How to connect Bluetooth to hoverboard?

What is a Bluetooth hoverboard?

Bluetooth is usually installed on hoverboards that have their own audio system. Many top models boast their speakers, quite powerful, I must say. The hoverboard speakers are connected to a Bluetooth receiver and can play music wirelessly from your mobile devices.

Naturally, you´ll want to control music. Just imagine: you are riding a hoverboard, an excellent composition is playing, everything is great … and then the track ends. You stop, get down, bend over, switch the song, and drive on. And the same happens if you want to adjust the volume or pause the track. It’s awkward, isn´t it?

How to connect Bluetooth to hoverboard

That´s why the best hoverboards are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker system. First of all, it is used to control music and speakers. If you want to listen to cool music while riding, but don´t want to use an mp3 player, Bluetooth hoverboards will be the best option for you.

How to turn on Bluetooth on hoverboard?

Usually, you do not need to turn on the Bluetooth on the hoverboard, it starts immediately when the device is turned on. Normally, if your hoverboard works, then Bluetooth works too.

How to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth hoverboard?

From the point of view of a smartphone, a hoverboard is a regular headset that is used to play music. Here are steps to connect them:

  • Turn on your hoverboard. If everything is ok, you will hear the message: “Bluetooth mode on” or “Bluetooth activated”
  • Open the Settings menu of your smartphone and enable Bluetooth
  • Wait a few moments for it to activate
  • Find your hoverboard in the list of available devices and just click “Connect” once found. The default Bluetooth password is usually 0000 or 000000.
  • Your hoverboard will inform you with a signal that the bluetooth connection was successful
  • Now you can play music on your phone and you´ll get sound from the hoverboard speakers

This will work with any mobile phone regardless if you own an IOS or an Android phone.

How does a hoverboard Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth receiver is connected to the hoverboard speakers. In some devices, you will need to activate Bluetooth after turning on the hoverboard, but normally you do not need to switch the Bluetooth on manually.

Bluetooth looks for nearby devices as soon as the hoverboard is on. After the hoverboard connects to your smartphone, you can play music through the desktop speaker.

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How do you know if your hoverboard has Bluetooth?

There´re many modern hoverboard models equipped with Bluetooth. If you are interested in buying a Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard, you will need to check the model description provided by the manufacturer to find a model that meets your needs.

If you already own a hoverboard but don´t know if it has Bluetooth, you can check if it has speakers. Flip your board around and look at the bottom. If you see some speaker holes, congratulations, your hoverboard most likely has Bluetooth.

Of course, you can consult your hoverboard manual to see if it is equipped with a Bluetooth device.

Why is my hoverboard Bluetooth not working?

If you face problems connecting your phone, here are a few possible features to check and what you can do about them.

But be careful! Never try to fix Bluetooth while riding. It can be dangerous if you´ll be staring at your phone during a ride.

Bluetooth is not turned on

Make sure your hoverboard and Bluetooth on the smartphone are switched on. On iOS and Android phones you can turn Bluetooth on in the Settings menu.

Hoverboard Bluetooth will turn on automatically, but if in 2 minutes it doesn´t find any connection, the hoverboard will turn it off to save the battery. In this case, turn the hoverboard off and turn it on again. If it doesn´t help, disconnect the hoverboard from the smartphone´s Bluetooth list and reconnect again.

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Out of range

If you´re sure that both devices are turned on properly, but there’s still no connection, the devices may be too far from each other. Keep in mind that the range of the hoverboard is quite short (only about a couple of meters) so you need to come close to it with your mobile phone.

Once the Bluetooth device is within the pairing range, reconnect your mobile device to the hoverboard.

Low battery

Check the battery level of the Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard. If the battery is low, the built-in Bluetooth module will turn off automatically.

Many devices connected

Temporarily disconnect other Bluetooth devices. Excessive load can impede the connection.

Reboot the board and phone. Sometimes Bluetooth does not work due to short-term device system failures.

Out of calibration

If the problem remains, you may need to calibrate your hoverboard.

Read our helpful guide: How To Calibrate A Hoverboard?

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How to reset Bluetooth of a hoverboard?

Hoverboard Bluetooth reset can fix many problems like troubles with a Bluetooth connection and speaker problems, or if your hoverboard isn´t moving or it´s unbalanced, and many more. If you need to reset Bluetooth on a hoverboard follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Charge the hoverboard to 100%.
  • Step 2: Disconnect all the Bluetooth devices from the hoverboard.
  • Step 3: Find the silver power button on the side of your hoverboard.
  • Step 4: Put the hoverboard on flat terrain and level it up: keep both sides parallel to the horizontal plane.
  • Step 5: Hold down the power button for 5 seconds without tilting the hoverboard. It can seem tricky at first but it is possible.
  • Step 6: You will hear the sound and will notice flashes on fore lights and Bluetooth. The process has started. You need to leave it for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • Step 7: Once this is done you should press the power button. Do not hold it, just press it once. Make sure you´re not tilting or moving your Bluetooth hoverboard.
  • Step 8: Now the whole reset process is completed.
  • Step 12: Your device is now ready to use. Press the power button to turn the hoverboard on and restore the Bluetooth connection.

Hoverboard Bluetooth not pairing

If none of the above helped, contact the seller for advice or go to the service center and ask them to show you how to pair your devices. If you can´t solve the problem maybe you’ll need to replace the Bluetooth chip.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a regular hoverboard and a Bluetooth hoverboard?

Compare to a regular hoverboard, Bluetooth hoverboards have a Bluetooth receiver module and a pair of speakers.

Will your phone work with the hoverboard?

Yes, any iOS or Android phone will be compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can download App, set a Bluetooth connection, and get useful information about your ride.

How much does a hoverboard Bluetooth cost?

The price of the Bluetooth hoverboard ranges from $100 to $300, and there are more expensive ones!

What are the advantages of Bluetooth hoverboards?

In the new generation of hoverboards, Bluetooth is also used in terms of diagnostics and control of the device. Such hoverboards have the ability to connect to your phone using Bluetooth and a special application to monitor the device. You can track exactly how far you have traveled today and at what speed.

If the Bluetooth hoverboard is used by children, you can reduce the maximum speed limit to increase safety.

There are models that have certain sensors installed throughout the body. With their help, you can see on a mobile device the outside temperature, the temperature inside the hoverboard, the voltage, and the battery charge.


Bluetooth hoverboard is a great option for those who are used to listening to music everywhere. Moreover, it´s great for those who like to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention. You can not only ride and enjoy the speed and road but also listen to your favorite songs and have a lot of fun.

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