How do I know if my hoverboard is charging?

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. An average hoverboard battery will provide you with a 1-hour (8-9 miles) ride after that you´ll need to charge it.

There are a few ways to determine if your hoverboard is charging:

  1. Look for a charging indicator light on the hoverboard or on the charger itself. This light should turn on when the hoverboard is connected to the charger and turn off when it is fully charged.
  2. Check the battery level on the hoverboard’s display or through an app (if it has one). If the battery level is increasing, the hoverboard is charging.
  3. Listen to a sound coming from the hoverboard. Some hoverboards make a sound when they start charging.

It’s important to note that different hoverboards may have different indicators for charging, so it’s a good idea to consult the user manual for your specific device.

How do I charge a hoverboard?

It´s not so tricky to charge your hoverboard.

  • Plug in a charger to the wall. You´ll see a green light on the charger, which means it is in working condition and is ready.
  • Now you can plug it into the hoverboard charging port. At this moment, the light on the charger should turn red (on some models it can be blue). This means that the battery is charging.
How do I know if my hoverboard is charging
The red light on the charger means that your hoverboard is charging

If your hoverboard charger doesn´t have light indicators, you should look at the lights on the hoverboard itself. Most boards have a battery level indicator on the frame of the board.

When you plug your hoverboard into the charger, the battery level indicator will light up red. When the board is charged the red light turns green.

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Some hoverboards will make a beeping sound to indicate the battery is fully charged, and some will continue to beep until the charger is removed.

How do I know if the hoverboard is fully charged?

When the battery is 100% charged, the indicator light on the hoverboard charger will turn green.


If you don´t know how long you should charge your hoverboard and can´t find this information in the manual, keep in mind that on average it takes up to 3 hours.

Do hoverboards light up when charging?

If the hoverboard is on, the battery indicator on it will flash orange (or red). If the board is turned off, there will be no light on the hoverboard.

It is recommended to turn off the hoverboard while charging. Especially in summer when it´s hot, the hoverboard battery overheats, and charging can lead to explosions.

What to do if I hear a noise from the hoverboard charger?

Hoverboard chargers have an internal fan that cools the electronics within the charger. While the scooter is charging, the fan in the charger is running that´s why it seems that it is noisy. Don’t worry, it’s ok.

How to find out the battery level?

It all depends on the model of the hoverboard. Most hoverboards have a three-color LED.

  • The green light means that the hoverboard battery is more than 50% charged.
  • The yellow color indicates that the charge is less than 50%.
  • The red light indicates that the charge is less than 10%.

More advanced models have multi-digit indicators, which are a line of three-color LEDs. The less energy left, the more of the line will have a red light.


There are models whose battery level can be viewed using a mobile application installed on a smartphone. Usually, these are expensive scooters.

It is safe to operate the hoverboard only if the green light is on.

Why does my hoverboard keep beeping red even after charging?

Sometimes, even when fully charged, the light may still turn red. This means that the device is not properly calibrated.

To fix the problem, you need to:

  1. Turn off the hoverboard
  2. Set the horizontal part of the board strictly parallel to the floor
  3. Press the power button and hold until a beep sounds
  4. Turn it off and on again

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What can I do if my hoverboard won’t charge?

If the battery indicator light on your charger doesn´t turn red and stays green when you plug it into the hoverboard, then your battery is either 100% full, or you have a defective hoverboard battery.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Charger failure.
  • Battery failure.
  • Motherboard failure.

In the first case, a new charge will help solve the problem. The best hoverboard charger is the original charger from the manufacturer.

In the other two cases, you will have to replace broken parts. However, it is not recommended to do this on your own, it is better to contact the service center.


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How do I find out if the hoverboard charger is working or not?

After you plug the charger into a power socket, you should see a green indicator light. If it is not so, make sure the plug is fully pushed into the outlet and secure. Also, you can try to plug it into a different outlet and see if the problem is in the outlet.

Otherwise, you can plug the charger into the hoverboard charging port. The charger’s indicator light will be red or blue, which means the charger is ok.

What if my charger stops working?

If the charger doesn´t work, you can change the cable and see if it helps. If it’s not, change the power adapter and see again. If it still isn´t working, you will need to buy another hoverboard charger, better from the manufacturer in an official store.

Why does my hoverboard charger flash red?

If the hoverboard charger is blinking red it is a sign that something goes wrong.

Let´s have a look at the most common situations and possible solutions.

  1. The charger is connected to the wall outlet only

The charger is plugged into the outlet and NOT into the hoverboard and you see that it´s blinking red. It means that the charger is broken and it should be replaced immediately.

  1. The charger is connected to the wall outlet and the hoverboard

The charger is plugged into the wall outlet AND hoverboard and is blinking red. You can think about one of the following problems:

  • The hoverboard battery pack has loose wire connections.

You should open the hoverboard case and make sure the wires between the battery pack and the control module are connected correctly. If you´re not sure how to do that, it´s better to bring your hoverboard to a service shop.

  • The hoverboard charger port has incorrect wire connections or a short circuit.

To fix this, check the wiring between these components. If the charger keeps blinking red then you should replace the hoverboard charger port.

  • The voltage of the battery pack is too low.

When the hoverboard battery is faulty it sends a signal to the charger that it can not be recharged, that´s why the charger may blink red.

If this is the case, you will want to replace the hoverboard battery pack.

  • The charger doesn´t supply enough power to recharge the hoverboard battery.

That means that the charger is broken and you need another one.


Why does my hoverboard flash orange?

If you see a flashing orange battery indicator on the hoverboard, it´s likely your battery is bad and needs to be replaced. Usually, the problem is a result of a bad circuit within the battery pack, also known as the BMS (Battery management system). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a hoverboard to charge?

Normally it takes 3 hours to fully charge a hoverboard.

If it takes a very long time to fill the battery, it is very likely that the battery is damaged or drained. In both cases, it will have to be replaced.

Even a very large and fast hoverboard takes 3-4.5 hours to charge. If you exceed this limit (for example, if you leave the hoverboard charging overnight), the consequences can be unpredictable. The battery wears out a lot and may become unusable.

That´s why there is a note on most hoverboards: “Please do not charge more than 6 hours”.


How to test your hoverboard battery?

If you are sure that the charger is working correctly, you can test the battery. Here´re the steps to follow:

  1. Charge a hoverboard for 2-3 hours. The charger’s indicator light should turn green.
  2. If it is still red after the recommended charge period, unplug your hoverboard and see if it will turn on. If it does not, it means that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
  3. If the board turns on, plug in the charger and charge the hoverboard completely.
  4. Then, ride the hoverboard until the battery drains. Note how long you used the hoverboard on a full charge and compare it to the manufacturer’s estimated battery life for your model. Normally it should be 1-3 hours. If your battery lasts less than before, it is likely close to the end of its lifecycle and you will have to replace it soon.

How can I prolong the hoverboard battery life?

Hoverboard charging isn´t difficult but you should follow some rules. The battery life lasts for around 1 hour per charge, depending on the hoverboard model and surface you ride. Here are some tips to charge your hoverboard safely and prolong its battery life:

  • Charge a hoverboard before going for a ride.
  • Make sure your hoverboard is fully charged: the hoverboard light should turn green.
  • Try to stay away from direct sunlight, hot temperatures, flames, rough terrain, and sparks to avoid damage to the hoverboard’s battery.
  • All hoverboards have a weight limit. You should know this limit before you hop on. If you surpass the weight limit, the board will need more battery power to pull the rider and it will drain the battery sooner. This can reduce the battery life.
  • Use the original charger for the hoverboard. There are different chargers for electronic devices, which may have the same charging port, but a change in the adapter and the voltage can significantly affect the battery life.
  • Don´t use a laptop charger as it´s more powerful and can damage the hoverboard’s battery.
  • It´s not recommended to leave your hoverboard charging overnight. It takes 2-3 hours to charge a hoverboard. If you leave a hoverboard charging for more time, it will reduce the battery life.

What to do if I don´t have the original hoverboard charger?

Rarely, but it happens that the scooter’s original charger fails. In addition, it may be lost or you even bought a hoverboard without a charger. What to do in this case? The best option is to buy a charger in a store. It´s not a problem to find one, and it is not expensive.

The only thing is that you need to choose a charging current. The voltage for all hoverboard chargers is the same: 42V. If you´ve kept a failed one, you can see its characteristics on the device case.

If not, then it is better to take a more powerful charger so that it definitely copes with the task. Otherwise, the board will charge either slowly or not at all.

A charger with an output current of 2 A is suitable for most hoverboards, even with 10-inch wheels.

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