How to charge razor electric scooter?

Everyone knows a lot about iconic brands for each product type. For electric scooters, it’s definitely Razor.

You´ve bought a razor e-scooter and you´ve definitely made the right choice! It’s one of the most demanded and well-known scooter brands, and for good reason: its design,  productivity, and safety features are really cool.

How to charge razor electric scooter?

However, even the products of iconic brands need mundane maintenance. For example, electric scooters need proper charging. In this article, you will find out how to charge Razor electric scooter.

Why is proper charging essential for your Razor scooter?

Well, proper charging is the way to proper care of your electric scooter. It helps to prevent many problems. For example:

  • it helps you to avoid system overload, which can lead to short circuits and fire,
  • you are free of searching for the power source for your electric scooter on the road,
  • proper charging prevents the battery of your scooter from sagging and raises its efficiency and lengthens its life.

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So, how to charge Razor electric scooter?

Well, it´s not a big deal. All you want is a wire, an electrical outlet, and a normal charging port. There are multiple ways to charge the battery of your beloved e-scooter. Let’s dive into them.

Charging the battery with a charger.


Well, this is the easiest way. You can find out about it in the Razor manufacturers’ manual. However, if you haven’t got it, there are some steps:

Step 1

Always let your battery cool down. It usually takes 10 minutes for the electric scooter’s battery to get in fit for charging after you´ve ridden it. You need it in order to prevent overheating. Charging a hot battery will shorten its life.

Step 2

Always charge the battery on a flat surface. It should prevent the damage to the battery from falling.

Step 3

Make sure that the e-scooter is dry before you start charging it. Don’t charge your razor electric scooter right away if you rode it in the mud, rain, or snow. Give your electric scooter some time to fully dry off. It´s a bad idea to use a hairdryer because water can get inside and harm the internal parts. It´s better to use a vacuum cleaner instead if you need to charge it quickly.


Step 4

Plug the charger into the wall first and only then into the scooter. Use the correct charger for your scooter’s battery. If you don’t have the original one, always check the compatibility between the charger and your e-scooter model.

Once the charger is plugged in, you should see a green light. If it´s not so, then there could be something wrong with the charger. It´s better to check the charger or to buy another one.

The light on the charger should turn red when you plug the charger into your e-scooter. The charging port is usually located on the bottom of the scooter. When the battery is fully charged you will see the green light.


Step 5

Never leave the charging battery unattended.  You must always check the battery lever in the process to prevent overcharging. It’s one of the basic safety rules, so don’t forget it!

Step 6

Charge it fully but avoid overcharging. When the indicator on the charger turns green, disconnect your charger from the wall.

Step 7

Try not to ride right away after charging. Wait at least 5 minutes before riding if you want to maximize your battery lifespan. You should avoid riding it while the battery is still hot from charging.

Charging the Razor scooter without a charger

Charging with a proper charger is easy and good, of course. But there are situations, where you just don’t have one with you. Here are a few tips for charging your electric scooter without the proper charger.

  1. First, you will need to disconnect the battery of your Razor from its electric motor. Remove the screw that holds the battery in its place. Then, unscrew the battery holder’s screws with a screwdriver and remove it from the frame. Flip the battery holder over. Then, you should see the connection between the battery and the electric motor of the scooter. Disconnect it with your fingers.
  2. Then, you should plug the disconnected battery into a power outlet with an electrical cord and connect it to the power source. Check if all connections and power outlets are working correctly.
  3. Then, wait until you get the battery level you need. It’s not necessary to fully charge your scooter every time, so you may leave some space if you need your scooter at a time. Remember, that for most Razor Scooter models, full charge time is 5 to 12 hours. If the green LED starts to shine after an hour or two, check the charger and the battery. There should be some kind of problem with one of them. And remember, that you should check the process of charging from time to time.
  4. After this, put the charged battery in its proper place. Plug it with the cables in the order it was just before the unplugging and charging. Now, your Razor electric scooter is ready for use again!

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Charging the Razor electric scooter while riding

Yeah, it may sound weird, but there’s actually a possibility to charge your Razor while you ride it! However, you must do some investments to get such an opportunity. 

First, you need to buy a more powerful battery pack (or connect the batteries to a more powerful one). A typical solution for the battery pack is using the batteries in parallel with the primary pack. It helps you to preserve the energy since your motor is now driven not by one, but by two power sources! 


However, there are some huge turn-offs for this method: 

  • it may be not very cheap,
  • it makes your scooter heavier and less maneuverable, 
  • and it may overload the system (which may end in a short circuit and fire). 

Long story short: be careful while using an extra battery pack, and read the internet (both articles and comments from social networks) to know about the experiences related to it.

Can I charge the Razor scooter with a portable car jumper?

Yes, there’s such a possibility. But you should keep in mind all the safety rules. Also, it may be too dangerous to do it indoors, so opt for a garage. 

In order to do this, you should first remove the battery from the motor section of your Razor. Then, connect the electrodes of your battery to the portable jumper with the respective cables (typically the red cable is used for the positive pole while the black one – is for the negative pole). Turn the jumper on. 

The charging process of the Razor’s battery should take nearly half an hour. Always keep an eye on your battery and check the temperature from time to time! If you feel that it gets hot, turn off the jumper and disconnect the battery. It must have been overcharged, which is dangerous (for the reasons explained earlier in this article). 


So, what are safety rules?

Charging the electric scooter requires abiding by some safety rules. 

First, you must remember that charging the battery (especially without the original charger) is manipulation with electricity and chemicals inside the battery. So never charge the battery if it is wet or hot. 

Don’t charge it if you have just ridden in the rainy weather or on a dirty road. Also, think about the rest your scooter and its engine should have after the ride: try to wait at least 30 min after riding. You should also give the battery the rest right after charging and not turn it on immediately. It will save your battery (and your Razor scooter as a whole) from overheating and problems caused by it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you charge Razor electric scooter?

Usually, it takes 5 to 12 hours to get the Razor scooter’s battery fully charged. As you can see, it takes more time than charging electric scooters from other manufacturers (usually from 3 to 8 hours).

How do I know if my electric scooter is charging?

Well, it’s easy to see whether your scooter is charging if you own a Razor. There are two LEDs (red and green) that show you how the charging process is going. The red one is the charging indicator, while the green one shows that the charging is over. If you see both of them lighting, pull the plug from the socket.

How do you charge a Razor scooter without a charger?

Well, there are some ways to charge the battery of the Razor electric scooter without the original charger (and without the charger at all). For example, you can remove the battery from the motor section and connect it to the power output source. Another option is using a portable car jumper. 

These methods can be useful for emergency situations. However, we don’t recommend doing it with Razors for regular charging because it can be harmful to the battery and the engine.

You can find a detailed guide on how to charge an electric scooter without a charger in our article here.

How long does a charge last on an electric scooter?

Electric scooter charges may last up to 6 hours in a power-saving mode, although they often only take two. The typical electric scooter has a 50-minute riding time in a fast-speed mode. When you ride at maximum speed, the battery drains charge more quickly.


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Should I charge my electric scooter after every ride?

You don´t have to charge your scooter every day or after every ride. The best idea is to keep the battery between 30% to 80%. However, if you’re planning a long ride you should give the scooter a full charge.

Can an electric scooter be charged at night?

Popular and inexpensive electric scooter often requires about 5 hours to charge. If you leave it charging for a whole night of 8 hours the battery could overcharge. It’s a good idea to charge your scooter overnight if the time it takes to charge is roughly equal to how long you spend sleeping. If not, it´s better to charge your scooter at another time of the day.

Some Razor electric scooters need close to 12 hours to charge their batteries completely. So it´s a good idea to charge it overnight. When you get up in the morning, your electric scooter will be completely charged and ready to go!

A razor scooter is a great buy for every resident of a big city. Keep it fit with proper maintenance, and you will enjoy it a lot!

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Do you have an electric scooter? Is it a Razor scooter? Let´s talk in the comments!

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