How to charge a hoverboard without a charger? 5+ easy tips to charge your hoverboard safely!

Charging the hoverboard is not complicated. You just plug the charger into the port and feed the battery.

But sometimes there is no other way than to charge a hoverboard without a proper charger. It may be broken or lost. You may be in the middle of the road without any access to electricity. Or you can even get a new hoverboard without a charger (it’s not often, but still).

And it makes you ask: “How to charge a hoverboard without a charger?” Let’s see!

Charging the hoverboard battery without a charger is possible. Among the most common methods, we can name rolling the board back and forth, using the universal charger, or charging devices for other gadgets (like laptops or phones).

How to charge a hoverboard without a charger

There´re some more ways to charge a hoverboard, we´ll discuss them later in this guide. Some methods can be risky, so you should be careful and make sure you know what you´re doing.

Most probable issues and solutions

Order the replacement charger

It is the most obvious solution. With a wide variety of small electronics retailers (both online and offline), it shouldn’t be a problem. Always try the replacement charger before buying (no matter, if it’s a chain store or a seller from the marketplace). So you´ll need to take your hoverboard with you and make sure it works perfectly with your device.


Never buy the cheapest chargers.

First, they may not be compatible with your scooter model. Second, they are of poor quality, so they can damage the battery and lead to big problems (short circuit, electrolyte leak, overheating, and fire). If you still have some doubts about it, check the hoverboard charger reviews on youtube or in gadget blogs.

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You can also ask a manufacturer’s representative whether they provide the buyers with replacement chargers. You can do it via e-mail or the hotline. If your device is covered by warranty, there shouldn’t be a problem with getting a new, manufacturer-approved charger.

Check the charging port

Before getting the new charger for your board, you should check the charging port, too. You should look at the LED indicator on your board. If you see that it blinks in color, other than green, the charging port is not working correctly, and you may need to replace it.

Another option is to bring your hoverboard to a repair shop. It may cost you some money, but you will be more sure about the health of your hoverboard.

Change the battery

If the charger works correctly, you should check the battery. Try to use another charger (you may ask your friend or neighbor for it). If it still does not work, maybe it’s the best time to get a new one.

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However, finding replacement batteries is trickier than searching for a compatible charger. Most battery packs are suited for one certain model, so you should look for compatible batteries.

There is no safe way to replace the dead battery with a random one. And, of course, never buy used batteries. They are worn out (to a bigger or lesser extent), so there’s no reason for it.

Alternative hoverboard charging tips

Tip 1

Rolling the wheels

It can be useful if your battery has died during the ride. First, you should lift the hoverboard. You will feel that one side of the board is heavier, and it shows that the power system, i.e. the battery side is located right there.

Roll the battery side wheel back and forth for 10-15 minutes. While you manually roll the grounded board, press the battery side. It should be enough for your hoverboard battery to get enough power to finish the ride.


The biggest advantage of manual rolling is its safety. It’s not very effective, but it won’t kill the battery of your self-balancing scooter. You can also use it when you don’t have access to any power supply.

Tip 2

Using a universal charger

If you don’t have an original charger for your favorite hoverboard, you may look for something different. Demand creates supply, so many manufacturers and retailers now offer universal chargers for hoverboard batteries.

This method requires you to open the scooter’s casing, disconnect and remove the battery and charge it outside. It is not difficult but may require more time than the usual charging with an original charger.

This method has a variation: two (or more, if you want) interchangeable batteries. They should provide a relatively long battery life to you and your board.

We must discuss the two biggest turn-offs for said method.

  1. First, not every universal hoverboard charger is designed for charging your hoverboard’s battery. It may be not compatible with your hoverboard model (just like universal remotes may not work with some TV models).
  2. Second, removing the casing and the battery from the motor case and charging the hoverboard without a charger, approved by the manufacturer, is considered as a warranty agreement infringement. So, you do it at your own risk. And, of course, you shouldn’t do it with the new hoverboard (for all said reasons).
charg port

Tip 3

Using the alternative methods

Many of you have read about a few crazy methods of charging the hoverboard without a charger or watched YouTube videos dedicated to it. Let´s see!

  • The prevalent method is to charge the hoverboard battery with a laptop charger. This is an excellent method to destroy your hoverboard. It may not kill the engine or battery instantly (although battery fires are possible in this case), but it will damage the battery of your scooter. It may shorten its life, damage the charging port, etc.
  • Another popular Internet life hack is using a mobile phone charger. It may be as hazardous as using a laptop charger. Saying it in other words: even the cheap hoverboard chargers (while not so good themselves) are safer than the recipes you find all over the net.

Many people use said devices for one simple reason: laptops, mobile phones, and hoverboards use the same battery type (lithium-ion batteries, to be precise).

However, all said devices need different power and have different battery sizes, so said chargers are different from the hoverboard chargers and, thus, not compatible with the hoverboard power system. The hoverboard’s battery voltage differs from the laptop’s battery voltage, too. Even if you have to use one of those methods, never forget about a power adapter.

And if you decided to try it, remember: all those methods are good only for one-time emergency use! You should never use a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other charger instead of the one used for hoverboards. Get a new one instead of a lost or broken charger. A proper hoverboard charger is cheaper than a complicated repair or a new board.

Risks of using alternate charging methods

There are many risks of charging the hoverboard without a proper charger. First, the battery may get damaged. It may lead to problems both with hardware (risk of short circuits, electrolyte leaks, loose wires, etc.) and software (glitchy sensors, LED indicators, and headlights issues).

Another issue is the warranty. Charging the hoverboard by methods not approved by the manufacturer (including all those crazy YouTube and Facebook lifehacks) may get you in trouble for another reason: it is considered a warranty breach.


So, any malfunction is considered your fault and should be fixed for your money. Hoverboard repair may be pretty expensive. So, it would be cheaper to buy a new hoverboard charger than multiple spare parts or a new board.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if the hoverboard needs to be charged?

Most hoverboards use both visual and sound signals for information about the low battery level. If the charge is lower than 5 (or 10, for some models) percent, you will see the blinking red light and, probably, hear the beeping sound. Once the charge is complete, the red light turns green.

Why does the hoverboard battery not charge?

There are plenty of issues leading to troubled battery charging. It may be a charging port malfunction (problems and their severity differ from loose wiring to complete disconnection via ripping the wires). It may be the dead battery (so you may need a new one). It may be the electrolyte leak. It may be the broken charger. Finally, it may be a glitch or sensor malfunction.

How to charge a hoverboard without a charger by rolling it back and forth?

The main idea behind this method is that the battery of a hoverboard produces electric energy in motion (small amounts, but still). Moving the hoverboard back and forth for a few minutes while pressing the battery side should produce a power amount enough for finishing the commuter ride. This way of charging is relatively harmless (in comparison with many other methods).

Charging the hoverboard isn’t complicated if you have a hoverboard charger. But sometimes you need to do it without a proper charger. You may try some different ways (like rolling it back and forth or using an alternate charger), but don’t abuse any of it. It is good only for an emergency charge. And use the proper power adapter during the charging process!

Have you ever tried to charge a hoverboard without a charger? Leave a comment below, we´d love to hear from you!

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