How long does it take to charge an electric scooter?

Electric scooters give a lot of pleasant emotions to adults and children! With this type of transport, you can easily deal long distances and any obstacles and your trip immediately turns into a fascinating journey!

For the problem-free operation of the electric scooter, it is necessary to provide proper charging. It needs to be mentioned that this process should comply with the recommendations and rules that you can find in the instruction, which comes with your device.

Normally, it takes around 3 to 7 hours to charge electric scooter.

How long does it take to charge an electric scooter

Keep in mind that safe charging is possible only using a correct and quality charger.

In this guide, we´ve reviewed a few time-tested tips that will facilitate the charging of an electric scooter and make its service life much longer!

How to charge an electric scooter properly?

The batteries are the weak spots of electric scooters. Competent organization of the charging process is a guarantee of the owner’s safety and the long life of the scooter battery.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to charge an electric scooter properly to maintain the good condition of the battery!

Before the starting charge pay closer attention to the preparation. We recommend you charge your electric scooter in suitable conditions in a cool and dry place.

  1. First of all, carefully plug the charger into the power source.
  2. Turn your e-scooter off and remove the protective cover from the charging port. If you see dust or dirt on the charging port, you´ll need to remove them too.
  3. Connect the charger with the charging port.
  4. Leave your device for a few hours. Usually, 2-3 hours are enough to charge this type of transport from 0 to 50 percent. In case your vehicle is partly charged, you can use it, but not for very long distances. If you want to provide a full charge, it takes not less than 6 hours, depending on the type and model of your device.
  5. When the charger turn green, disconnect it from the e-scooter. That´s it, your vehicle is completely charged.

How long will it take to charge an electric scooter?

 We must mention that there are numerous kinds of electric scooter batteries with numerous pros and cons. They are:

Lithium-ion batteries

This type of battery has a low level of self-charging and the absence of the memory effect. They are light-weighted and compact in comparison with lean-acid ones.

The significant advantage of lithium-ion batteries is their long service life: about 5 years. You will need to wait for only 2-4 hours to charge them to their maximum battery capacity.


NiCad batteries

If you picked up the device with a nicad battery, it is necessary to ensure that they are completely discharged before the charging process.

Lead-acid batteries

The lead-acid batteries are distinguished by their stable operation however you will have to wait about 12 hours until they fully charge.

How do you know when your electric scooter is fully charged?

The majority of the modern models of electric scooters have a special detail: an indicator light. Its color testifies to the battery level.

The green light means that your device is fully charged and you can use it.

In case your device is partly charged, you will see yellow or orange light.

If the indicator light is red, the device has a low battery level and there is a need to charge it as soon as possible.


How far can an electric scooter go on a full charge?

Most modern electric scooters feature li-ion batteries with a capacity of 10-20 amps which is enough for riding on a distance of about 25-50 miles (40-80 km) long.

How long does a battery last on an electric scooter?

An electric scooter battery lasts about 2 years: 550-950 charge cycles.

It is really challenging to determine an exact number of years because a lot of aspects can affect the condition of the battery. Among them is the scooter´s quality, your riding style, the type of scooter batteries, the condition of the charging port, and so on – everything counts.

How often should you charge an electric scooter?

It is advisable to charge your device every couple of weeks!

Keep in mind that it´s important not to wait until your electric scooter battery is completely discharged. Also, you should avoid overcharging.

In those periods, when your vehicle is not exploited, you need to continue to draw the attention of the battery. Try to constantly maintain the charge level within 40-45 percent.

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10 brilliant tips on how to prolong electric scooter’s battery life

Now it is time to summarize all of the above! We bring together all rules, which will make the exploitation of your vehicle easy and understandable!

1. In those periods when your electric scooter is not exploited, try to maintain the charge level within 40-45 percent

It is definitely a bad idea to store lithium battery fully discharged because you will face this component degradation.

If there is a need to store your vehicle for a long time, for example, during cold weather times, store it at 40-45% charge.


Do not forget about self-discharge! Even if you aren´t using your electric scooter, its battery is getting low. For this reason, you will need to watch and maintain this level using a charger.

2. Avoid fully charging your device in less than 60 minutes

We know, that there are fast chargers and it is really convenient to charge your vehicle in a short time, but this way you can destroy the battery.

The recommended time to fully charge is not less than one hour.

3.  Turn off your charger after charging

When your device is fully charged, do not forget to turn off the scooter battery charger. If you do not want to face the corrosion of the cathode, decreased capacity, and other unpleasant consequences, do not neglect this rule.

4. Do not ride immediately after charging

 Usually, during the charging process, electric scooter batteries are heating up. Just wait about 5 minutes to let the electric scooter battery cool off.

This small and simple action will definitely prolong battery life.

5. Do not forget about suitable conditions

Charge your device in suitable conditions: in a cool and dry place.

As you know, extreme temperatures (below 32 °F or hotter than 100 °F) can cause damage to battery longevity or result in degradation.


6. Make sure that your vehicle is turned off during charging

Your device should be always turned off during charging in order to prevent battery breakdown.

7. Avoid using a non-original charger

It is necessary to use the charger that came with your vehicle.

In case you face the charger’s breakdown or failure, contact the manufacturer to get a replacement unit.

Do not ignore this rule, due to charging your buddy with an unoriginal charger can damage the electric scooter battery.

8. Use a voltmeter

Unfortunately, it´s impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of a scooter battery without a special tool. For this reason, we recommend you buy and use an inexpensive voltmeter to be aware of your battery’s overall performance.

If you have some difficulties with it, get acquainted with a tutorial before using one.


9. Store your electric scooter properly

Save your device from solar radiation, high temperatures, and moisture. It is important to approach the storage of the vehicle responsibly because this way you are able to boost the scooter´s battery life.

10. Don´t overcharge the battery.

If you charge your scooter battery overnight, you can overcharge it and it´s not good for the device. Overcharging can damage battery capacity and reduce its lifespan.


Q: How Do You Know If Your Electric Scooter is Charging?

A: When you charge your scooter for the first time, pay closer attention to the color of the indicator light,

In case the indicator light turns red and the device display shows “filling up”, you can be sure that it is charging.

Q: How Long Does an Electric Scooter Battery Last?

A: A electric scooter’s battery lasts about 2 years (550-950 charge cycles). It depends on a lot of aspects: the frequency of charging, the correctness of the process, the type of riding, the type of device components, and the condition of the charging port.

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Q: Is It Possible To Replace An E-scooter Battery?

A: If you face a breakdown of your electric scooter’s battery, you will have to resort to its replacement. It can be done only by professionals.

It is advisable to pick the original battery from trustworthy buyers. Keep in mind that you should use the correct charger, as a non-original device can be harmful to your scooter’s battery.

For more detailed information, contact the manufacturer.


Charging plays a significant role in the electric scooter service life and it requires patience and attention.

Remember that the knowledge of how to charge an electric scooter correctly will allow you to boost the vehicle’s battery life. If you break the rules or ignore the instructions, you can easily damage or ruin the charger. Then you will need to spend time searching for the new component.

Electric scooter batteries cost not that cheap and it is not that easy to find a suitable component for your model.

Hope our brilliant tips will help you to deal with the electric scooters charging process.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us in the comment section below, we´ll be happy to help!

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