Customize hoverboard Segway: Step-by-step guide for a unique design

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The popularity of hoverboards is now increasing day by day, but hoverboards that are made from factory drawings are not individual.

Customization is the solution for those who want to turn their hoverboard into a really great thing.

This article will help in finding a way out of the situation and give a new life to an old hoverboard. Customize hoverboard Segway: Step-by-step guide for a unique design.

What is a hoverboard?

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It is a two-wheeled electric vehicle that allows movement through the motion of the body, which is powered by an electric motor. The top speed of a hoverboard is 22 mph/35 kph.

This board can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Customizing the hoverboard with stickers, decals, or skins and painting it will result in a beautiful model that will look appropriate in an urban environment.

Customize hoverboard Segway

To reflect a personality in a hoverboard, there are many ways to create a hoverboard that is exclusive and stands out from the crowd.

Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable today to distinguish a hoverboard from mass-produced models.

It is also worth considering the function and purpose of your hoverboard whether it’s to have a lot of fun or use bright colors to change and shape a hoverboard.

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If the only purpose of your hoverboard is to commute to work, calm textures and colors will be the solution for you.

Let’s move to the highlights of the design and hoverboard customization.

How to customize a Segway

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You can always order a custom hoverboard from a wide range of stores. Hoverboard customization takes time and money.

However, there are many custom features you can make on your own.

It is recommended to think about the design yourself while customizing a hoverboard.

One should arrange:

  • hoverboard
  • LED lights
  • duct tape
  • spray paint
  • stickers
  • skins or covers
  • decals and so on

Can you paint your hoverboard?

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Of course, you can do that. So let’s see how to customize a hoverboard yourself if you want to be satisfied with it.

  1. Hoverboard skins (or hoverboard covers)

Hoverboard skin can help you change those familiar black colors of the device to any other color or even to a pattern, or you can custom hoverboard skin with sentimental pictures.

You can change the color of the hull, wheels, or handlebar by purchasing hoverboard covers in retail.

To own hoverboard skin is like having a phone case, and it helps to personalize the device.

If you want a hoverboard skin to show your personality, you can always develop your design with the help of design software.

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Another way to customize a hoverboard is to buy silicone skin for it. It’s lightweight and soft and also great for protecting against dirt, bumps, and scratches.

One can buy different hoverboard skins from leading brands in online stores.

Some designers will even make unique hoverboard covers based on your sketch, but it will cost more than a factory cover.

Especially an off-road hoverboard will benefit from the skin: the cover will save it in pristine condition and prevent it from dirt on the road.

  1. Hoverboard stickers
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If the board seems boring, it is possible to buy such a cheap accessory as hoverboard stickers.

There are many different types of hoverboard stickers: vinyl stickers, animated stickers, stickers for girls and boys, or special stickers designed for hoverboards.

There are so many hoverboard stickers that there is an endless variety of designs to choose from with no need for any special adhesive or equipment.

The vinyl stickers are long-lasting and waterproof, especially suitable for off-road hoverboards. They are often glued to surfboards or boats.

Reflective stickers will help people easily recognize you in the dark from afar, so they are great for children’s boards.

Also, any sticker is easily removable and re-stitched if the design bores you. And it’s all at a low price.

  1. Custom hoverboard with spray paint
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Spray paint is a great choice that will surprise everyone. Paint a hoverboard with your favorite colors and create your color scheme.

The best way to do this is to buy spray paint.

Remember to protect the wheels and other parts from the spray paint when you customize the hoverboard. It is possible to use a stencil.

This is a rather troublesome DIY method, as mistakes in painting can lead to more problems. 

  1. Hoverboard decals
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This is a type of decoration that is glued to a surface with heat or water. The decal can be permanent or removable.

Decals are used for decorating, advertising, or branding purposes, as they are cheap and stylish.

The decal is transferred to the surface of the original hoverboard body and looks very stylish. 

Hoverboard decals are also plentiful on the market, and they are reasonably priced and look awesome and individualized.

There are design companies that can create custom hoverboard decals according to your idea.

  1. Match it all

One can personalize the board and customize it with hoverboard skins or decals simultaneously.

Regardless of the purpose of using the hoverboard, you can combine decorations to suit your taste to develop perfect hoverboard customization.

Design tips

In case you don’t want to design a hoverboard yourself, you can always order an affordable ready-made design. Customization makes a hoverboard much better than it was before.

You can also order personalized customization of your hoverboard from professionals to make your balancing scooter stand out among the mass models on the market.

Types of hoverboards by size:

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There are 10-inch hoverboard, 8-inch hoverboard, 6-inch hoverboard, and 4.5-inch hoverboard.

How do you change modes on a hoverboard?

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The hoverboard allows you to easily change modes, as they come in a variety of shapes:

A one-wheel model for flat surfaces with an electric motor.

The two-wheeled hoverboard is a board with better balance.

Hoverboards with handlebars have large wheels and are very easy to ride.

The hoverboard seat attachment converts your hoverboard into a Go Cart.

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It´s a brilliant toy for a kid!

Who are hoverboard riders?

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The hoverboard was created as a device for people with disabilities. However, hoverboards nowadays, are futuristic devices that can be useful to children and adults alike.

The perfect age to use a hoverboard is 8 years and older. Children usually own hoverboard skins, hoverboard decals, and hoverboard stickers.

Very young kids take a self-balancing scooter and decorate it with LED lights and reflective stickers.

What is a Segway hoverboard?

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The Segway is a type of hoverboard with a motor that has a handle to help with better control of balance on the vehicle and with less effort.

With a Segway, riding is possible anywhere, even where conventional vehicles are forbidden. It also has a battery that lasts 3-5 hours.


However, it is short-lived and does not handle adverse weather conditions well.

The European Union has prohibited Segways on roads due to safety concerns, such as the risk of injury to pedestrians.

Which is better Segway vs. hoverboard?

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Comparing the two means of transportation, some people will prefer the hoverboard, while others will choose the Segway.

A hoverboard:

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A hoverboard is extremely futuristic, it can be used as transportation for people who cannot walk, and it can be used for short distances where people do not want to walk.

It is easy to carry and store, and they are usable for longer periods than a normal bike.

Hoverboards are very popular in China and Europe. In the U.S., hoverboards are popular too, and can be purchased for a price from $100 to $1000.

A Segway:

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A Segway hoverboard has better features: It has better control and an even more futuristic design than a conventional hoverboard.

The main advantage of it is the handle. It also can reach speeds up to 12-15 mph.

The Segway can be used in public places without any control from the driver or other vehicles, with the autonomous driving features of the Segway in development that include equipment to enable a safe ride.

The best hoverboard brands

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Top brands provide credible quality and reputation. Segway Ninebot, Razor and Gyroor are known for making high-quality hoverboards and self-balancing devices.

Final words

This article provides basic instructions for those who prefer customizing hoverboards easily, whether they have a hoverboard or a Segway.

It is up to you to decide how your board will look since every action described is simple and cheap.

Want to know how fast a hoverboard goes, read the article.

Have you ever customized your hoverboard? Share your experience in the comments below!

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