Do hoverboards work on carpet?

Nowadays the amount of modern and compact types of transport like self-balancing scooters has increased and one of them is a hoverboard. It allows you to have fun while moving around the city. It´s also a great toy for kids if you want to encourage them to spend time away from gadgets.

After you’ve bought a new hoverboard you want to use it immediately, but it is not always possible if the weather is bad. So you might face questions like: “How to use a hoverboard properly? or “Can I ride the hoverboard indoors?”

There´s good news for you! Yes, you can ride your hoverboard on carpet.

Nevertherless, you have to know some facts before you hop on and ride.


Our guide will help you to go deep into these questions and get more information about the hoverboard.

Is it okay to ride my hoverboard on carpet?

Is it possible to ride the hoverboard on carpet depends on a few factors:

Hoverboard Quality

Nowadays the market offers a wide range of this comfortable transport and you can easily face bad-quality items made of cheap materials. It is not advisable to ride a low-quality hoverboard on a carpet otherwise high-quality ones will be suitable.

Your Riding Skills

If you want to ride a hoverboard on the carpet, you should be patient enough to improve your riding skills.

Riding a hoverboard on the carpet feels different than riding on even pavement. You may notice that your model can be slow to respond. And it is really important to know how to control the situation.

To ride your hoverboard on the carpet, all you need to do is to lean more slowly in comparison with regular pavement, then catch the equilibrium and start to increase your speed.

Battery Life

The battery life of your hoverboard is one of the characteristics that need to be paid attention to while searching for a suitable model. If you are a big fan of riding the board on grass, gravel, or carpet, the battery life will definitely decrease.

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It´s crucial to opt for a top-quality hoverboard, as an entry-level hoverboard may have a cheap battery that will underperform on the carpet. All-terrain hoverboard will be more suitable for rough terrain.

Material Of The Tires

When you are choosing the best hoverboard pay attention to the quality of the material the tires are made of.

Give the preference to air-filled tires, they are perfect for riding the board on uneven surfaces. The significant advantage of this type of tire is excellent traction, so you will feel more comfortable riding off-road.

Tire Quality & Grip

It is necessary to choose a board with a good tire grip. Any hoverboard with a poor grip can not move at all because of the lack of friction between the surface and the tire. Your tires should be made of rubber.

An off-road hoverboard with a treaded rubber tire allows you to ride with maximum comfort and safety on most surfaces.

Do hoverboards work on carpet?

Tire Size

There are several sizes of tires. The perfect tire size for an off-road hoverboard is 8.5 inches and above. If you decide to pick a board with tires below this range, you will better ride on smooth surface.

Remember that the tires with smaller dimensions will have fewer off-road capabilities.

Your Hoverboard Age And Its Condition

As any other item, the hoverboard is also exposed to destruction and degradation after the expiration of its service life. Over time you can notice some signs of aging, like the battery and motor, do not work so efficiently.

Of course, it plays an important role in how well the hoverboard rides on a carpet. In case the hoverboard is older and you are noticing first signs of destruction, we recommend you avoid using it on a carpet or purchase a new or recertified hoverboard.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity of the hoverboard has a broad range. It´s recommended to purchase a balancing hoverboard that offers a higher weight capacity as compared to your actual weight. This way, you will avoid the risk of crossing the weight limit.

If you exceed the weight limit and ride on rough terrain it is double work for your board which will drain the battery and affect its motor.


Hoverboards Motor

In case you want to ride a hoverboard on carpet or other uneven surfaces, make sure that your model is equipped with a potent motor of 200 W or more.

Type of carpet

The type of carpet has a significant impact on your opportunity to ride on it. A carpet can be classified into two styles: low pile or high pile.

You probably see low-pile carpets with shorter, tighter fibers in different places, like a hotel and an office. They provide more friction. But a high-pile carpet has taller and looser fibers which make it hard to ride on.

Keep in mind that riding a hoverboard can damage your carpet, so if it´s your favorite and expensive carpet, it´s better not to ride on it regardless of its type.

What surface can you ride a hoverboard on?

Before riding a hoverboard you should be aware of what model you have and which category it belongs to. Not all hoverboards can be used for riding on uneven surfaces.

There are several types of hoverboards:

Hoverboards with small 4,5 feet wheels for kids

Is it a great variant for those who want to use a hoverboard inside?

You can ride on smooth surfaces such as tile, marble, and flat floors.

Pay attention that the distance between the lower part of the board and ground is short, so in case you hit a stone or any other obstacle even at low speed, there is a big chance to scratch or cause damage to the corpus of your model.

Hoverboards with 6,5 feet wheels

These ones are bigger than boards for kids but it is not advisable to ride them on poor roads.


Hoverboards with 8 feet wheels

Feel free to choose these hoverboards to ride on almost any surface! This model has large wheels and allows you to move on grass or even puddles.

Hoverboards with 10 feet wheels

These hoverboards can be classified as off-road hoverboards.

The first two options are suitable to ride only on smooth surfaces like pavement or tile. Top-quality hoverboards with 8 feet or 10 feet wheels can be your reliable friends if you like to ride on unusual surfaces like grass, carpet, or dirt.

Does riding on carpet affect battery life?

Before starting to ride your hoverboard on carpet you should realize all risks. Carpet is one of the rough surfaces and for this reason, moving your hoverboard on the carpet requires more power.

Of course, riding over the carpet constantly will affect your battery condition and decrease the battery life.

Will riding on carpet affect my hoverboard motor?

The performance of one component in the board depends on the condition of other details. So if riding on carpet affects your battery life it will cause damage to the motor too.

But as mentioned above, the quality of the board has significant importance. Some manufacturers are using low-quality batteries and motor components to reduce the price. These details are easily damaged especially during a heavy workout.

In case you are not sure about the reputation and integrity of the manufacturer or you pick one from low-quality self-balancing hoverboards – do not ride on carpet!


As always, try to find more information about the brands, make a comparative analysis, and read reviews and only after these actions decide what model to choose.


Q: Can I Ride My Hoverboard On Carpet?

A: Yes, you are able to ride your hoverboard on the carpet, but firstly it is important to pay attention to the factors above before the start. It is advisable to purchase your self-balancing hoverboard from one of the premium hoverboard manufacturers and avoid riding low-quality hoverboards.

Q: Can hoverboards be used indoors?

A: Yes, you can ride a hoverboard indoors. However, riding indoors seems to be dangerous so it is necessary to be sure of your riding skills and do not neglect wearing proper protective gear, for example, knee and elbow pads.

Q: Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Grass, Gravel, and Dirt?

A: Yes, you can ride a hoverboard on grass with plenty of water or dirt if you have picked up the model from all-terrain hoverboards. But also take into account that constant riding on uneven surfaces can cause damage.


Q: How do you get hoverboard marks out of carpet?

A: Marks from riding a hoverboard on carpet is a common situation. But! Do not be afraid. There are several methods how to get these stains out of carpet:

Moisten a clean cloth with one of the following cleaning solvents and make a test on the carpet to examine for any adverse effects before proceeding. Always test in an inconspicuous area to avoid excessive damage to your carpet. We recommend using one of these:

  • Lighter fluid
  • Kerosene
  • WD-40
  • White spirits
  • Turpentine
  • Simple Green Carpet Cleaner

Make sure that the area you are working in is well-ventilated because the majority of these substances are chemically aggressive and have unpleasant shape odor.

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Of course, some types of compact transport like self-balancing scooters or off-road hoverboards can be great options if you want to move around the city in a fun and exciting way. But it is really important to observe safety regulations when you decide to ride on unusual surfaces like carpets.

Hope from our article you have learned more about the ability to ride your hoverboard on a carpet. If you want to get more detailed information, ask a question in the comment section below. We´ll be happy to talk to you!

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