Best hoverboard for teenager: TOP 5 models

Children’s hoverboards could become the next major technological breakthrough. The trend is expected to grow each year as more and more young people become interested in hoverboarding. Check out the top-rated hoverboards for teenager that you can buy if you are searching for a self-balancing scooter.

best hoverboard for teenager

Brief review

imagesSWAGTRON SwagboardMotor: 400 W (dual 200 W)
Top speed: 6 miles per hour
Max Ride Time: 3-5 miles
названия 24Newest Generation Electric HoverboardMotor: 700 W (dual 200 W)
Top speed: 15 miles per hour
Max Ride Time: 9 miles
названия 25Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric ScooterMotor: 300 W (dual 200 W)
Top speed: 12 miles per hour
Max Ride Time: 10 miles
названия 26TOMOLOO Hoverboards for Kids Ages 6-12Motor: 600 W (dual 200 W)
Max Speed: 12 miles per hour
Max Ride Time: 7,5 miles
названия 28Gyroor Warrior 8.5Motor: 700 W (dual 200 W)
Max Speed: 10 miles per hour
Max Ride Time: 9 miles

SWAGTRON Swagboard Twist Lithium

  • The Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Hoverboards from SWAGTRON are cutting-edge and modern self-balancing hoverboards that offer an enjoyable and thrilling experience for people of all ages.
  • Utilizing its advanced balancing technology, the hoverboard is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to maintain a stable posture, and you can get a smooth ride.
  • Equipped with two robust hub motors, it delivers a seamless and responsive ride, with a maximum speed of 7 mph. Furthermore, the battery of this hoverboard is lithium-ion-free, rendering it safe and eco-friendly.
  • Additionally, it boasts LED headlights and a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows riders to groove to music while riding in style.
  • This electric self-balancing scooter has an amazingly lightweight design and is certified with UL2272. It also comes with battery indicators, Bluetooth capabilities, and a learning mode for beginners. Also, it is the best hoverboard for kids.
  • Self-balancing scooter

  • Amazing lightweight design

  • Battery indicators

  • Bluetooth capabilities

  • Lithium-ion batteries

  • Ul 2272 certified

  • Cheap hoverboard

  • Weight capacity

  • Lack of sufficient features

Gyroor Warrior 8.5

  • The Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard, which is UL2272 compliant, comes with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights and is an exceptional off-road hoverboard that caters to your love for adventure. It’s built to withstand uneven terrain and rough surfaces, thanks to its all-terrain architecture.
  • It has a sturdy motor and 8.5-inch tough rubber tires, enabling it to overcome any obstacles on the way. Furthermore, it can accommodate a weight of up to 264 lbs, making it ideal for both kids and adults.
  • The hoverboard is equipped with powerful Bluetooth speakers that deliver high-quality sound, creating an immersive audio experience while you ride.
  • Additionally, the LED lights on the hoverboard serve the dual purpose of being both fashionable and functional, ensuring that you remain visible to other pedestrians and drivers in dim lighting conditions.
  • Utilizing advanced self-balancing of technology, the Gyroor Warrior hoverboard allows you to quickly master the art of riding. Capable of achieving speeds of up to 9.95 mph and a range of 9.5 miles per charge, the hoverboard is powered by a reliable lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly in just 1.5 hours. It is the best hoverboard for kids.
  • Compact and light

  • Protective and durable

  • Fast charging

  • Great mobile app

  • Lithium-ion batteries

  • Ul 2272 certified

  • Budget hoverboard

  • Weight capacity

  • Makes noise

  • Short battery life

Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard Dual Motors

  • The latest model of the electric hoverboard comes with two motors and two wheels for self-balancing. It is equipped with LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker, which makes it a great option for those who want to ride in style, be it children or adults.
  • The hoverboard can cover a distance of 12 miles on a single charge, with a maximum speed of 10 mph. Its battery is certified by UL, and it is sturdy enough to carry the rider’s weight limit of 220 pounds.
  • You can easily maneuver the hoverboard with foot controls that facilitate smooth acceleration and braking. It’s an ideal present for those looking for a simple and enjoyable mode of transportation, be it a leisurely ride in the park or cruising the streets.
  • Self-balancing

  • Has cool features

  • Powerful performance

  • The battery takes a long time to charge

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

  • The Segway Ninebot S, equipped with self-balancing technology and an 800W motor, is a scooter capable of reaching speeds up to 10mph (and 16 mph for the Ver.S MAX).
  • It’s a thrilling and adaptable ride with a range of 13.7 miles (23.6 for Ver.S MAX), making it perfect for night rides. In addition, the Ninebot S is compatible with the Gokart Kit for even more exciting rides.
  • Safety features are paramount with the Ninebot S. This is reflected in its construction, pneumatic tires, and LED headlight that makes nighttime riding safer. It can also be controlled using the Ninebot app, which allows riders to customize their experience.
  • High-quality construction

  • Bluetooth hoverboard

  • Customizability and safe features

  • Longer battery life

  • Lack of sufficient features

TOMOLOO Hoverboards for Kids Ages 6-12

This scooter is the best hoverboard for kids between the ages of six and twelve who have a penchant for discovering different types of terrain. Its 6.5-inch wheels facilitate easy maneuvering, regardless of the surface, be it grass, sand, or dirt.

Additionally, it can support grown-ups with a weight of up to 220 lbs and provide a smoother ride.

With its Bluetooth connectivity and LED lighting, the hoverboard is a sight to behold. Moreover, it boasts a music speaker in-built, enabling you to groove to your favorite beats while riding. A colorful RGB light also adorns it, making it the perfect companion for a late-night ride.

Powered by a robust motor, the TOMOLOO hoverboard easily scales inclines. It can travel up to a maximum speed of 7.5 mph and has an impressive range of 12 miles per single charge.

It is the best hoverboard for kids, especially for teenagers.

  • Controlled functionality and Bluetooth connectivity

  • UL2272 certified

  • Racing level tires

  • Self-balancing hoverboard

  • Built-in speakers and colorful LED Lights

  • Smart battery management system

  • Max capacity of 265 lbs

  • 2-hour charge time

  • Long battery life

  • Different riding modes

  • Cruising speed

  • Not the fastest

Choosing a hoverboard for a teenager

Choosing a hoverboard for a teenager depends on several factors:

  1. The weight of the teenager. Some hoverboard models have weight restrictions, so it is important to choose a model that is suitable for the weight of the teenager.
  2. The level of experience of the teenager. If the child has no experience riding a hoverboard, it is important to choose a model with a lower speed and a more stable platform.
  3. Budget. The cost of a hoverboard can vary greatly depending on the model, so it is important to choose a model that fits your budget.
  4. Brand. Some brands have a better reputation and quality compared to other brands, so you can choose a model produced by such brands.
  5. Color and design. Many teenagers want to have a hoverboard that matches their individuality and style, so the choice of color and design can be an important factor.

Safety standards

Hoverboards, like any other wheeled device, may pose a danger to teenagers if not used correctly.

Safe hoverboard management skills are critical for teenagers who want to learn them on practical terms.

Therefore, they should regularly practice controlling them in controlled conditions and adhere to safety rules to avoid injury or accidents.

  1. Wear a protective helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.
  2. Do not ride hoverboards on very steep slopes or roads with heavy traffic.
  3. Do not ride hoverboards in the dark without illumination.
  4. Study the manufacturer’s recommendations to learn how to use your hoverboard properly.
  5. Using a hoverboard that is not functioning properly or wobbling is extremely dangerous.
  6. Do not ride hoverboards near or on roads with a high pedestrian flow.
  7. Do not ride the hoverboard if you have not reached the minimum age and driving experience.


What is the best hoverboard for 13-year-old boy?

According to expert reviews, the best hoverboards for 13-year-old boys are:

1. Segway Ninebot S. This is a top-rated hoverboard that is designed for teens and adults.
2. TOMOLOO Hoverboard. This is an affordable hoverboard that features Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and a durable design.

Are hoverboards safe for 14-year-olds?

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, are popular among teenagers and children.

However, concern over their safety has risen due to reports of fires and accidents caused by faulty batteries and poor construction.

It is recommended that children under the age of 13 should not use hoverboards and that parents should supervise older children while they ride them.
Additionally, safety gear such as helmets and knee pads should be worn while riding.

It’s essential to make sure that the hoverboard is approved by the relevant safety authorities and has passed all required safety checks before use.

Therefore, 14-year-olds can use hoverboards safely if they follow proper safety guidelines, provided the hoverboard is approved and passed safety checks.

What is the safest brand of hoverboard?

Based on several online sources and reviews, the following brands offer the best hoverboards for kids:

1. Swagtron
3. Gyroor
4. Hover-1
5. Segway
6. Sisigad hoverboard

It is important to note that regardless of the brand, it is crucial to purchase a hoverboard that is UL safety certified and follows all safety guidelines to ensure a safe riding experience.

What age is 6.5-inch hoverboard for?

Most hoverboards are designed for riders who weigh between 44-220 lbs and can usually be ridden safely by children aged 8 years or older, with adult supervision recommended for younger children. Therefore, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s recommended age range before purchasing a hoverboard.


In the article, we reviewed the best scooters for kids.

What is the best scooter for a child?

Most hoverboards are universal and suitable for both adults and children.

Kids’ hoverboard is the important thing. If considering the most suitable option for a teenager, the best hoverboards would be the TOMOLOO Hoverboards for Kids Ages 6-12 and the Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing of Scooter.

These scooters have high quality and excellent features. Your kids will be very happy with the purchase.

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