zone that restricts speeding. Only in that zone, you may end your ride. You can see them as shaded on your map, and you need to maintain the local regulations when you’re in the red zone area.

Let’s take a look at what the different types of red zones are-

Type of Red Zones What You Cannot Do Recommended Action
No Locking Zone Disables locking, can’t end or pause ride. Get out of the “no locking zone” to end your ride
Low-Speed Zone Restricts your top speed. See the top speed in the zone by clicking on it
No Scooter Zones Restricts riding, the vehicle will stop automatically with locking disabled  Walk the scooter out of the zone
No Parking Zones Restricts parking Find a suitable parking place

 So, the 3 out of 4 red zones restrict parking and ending or pausing the ride. Only if you are in the low-speed zone, can you end or pause your ride. 

How to End Lime Ride in Red Zone? [Low-Speed]

You cannot end your rides in most red zones, apart from low-speed red zones. The process of ending a Lime bike ride or a scooter ride varies. The ride-ending process may also vary based on your location.

Ending a Lime Scooter Ride:

You can end a Lime scooter ride by following the steps below-

  • Park the scooter in a designated parking spot. In some cities, parking pins in the app will guide you to these spots.
  • Open the Lime app and tap the “End Ride” button.
  • Follow the instructions to lock the scooter using the app. Make sure you receive a confirmation that the ride has ended.
  • If the scooter has a helmet, make sure it’s securely attached to the vehicle.
  • If the scooter has a physical cable lock, make sure it’s properly secured to a rack or pole.
  • In certain cities, you may be asked to take a photo showing that the vehicle is parked correctly.

Ending a Lime Bike Ride:

To end a bike ride, follow the below process-

  • Park the bike in a designated parking spot.
  • Open the Lime app and tap the “End Ride” button.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to physically lock the bike using the provided lock.
  • If the bike includes a physical lock, make sure to insert the lock back into the lock hole to successfully end your ride.
  • You will see a confirmation message in the app that your ride has ended.

Remember, it’s important to park in designated spots out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Make sure to follow the parking rules specific to your city or vehicle type. If you’re on a Group Ride, make sure all vehicles part of the ride follow the parking rules.

If you do not like to follow all these rules, you should get your own electric scooter. In 2023, there are some very high-quality electric scooter options available.

What Happens If You Try to End Lime Ride In Other Red Zones?

If you try to end your ride in a “No Parking”, “No Locking” or a “No Scooter” red zone, the action will depend on the type of red zone you are in. 

In a “No Locking” red zone, locking is disabled and the app will not allow you to end the ride whilst you are in the zone. Some users do not respect this rule and just leave their bikes on the sidewalks.

red zone
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When that happens, you will get a warning message through your app and a possible fine as a consequence. If you are a repeat offender, your account will be suspended. In the worst case, you will be banned from using their service forever. 

The consequence is also the same if you try to end your ride in a “No Parking” red zone.

However, in a “No Scooter” red zone, your vehicle will automatically stop and you cannot ride the vehicle anymore. That is until you get out of the red zone. The punishment is similar to abandoning the scooter in a red zone or in a random place.  

Why Can’t You End a Lime Ride In the Red Zone?

Lime is very strict about its red zones and enforces them as a way to promote the safe and responsible use of its service.

Red zones are typically designated areas that could be busy pedestrian zones, public parks, or areas with heavy traffic. By enforcing red zones, Lime is able to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that riders are not putting themselves or others in danger.

One of Lime’s safety measures includes the use of geolocation fencing, which employs GPS to track the rider’s location. If a rider enters a red zone, which is marked on the scooter app’s map, the scooter may automatically slow down or come to a stop. This technology is viewed by cities as a technological solution that helps protect pedestrians.

Additionally, some cities or municipalities may have imposed regulations or restrictions on Lime. That’s why the company must abide by the law.

While red zones may limit the flexibility of Lime riders, they are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Also to ensure that Lime can continue to provide their service in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Tips for Using Lime Ride Safely

Lime ride can be an excellent way to get around but you need to be careful about some things or you may get into an accident.

  • Electric scooters have weight limits. So, make sure to choose the right scooter based on how much you weigh.
  • Always abide by the rules Lime has set up. Otherwise, you will get punished or banned from the app. Also, you can get hurt or hurt a pedestrian if you don’t obey their regulations.
  • Always ride at an appropriate speed. Do not ride over the speed limit with your lime ride. If you enter a “Low-Speed” or “No Scooter” zone by accident, your scooter may be turned off instantly. This increases the risk of an accident.
  • Make sure your lime ride scooter has enough charge before starting a ride. Choose a different ride, if not. Electric scooters takes a while to recharge.

With maintaining these safety tips, your Lime ride will be safer and more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you leave a lime bike anywhere?

No, you can’t leave a lime bike anywhere. Lime has a strict policy regarding where their bikes can be left after a ride. Riders cannot simply leave the bike anywhere they like. Instead, they must be returned to a designated parking area, otherwise, the ride cannot be officially completed.

Can I pause a Lime ride?

Yes, you can pause a Lime ride if you need to step away from the vehicle temporarily. Sometimes riders may need to make a quick stop during their ride. Lime provides a feature that allows riders to pause their ride, ensuring that no one else can take the vehicle while they are away.

What happens if your phone dies during a Lime ride?

If your phone dies during a Lime ride, don’t worry, your ride won’t be automatically ended. The rental will continue until you actively terminate the rental through the Lime app. However, it is recommended that you charge your phone as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience or potential issues.

Do Lime scooters have cameras?

Yes, Lime scooters have cameras onboard. The Lime Vision system, which is a part of Lime’s fleet management technology, includes onboard cameras that help detect when e-scooters are being ridden on sidewalks. 


Knowing how to end Lime ride in red zone is crucial and also tricky. That’s because in most red zones you are not allowed to end your ride. You can choose to disrespect the rules but you will end up getting fined or in the worst cases, banned from using Lime ever again.

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