Electric scooter insurance companies. Do you need insurance for your e-scooter? See it here!

Electric scooters have a lot of advantages. They are compact, eco-friendly, and fun to ride. But many electric scooter owners are worried that they may get in an accident without any compensation. E-scooter thefts are common too especially in big cities.

All said problems make e-scooters owners think about electric scooter insurance. This article provides you with an in-depth view of electric scooter insurance package types and the current situation in the insurance market.

electric scooter insurance

Are there any electric scooter insurance companies?

Electric scooter insurance is still a fledging market segment. Many insurance companies offer e-scooter insurance products as add-ons to existing policies (like homeowner’s policy or umbrella packages).

But there are some special offers for electric scooters from some insurance companies that see the e-scooter insurance market as a growth point. The most notable ones are American Voom Insurance (adding electric scooter insurance to existing motorbike solutions) and British CyclePlan (which focuses on bike insurance).

What are the risks for electric scooter riders?

Electric scooter owners are usually worried about two things: road accidents and the loss of a scooter due to theft or damages. Let’s take a look at both.

Accident liability coverage can be useful for every rider. You can’t be sure you won’t collide with the car or the pedestrian next moment. It may not be your fault, of course, but you still may sustain an injury. And, if it was your fault, you’d rather have proper insurance instead of covering your liability with your own money.

Vandalism and theft coverage is useful, too. Many electric scooter enthusiasts buy high-performance devices from well-known high-end brands (like Razor or Segway). But expensive things attract the wrong people. If you don’t want to lose your scooter without any compensation, there are a lot of options for electric scooter owners (we’ll talk about it later).

There is a good way to check whether your newly-bought electric scooter can be protected by the insurer. Many retailers now offer insurance policies as an add-on (like warranty packages). If your seller offers an electric scooter insurance package in-store it is good news for you. There shouldn’t be much trouble.


What is the legal base for electric scooter insurance?

In the United States, vehicle insurance policy is closely related to National Highway Transportation Security Association (NHTSA) guidelines. According to said guidelines, electric scooters without seats are not considered federally regulated motor vehicles.

It lets the states, cities, and counties set their own rules for small electric devices (like e-scooters or e-bikes). Only two states (Illinois and Texas) have mandatory insurance for electric scooters (Texas rules spread only on models with motor power exceeding 750W).

The most common definition for electric scooters is “electric motorized scooters”, so don’t forget to check whether insurance companies offer a said definition to make sure that they cover electric scooters.

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Electric scooter personal damage insurance

The most important thing you should not forget (not only during the electric scooter rides) about your safety and health. You can’t control everything on the road. You may be the victim of the other person’s reckless behavior. Then, you should have proper insurance covering electric scooter accidents and the damage they cause to you.

Let´s see some options you have if you want to insure your buddy and yourself.

Comprehensive health insurance policies

The first option is to have comprehensive health insurance. Riding an e-scooter may be considered a safety issue, so you’d better take some precautions in the case of an accident. Comprehensive health insurance will cover most of the medical bills you incur in the case of injury. (To be honest, having good medical insurance is a must-have. It will prevent a lot of problems in case of injury or illness).

Speaking of medical insurance, we must note that you should check your agreement. If the package your employer provides to you excludes riding motorbikes or similar vehicles (electric scooters may be named, too), you should care about the electric scooter insurance yourself.

Personal injury protection

Another option for an avid electric scooter rider is a personal injury protection (or PIP for short) insurance policy. It has one big advantage: it is a no-fault policy, so you will get compensation, no matter who will be considered a guilty party. PIP covers medical expenses, lost income, lost income of other persons (like underpaid child care), etc.


Umbrella insurance

Most e-scooter riders heard of umbrella insurance. No, it’s not the Travelers insurance policies (though Travelers offer them, too). It is an insurance package covering all the injuries and damages you will suffer outside your household. Basically, it covers all the liability that exceeds your valid homeowner’s insurance.

It may be useful for homeowners if they let their significant others or children ride the e-scooter they own since it covers the faults of all household members. You should ask your insurance agent whether your insurance company includes electric scooter accidents in its umbrella insurance package. Unlike the PIP or standard health insurance (which covers the medical expenses only for the insured person), umbrella insurance will pay for third-person traumas and property damage.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance is very important, too. Nobody is perfect, so you can make mistakes during the ride. Bodily injury insurance will definitely help you. It will cover all the damage you cause to a third person’s health. If you have a valid driver’s license, you may add the bodily injury option to your current policy. It can solve many of your problems in the case of an electric scooter accident.

Another liability policy you should purchase from your insurance company is property damage liability coverage. If you have a driver’s license, you should have said policy as a part of your car insurance policy.

One of the best solutions is to have a comprehensive coverage agreement. It has one big advantage: it covers everything that will happen to your beloved electric scooter. It has collision coverage, theft coverage, or damage caused by extreme weather conditions or vandals.

Some respected insurance companies (like GEICO or Nationwide) offer these packages.


Electric scooter theft insurance

Most electric scooter owners worry about their gadgets. It may be stolen or broken by vandals. Thankfully, insurance companies offer new solutions for effective electric scooter protection.

  • One of the most interesting electric scooter insurance options is purchase protection. Many banks issuing credit cards offer their customers the possibility to file a claim in case of damage to the newly-bought electric scooter. There are usually plenty of caveats, by the way. For example, the typical time window for purchase protection is 3 months.
  • Another option for electric scooter owners is writing your e-scooter as part of your homeowner (or renter) insurance. But be careful and check the deductible in your policy. If the deductible is higher than the price of your e-scooter, you shouldn’t bother with adding it. It does not worth it.
  • Last (but not least) electric scooter insurance option is roadside assistance. Many drivers know that AAA (or any other similar) assistance package can be pretty useful in case of an accident or malfunction. Having roadside assistance as a part of your e-scooter insurance may be useful in many cases (from a dead battery to an electric engine fire, from a broken LED speedometer to a glitchy speed limiter). And the fee shouldn’t be huge.

Electric scooter rental services and insurance companies

Many people use electric scooter rental services. Of course, they ask about electric scooter insurance packages for rented devices. Thankfully, most rental companies don’t forget about the safety and comfort of the customers, so they have e-scooter insurance from well-reputed insurance providers.

In some places, they are legally obliged to have insurance for company-owned electric scooters as part of the rental offer (like in San Francisco, CA). Bird (one of the biggest e-scooter rental companies in the United States) says that less than 1% of rides end with claims to insurance companies.

The e-scooter rental agreement involves many scenarios triggering the electric scooter insurance compensation, clearly stating that “your automotive insurance policies may not provide coverage for accidents involving or damage to this vehicle”.

Speaking of electric scooter insurance markets, we must note that many insurance providers still don’t see e-scooter insurance as a distinct market segment. Many insurance companies have their offers centered on two-wheel transport means without motors (read: bicycles).

You should check with your insurance agent whether the definition of a bike (adopted by your insurance provider) includes small devices with low-power electric motors (like electric scooters or electric bikes). Most insurers are more friendly to mobility devices (like mobility aid electric scooters), by the way. But you wouldn´t be able to use that loophole for your electric scooter.


Insurance companies that specialize in electric scooter insurance

You may think there’s nothing but bad news for electric scooter riders. But demand creates supply, so there are some specialized electric scooter insurance companies. Sure, most companies are not sure about scooter insurance (financial markets seem to be someway conservative).

One of the most notable is Voom Insurance. This company, focusing on pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance, is working on stand-alone policies for electric scooters and their owners. By the way, Voom now offers good third-party liability insurance and extra medical bill coverage packages for electric scooter riders.

voom ins

Speaking of insurance powerhouses, some of them offer e-scooter insurance options.

Allstate, for example, offers e-scooter insurance as either a stand-alone offer or add-ons to existing packages (like umbrella insurance or homeowner’s policy). Nationwide follows the same pattern. Columbus, Ohio-based insurer lets its customers buy an e-scooter insurance policy. If you already have car insurance or a homeowner’s package, you can use it to cover possible electric scooter accidents.

StateFarm Insurance, in its turn, isn’t so scooter-friendly. Its electric scooter insurance options are limited. You can write your vehicle in its umbrella insurance policy, but that’s it.

Electric scooter insurance companies overseas

Speaking of insurance companies abroad, we must take a glance at the United Kingdom. There is a very e-scooter-friendly insurance company! Its name is CyclePlan. Cycleplan offers a wide variety of possibilities to small transport means owners including electric scooters. It offers many options (public liability coverage, personal accident coverage, theft and damage).


But not all insurers are so open-minded (in terms of electric scooter insurance). Laka, another bike insurance provider, states that they are not going to offer stand-alone electric scooter insurance packages until the government regulation for said type of transportation become more clear. And, with some uncertain regulations for electric scooters, the situation with scooter insurance will wait for clear guidelines.

Electric scooter insurance online

Nowadays, nearly every insurance provider (and every one of the biggest companies on the market) offer their customers online services. It may differ from filling out an insurance agreement via the website to hotline chat. You can also check the best available deals at the online insurance broker or price comparison service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does scooter insurance work?

Electric scooter insurance is basically the same as any other insurance type. You sign an agreement, pay your insurer monthly (quarterly, yearly as stated in your agreement) premium, and file for coverage in case of an accident involving you as an electric scooter rider. But don’t forget: e-scooter insurance is not the most popular insurance type now, so it may be an add-on to your existing package.

How much does electric scooter insurance cost?

The cost of the insurance varies depending on the company, your location, your chosen policy, and coverage. Average insurance will cost from 20$ to 80$ per month.


Does medical insurance cover bodily injury expenses from electric scooter accidents?

Just like any other injury you sustain (unless it’s stated otherwise in your contract), your medical insurance should cover all your medical expenses. Another option to pay your medical bill is PIP. It will cover your medical bills, no matter what kind of injuries you sustain.

Does auto insurance cover electric scooter accidents?

Sadly, most auto insurance plans don’t cover electric scooter accidents. Why? As you know, cars (even electric ones) and electric scooters are very different, and automobile insurance rarely includes small vehicles (like e-bikes or electric scooters).


Electric scooters are funny and modern transport means. But there is no guarantee you won’t get in trouble. It can be a road accident or an electric scooter malfunction. So, having proper electric scooter insurance is very helpful.

You can pick a damage or liability coverage policy (in order not to pay your own money in case you damage other vehicles). Check the packages insurers offer to electric scooter riders and don’t forget about the health insurance (it’s a must-have for all active people).

Electric scooter insurance isn´t too expensive, and it will let you not think about many things (like legal services or compensations). So our strong recommendation is to have one!

We´d love to hear about your experience! Do you think it is necessary to have insurance that is specially designed for electric scooters? Have you ever had an accident while riding an electric scooter? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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