E-scooter tire repair: 3 main methods. How to prevent flat tires?

Even if you have an electric scooter with pneumatic tires, one day your tires can go flat. This risk is always there, and you must be prepared for it. It is important to know what to do if your electric scooter has flat tires and so let’s start.

e scooter tire repair: 3 Best Main Methods

Necessary checklist for owners of electric scooters

  • it is important to maintain your electric scooter regularly
  • ride carefully and responsibly
  • check regularly whether the tires are correctly inflated and are the tires sufficiently inflated, this should be done before each ride
  • it is better to reinforce the inner tubes
  • fill the tires with a good sealant
  • use tires that have an inner tube
  • worn tires should be replaced immediately

If you notice that your scooter has a flat tire, you should immediately stop moving. If you continue to drive with flat tires, this leads to damage to the discs.

Why flat tires and what to do about it?

Flat tires on a scooter can be due to several reasons.

Fragments pierced the tire

The first reason is fragments that somehow pierced the tire. Also, a puncture can be from nails, wood, or anything else sharp and hard.

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The second reason that tires can flatten is a strong blow. For example, you can hit the wheel on a high curb while driving fast. Or if you have a trip on a bumpy road where you can get into a hole on your scooter.

High tire pressure

The third reason for this is tire wear. In this case, they are under more pressure than is possible. If the tires are under-inflated, this can also cause a flat tire.

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Improper tire mounting

Although the fourth reason is quite rare, it is still worth considering.

This is improper tire mounting. If you bought a scooter on which the wheels are incorrectly installed, this can cause flat tires.

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Are e-scooter tires often punctured?

Flat tire on electric scooters that are filled with air is quite common. Especially if the tires have an inner tube.

On average, tire punctures in electric scooters happen once every six months. It is also important to consider the types of air-filled tires.

It can be an inner tube or tubeless tire. If you have a scooter with inner tube tires, then punctures are less common. Inner tube tires are more common than tubeless tires.

If you have a scooter with wide tires and a pattern that is designed for off-road, then punctures are much less common because such models are designed specifically to withstand heavy loads.

Therefore, even if there is a small fragment on the road, it does not create problems for your scooter.

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What to do if you have an electric scooter flat tires?

There are 3 ways to help solve the problem.

Repair with the removal of a punctured tire

The main repair method involves the following steps:

  • first, you need to bleed all the air from the tire, then you need to remove the tire from the rim;
  • if the tire can be repaired proceed with the repair, if the tire is too damaged use a new tire and put the tire on the rim;
  • inflate a tire.

Sometimes repairing a damaged wheel can be very difficult. Indeed, in addition to removing the tire, it is necessary to remove many more parts near the wheel.

You may also need additional tools that may not be available.

Repair without removing the wheel

Therefore, it is worth considering the second repair method, in which it is necessary to fix the tire and not remove it.

Repair at the mechanic’s

The third method of repair is the easiest, in which you need to take the scooter to the master.

Next, we consider the first two options in which the repair is carried out independently.

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Replacing a flat tire of an electric scooter with an inner tube


Prepare these tools:

  • hex key;
  • wrench;
  • tire levers;
  • water and dish soap;
  • glue;
  • tire patch (or new tube);
  • tire inflation.

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Step-by-step guide for replacing electric scooter tire with an inner tube

First, you need to take a box in which you put all the parts when disassembling the wheel. This is necessary in order not to lose anything.

Before removing the wheel, look at the pattern on it.

After all, you need to hang the wheel in the same direction.

Release the air in the wheel to do this, move the valve and press it down with a hex wrench. Some models require the removal of plastic covers.

Screenshot 19

A hex wrench is also used for this. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts around the wheel on 2 sides.

Remove the fork wheel. Try to do everything as carefully as possible so as not to damage the parts. Remove the tires halfway from the rim.

Now you need to find the inner chamber between the wheel and the tire. Next, it must be removed.

Now you can completely remove the tire. Next, analyze what you need to do – it is enough to remove and install a new one only the inner tube, or replace the entire tire.

If you decide to repair the tube, then inflate it and place it in a bucket of water and soap. So, you see a hole from which bubbles come out.

Screenshot 27

After finding the hole, release the air, dry, and degrease the surface. Apply glue and wait 2-3 minutes. Apply the patch and hold it for 30 seconds.

After repairing the tube, clean the inside of the tire and put it back on the wheel. Next, you need to insert the tube between the wheel and the tire.

Inflate and check for correct tire pressure. It is good to use a tire pressure gauge and inflate the proper tire pressure as recommended in the owner’s manual. Tighten all the nuts tight and you’re good to go.

Screenshot 26

Flat tire repair without removing it

If you don’t have the ability or tools to remove tires, there is a quick and easy way to repair them. It helps you if the puncture in the tire is small.

If the damage is large, this method should not be considered.

Required tools

  • green slime
  • pump

Screenshot 22

What needs to be done?

Deflate the tires and clean them of debris shake the bottle of Green Slime and position the tire valve so that the mixture flows from top to bottom.

Then fill the tire to about 1.8 ounces. This helps to seal the hole effectively. Then you must inflate the sufficient tire pressure and check the coverage.

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What can be done to prevent flat tires?

First of all, it is necessary to regularly inspect the tires in order not to miss the damage.

Removal of debris that is stuck in the wheels or dirt around them is required to see the damage in time.

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Check the tires before riding. Inflate tires regularly if necessary. Tire pressure should be checked at least once a week.

It’s important to drive responsibly. Fragments are not so dangerous as hitting something at high speed. This can lead not only to damage to the scooter, but also to injury to the driver.

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What should I do to extend the life of my scooter tires?

It is undesirable to ride a scooter in wet weather. So you can avoid fragments that may be in puddles.

If you see a bump on the road, it is better to slow down and carefully go around it to prevent an impact.

If you still see minor damage, it is better to use sealant immediately. When changing tires or buying an extra pair, consider options that are off-road resistant.

You can also use anti-puncture tape to make the inner chamber more stable. This tape must be placed between the tube and the tire.

A very important preventive measure is to regularly check the chambers for wear. In this case, with regular tire inspections, you will be sure that your ride will be safe.

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Are solid tires better than pneumatic tires?

If you often experience punctures, then you should consider solid tires. They are also suitable for cases where there are often a lot of garbage and holes along your path.

But solid tires have a lot of disadvantages. In this case, traction deteriorates, and adjustment and performance deteriorate.

Solid tires tend to wear out faster than pneumatic tires.

But if you’ve had your tires punctured more than 3 times a year, it’s still best to try replacing your existing tires with solid tires.

Can you use fix a flat on scooter tires?

If you have such questions as, how do I fix my electric scooter tire and how do you fix a scooter wheel, you can do it yourself following the instructions above or take the scooter to a mechanic.

Do electric scooters get flat tires?

Yes, this happens with electric scooters.

But depending on the tires used and how careful you are driving, this may be more or less frequent.


As you can see, fixing a flat tire in an e-scooter is quite easy. You just need to have the necessary tools and do everything according to the instructions. If you drive carefully and change wheels as needed, then repairing the electric scooter flats may not be necessary.

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