Electric scooter repair shops: best options to fix the e-scooter

Several years ago, e-scooters began a successful invasion of urban areas. Whether you go to Paris or NYC, you’ll see e-scooters maneuvering along the busy streets. E-scooters are fast and environmentally friendly, which makes them popular. But how about maintenance? Is it easy to find a scooter repair shop?

Most major cities have them, so the market is substantial. Thus, there must be facilities for electric scooter repairs.

We’ll explore the options available, and you can make an informed decision about which solution will be suitable for you.

electric scooter repair shops

Repairing personal electric vehicles: specialized shops

As we all know, demand generates supply. So, there are shops providing repair and maintenance for PEV. We recommend opting for one of them. Professional mechanics there will be able to solve your issue.

By and large, there are several common potential issues with scooters.

More often than not, battery problems are the problem, like unreasonably fast discharge.

Sometimes, you can have loose parts which need tightening, or your ride requires a brake adjustment. A flat tire is a possibility, too. If you employ the services of an electric scooter repair shop, there will certainly be a specialist to tackle a specific issue with your e-scooter.

If you have a valid warranty, the shop has a great chance of being manufacturer licensed.

Electric scooter repair shops 3

Alternative solutions

As electric scooters were so fast gaining their position as a vehicle, it’s possible that you won’t be able to find a specialized repair shop close enough to be convenient.

That’s why, we would like to assure you that there are other options for the electric scooter repair emergency.

  • Moped repair shops. These shops will probably be able to fix your e-scooter, as mopeds and scooters have a lot in common. Moped repair shops are sometimes even joined with scooter shops, and the professional mechanics working there will be qualified enough to tackle your problem.
  • Bicycle repair shops. This option is not the best because some issues cannot be fixed in bike shops, like repairs of the electrical part. At the same time, brakes and tires can be dealt with successfully. Bike shops can also succeed in repairing the steering. So bicycle repair shops shouldn’t be your first option, more of the last resort.
  • Independent scooter mechanics. The class of specialists called independent scooter mechanics was created when the scooter-sharing companies hired and trained a large number of professionals after an exceptionally successful launch of e-scooters around the world.Companies like Spin and Bird were trying to secure essential repairs for the vehicles. Scooter-sharing mechanics were experts in scooter repairs and performed maintenance of scooters for a while.Later on, companies like Bird employed some scooter-sharing mechanics to work in-house. The rest became independent contractors with extensive knowledge of the electric scooter. They can be a viable option for you.
  • DIY project. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty from time to time, and a DIY project is a challenge you are willing to take, you can try fixing your scooter yourself. Sometimes, the issue can be so minor that even a service manual can help. However, a service manual will not save you when the issue is more substantial.If you have extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering and electronics, you can also try your hand at repairing your scooter.Whether you decide to opt for professional assistance or make an effort and fix the scooter yourself, there are a few things that you should do.Take proper care of your scooter: give it a regular checkup making sure that the tires are intact, the brakes operate adequately, there is no visible damage, and all controls work properly.Keep your scooter in pristine condition and make sure that the battery is charged and doesn’t die too quickly.
Electric scooter repair shops 2

Final thoughts

The irrefutable success of electric scooters and their subsequent appearance in all major cities caused the demand for maintenance and repair facilities to grow exponentially. At the moment, you can already find a lot of electric scooter shops, especially in metropolitan areas. However, their amount is still insufficient, and if you are an electric scooter owner, you have to look for other solutions that we described in this article.

You can also fix your PEV yourself, especially if you have substantial knowledge in the relevant area.

In the end, the most important thing is that if you need to repair your PEV, you have several viable options to choose from.

Electric scooter repair shops 4

Frequently asked questions

Can an electric scooter be fixed?

It depends on the nature of the problem. Mechanics from a specialized repair shop can usually deal with most issues. In case the vehicle is irreparably damaged, and your warranty is valid, you will be able to return the PEV to the manufacturer or distributor.

What are the common problems in electric scooter?

The most common problems are with batteries (discharging too soon or not charging at all), motor overheating, and the controller.

How do I fix my electric scooter not charging?

Try checking the connections and the outlet. If the outlet is the problem, change it. If it’s the connection, secure it. If the charger is working, the light on the indicator should be on. The lack of indicating light is a signal that the charger is faulty.

What is the service life of an electric scooter?

The life span of a PEV is 4-5 years on average. Proper care and maintenance will prolong its proper operation undoubtedly.

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