Best GoTrax electric scooter: detailed review of suitable models

In our article we will review Best GoTrax electric scooter and its top models in various categories, for example, for kids. Ok, we say at once, that the best scooter is GoTrax GXL V2 in the market. Why it is, so let’s get started to look at the review!

ImageProductSpecifications Technical features
1 1GoTrax GXL V2
– Type of wheel 8.5″ Pneumatic Tire
– Range Max 12 Mile
– Top speed: 15.5Mph
– Weight Limit: 220 Pound
– Wheel Material: Aluminum
– Frame Material: Aluminum
7 1GoTrax G4– Type of wheel 10″ Pneumatic Tire
– Range: Max 25 Mile
– Speed: 20Mph
– Weight Limit: 220 Pounds
– Wheel Material: Aluminum
– Frame Material: Aluminum
13 1GoTrax XR Elite– Type of wheel 8.5 Pneumatic Tires
– Range: Max 18 Mile
– Top Speed: 15.5 Mph
– Weight Limit: 220 Pounds
– Wheel Material: Rubber
– Frame Material: Aluminum
20 1GoTrax GKS Plus– Type of wheel 6 Pneumatic Tires
– Range: Max 7 Mile
– Top Speed: 7.5 Mph
– Weight Limit: 154 Pounds
– Wheel Material: Rubber
– Frame Material: Aluminum

GoTrax GXL V2

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This model of the popular product is the budget-friendly scooter among electric scooters. If people ask about the reason for it we will reply that the GoTrax electric scooter is featured with excellent pace, firm design and so on, allowing you to move comfortably. Who knows, maybe it is the best electric scooter.

GXL V2 is the last electric scooter in the line of the company but not least on its functions. This is a perfect product for beginners in riding since it contains safety and portability. GoTrax GXL commuter can be office stuff.
So, it is necessary to note that the V2 electric scooter is considered for riding shorter distances. The reason is its maximum range takes twelve miles and its charge capacity is about four hours. But if people want to take a long distance, we recommend to pay attention to the G4 or the XR Elite models of electric scooter.
As for our hero, it weighs about 26 lbs that is one of the lightest electric scooters and it is really important for consumers in their riding. Definitely, it is not simple to shift electric scooter up and down in different places, for example, in the subway. Luckily, the model has a light frame, so people can carry it for several seconds. GoTrax GXL commuter usually applies such devices.

Best GoTrax electric scooter

The electric scooter also has a rear disc brake that helps to adjust its performance indeed. Well, if you are late to meet your friend or just afraid to miss the bus, then GXL V2 is fast enough and could cut travel time remarkably. Of course, that’s not as speedy as G4 electric scooter but the model is suitable for most users who want safe riding.
Additionally, you can excite involved although the GXL V2 isn’t fast and it accelerates not so harsh but the engine of the electric scooter puts out enough torque to give the user up 13 hills in spite of the inclines at the upper range has some challenge.
Apart from it, consumers can select a more relaxing mode of riding, our guy is featured with a cruise control function that will help to take the required pace you want.

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You can use cruise control on the special digital display. Also, its location in the central place of the electric scooter gives an opportunity for a smooth ride and clear control of the battery indicator and speed.
Apart from it, it is important that the GXL V2 contains a fairly bright headlight that’s why you couldn’t worry about lighting on dark roads although the electric scooter doesn’t have a rear light.
However, the more important thing is the brake system. In this case, GXL V2 features a rear disc brake as well as a front regen brake that is very solid and reliable if users apply them together.

4 1

Disc brakes in the electric scooter are considered more efficient than other similar systems, well you can concentrate on riding without fear of falling off due to a broken element.
Actually, the V2 comes to rider comfort, although it doesn’t contain any embedded suspension. But through 8.5 -inch air-filled tires it is compensated. These elements of the electric scooter give an opportunity to ride with a nice level of damping on unsmooth roads of the city. By the way, GoTrax GXL commuter often is the user of such device.
However, it is rather better to avoid big potholes if people could do it.

5 1

Also, the robustness of this model of the electric scooter allows users to keep them stable when they ride on uneven area and its wide foot deck provides people with a nice amount of space to help to find the balance.

We don’t doubt that the Gotrax GXL V2 is an excellent device with a low price and excellent settings. Besides it, the electric scooter could be used by the users with weight of 220 lbs. And the product features waterproof rating of I54. By the way, the GXL V2 has a ground clearance for four inch.

The Gotrax GXL V2 is one of the best sellers in its niche of the market and for a reason. Possibly this model isn’t the most modern or most advanced option but the product is the ideal variant for beginners who like to check this out for simple tasks. Only for an affordable price you get a tremendous electric scooter to ride without spending a fortune.

  • Great quality and performance for the price;
  • Robust construction.
  • Ergonomic and simple design.
  • The gauge of battery may have more bars to allow show the level of charge more properly. It is specially noticeable when you go up steep hills.
  • It is difficult to run the cruise control due to very sensitive throttle.

GoTrax G4

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The G4 electric scooter is one of the best commuter products in the line-up of the brand. The device provides a great range, perfect comfort and nice top speed and everything for the price.

“Budget-friendly” doesn’t mean basic or boring. To believe us, just test GoTrax G4 which is really the crowning glory of the product in the budget niche.

The G4 electric scooter is a perfect option that users can find for an affordable price, since it is featured with range, power, and, for example, solid pneumatic tires, although the device hasn’t few luxuries.


Apart from it, the G4 is unique as it overpasses the speed barrier for 15.5 mph, getting a maximum speed of 20 mph. And the 350 engine gets a fairly high parameter of torque for a device that costs not high and helps the users to ride on hills with a 15% incline level.

By the way, the pneumatic tires of the model consist of reliable and strong material and that’s why the G4 is suitable for experienced users and those who love adventures on fast roads. Other scooters are not so fit for such purposes. Also, the device contains a special folding mechanism that affects ride quality.

Don’t forget that G4 has solid tires that also come with a rear brake called a rear disc brake and regen brake. This factor influences an average speed, moreover all of the stopping power is directed to the back wheel.

9 1

Perfect scooter needs a sturdier base that’s why GoTrax G4 features all advanced pneumatic tires of 10-inch size. These elements help the consumers to ride stable in spite of the lack of suspension and other road obstacles. Don’t forget that GoTrax GXL commuter is a major consumer of this product.

Apart from it, air-filled tires perform better in wet conditions since they create more cohesion. Such ride quality and average speed deliver IP54 waterproof rating and it avoids problems in light rain.

Pneumatic tires are not a bad choice although they have some risks. But G4 tires feature pre-lined with tire slime. That’s really impressive especially if the users roll over something sharp and get a small huck up to 5 mm, so the slime will seal up the nick reliably.

It is a wonder because usually the tires slime is part of far more expensive models, for example, the Ninebot Max.

10 1

The G4 is a great scooter of course but not only through its comfort and speed. Another outstanding feature is the advanced battery that gives an opportunity to move up to 25 miles for one charge. While we were testing it, the motor activates the amazing ride on the rough terrain.

But if you want to move more economically, it will get a few more miles. The recharge takes up to five hours and the users could consider the product as compared with other models, for instance, GoTrax GXL V2.

The reason of that the G4 is an attractive device is the thing it’s more full-advanced than other Gotrax models. The product is described with an embedded security system as a digital lock, which similar models lack.

But additionally, we recommend using a bike lock as an extra measure since generally, the scooter is light to be caught and put away. So, it regards to other scooters as well.

11 2

To use the digital lock, people should apply the LED display cockpit that is located at the top of the handlebar. Also, the users may run the cruise control function and see the battery life and the speed of your wheel friend. The only drawback is the battery reader – sometimes it could mislead the consumers.
By the way, flat ground is the perfect space to check all advantages of the scooters. So, returning to our topic, we need to say that there can be some problems with LED display which doesn’t read the battery voltage properly.
As opposed to GXL V2 the G4 has a rear reflector and a button as well that helps to turn the headlight on and off. All of this is necessary for a comfortable ride. To add about the rear reflector this is 6 different ones on the frame of the scooter to provide excellent visibility. In short, LED lights are an amazing element of this scooter.


The scooter G4 is supposed as the heaviest one in the line-up of Gotrax products. The weight of the scooter is about 36 lbs. Anyway, the model is still portable the reason of it is available of strong and reliable folding mechanisms. Meanwhile, Gotrax GXL V2 is the most suitable scooter for new riders.

The electric scooter G4 is one of the best scooters in its own niche undoubtedly. It means from the battery and speed to pneumatic tires and extra settings. The Gotrax is a well-known device and many users value it for money and its robust design even for heavier riders. The above model is ideal for those who look for a balance between functionality and price.

  • Works amazing, really quick and goes decently far.
  • The big tires are nice and absorb some bumps although bigger bumps like damage in the concrete sidewalk can be jolting.
  • It is not suitable for heavier GoTrax GXL commuter.

GoTrax XR Elite

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This scooter is an amazing option if people look for a friendly-budget product. The XR Elite scooter could accelerate the top up to 15.5 mph which is perfect for those who want to begin riding in the city.

The above scooter has second place in the line-up of GoTrax device after G4. The device is supposed to be suitable for medium GXL commuter as well. Also, the price of the scooter is pretty cheap if say about its technical features, it costs not high. We think it is a reliable and quality price scooter. Meanwhile, GoTrax GXL commuter is the main user of electric scooter.

14 1

Generally, the XR Elite is a build quality electric scooter and a tremendous alternative if the users want to do longer trips but at this moment can’t afford the G4 due to its high price. Before the coming of the G4 electric scooter, our guy was an excellent choice for people who ride often in the city.

The scooter has the time of charge from three up to four hours – this parameter is shorter than in the G4.

15 1

The scooter motor has a capacity of 300W that helps to gain top of 15.5 mph – higher speeds only in the G4. But even here you can take advantage since a slower rate of speed gives more calmness, especially if you are a beginner in this case.

Additionally, the scooter has enough power to overcome 15% hills incline. Actually, the XR Elite is a quality scooter for busy inner-city consumers and environment.

The Elite scooter contains a reliable dual-brake system that allows the users to control the speed. The most important thing is that each wheel is equipped with brakes. As for the rear part, there is a disc brake but an electronic brake in the forward section of the scooter. Hence, XR model can stop quickly through its advanced braking strength.

16 1

The experts recommend to select the scooter with big air filled tires because of that these elements help to gain an amazing balance and comfortable ride in spite of being the annoying surface obstacles. As opposed to GoTrax GXL V2 scooter our hero comes with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that could provide an amazing job for security of the rider.

The XR Elite scooter has everything to be considered one of the best budget-friendly electric devices in the market. It features a pretty ample 6.6-inch deck that allows to feel free when you use the scooter.
Also, the product boasts its robust, well-design frame and that’s why it is fairly suitable for casual riding. Apart from it, the scooter has IP54 waterproof rating.

17 2

It is obvious that GoTrax company designs scooters for short commutes and as well for daily commuting too. We would like to add that the V2 electric scooter performs on maintained roads very nicely. GXL commuter would be satisfied if he goes on it.

And this is done too through a bright headlight, rear light and six additional reflectors, the same to the GoTrax products. Meanwhile, the tires of the XR Elite are top-notch.

As for other important features, the electric device can be ridden even in wet conditions. The control panel helps to decide how to go and also shows the level of the battery. Besides it, the Elite features a cruise control function and advanced brakes. All of this gives you an opportunity to maintain it without any stress.

18 1

Apart from it, the model has 31.8 lbs that’s why you can carry and lift it light enough. So, even GXL commuters can use it for their purpose of riding. And also comfortable folding mechanism helps to get it on public transport, for example. By the way, remember again that it can be used perfectly in wet conditions and namely brakes allow it.

So, let’s conclude about the XR Elite model – this is a well-built scooter with advanced features and suitable for those who want to travel and store with a bit more range as well as the powerful G4. Generally, the product is excellent like GXL commuter.

19 1

  • The scooter is easy to navigate with a switch for speed and a break to stop.
  • Compared with other ones this one is very easy to fold, and amazing to put it in the trunk or carry to the subway or bus for GoTrax GXL commuter.
  • One downside is that you can’t step on the splash guard of the rear wheel as it is flexible and not rigid.

GoTrax GKS Plus

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Your children will be glad to apply such quality and compact scooter through its amazing features as top speed, battery capacity and several energy color combinations.

We are sure that scooters are joy not only for adults, aren’t they? That’s why GoTrax brand also has produced the GKS Plus as a well-built and quality gadget that has 5 colors like green, pink, blue and so on that make your child fun when he occupies for some time.

Well, children would like to have a favorite scooter, hence the current guy can satisfy their needs of them and inspires through top speed of 7.5. mph. The quality product is also a compact item that fits children between 6 and 12, especially if they are beginners, since the plus features safety and controlled functions.


The manufacturer has designed excellent scooters with motors and a warranty for them to provide strength of GKS Plus.
Also, the experts note that the design of the model is made taking into account for safe-start technology. The main difference from other models of electric scooters is that the GKS Plus features two buttons as pressure sensors on the compact control panel. This is a real advantage for the manufacturer.
The more sign is powered gear that improves the performance of the product. So, let’s review further.

21 1

To move on the scooter smoothly, children should put their foot on the front button and kick to begin riding. Then to control the motor young users must place the foot on the rear button. It seems that’s an easy task to assemble the item.
Meanwhile, the manufacturer gives a long-term warranty and this allows to use the product properly. Ok, let’s review later the Plus. The model is also featured with that fact it never starts unexpectedly while the child doesn’t switch on. This is a necessary balance to move without problems, so the children will not get by surprise in an accidental case.
Besides it, the packaging is very comfortable for young users and they can take the item away easily and quickly. As for running the Gotrax GKS Plus correctly, you should apply handlebars, since they contain the buttons. By the way, the Plus has a warranty that gives people confidence about the solid performance of the scooter.


The shortcoming is that GKS needs to recharge from 5 to 7 hours but you can use it as a manual scooter, although it is one of the best electric scooters.

So, our review is coming to the end but we need to describe more details about the last model for children. Additionally, people can use it for local adventures in the park or somewhere near. The device is operated easily thanks to its solid rubber tires of 6-inch.

Apart from it, you can carry the scooter in the car simply. But don’t forget that the electric device is also suitable for growing children as it supports riders up to 154 lbs.


So, your child may be fickle about his toys that’s why don’t be surprised if he will get bored. In this case, just look at the GKS Lumios which is the same as our guy but has some notable differences.

Actually, there are more powerful 200W motors and a bigger range of 4.8 miles – this is 20% more than in the classical GKS. It also easily can be packaged in the car.

The GKS Plus is a tremendous children’s device that makes them go out of the house and take joy when they use it

22 1

This is the best device in our review in the niche of the child segment. Your little guys will be glad if take the Gotrax GKS as a gift from you.

  • This is a cool and cost-effective scooter, it is a solid build and has a good range.
  • Great starter scooter. Smooth ride that can take small bumps in the road.
  • Easy to move and wide wheels make balancing simple for the newest of riders.
  • Nothing on the handle bar. There are no hand brakes, no hand throttle either. Everything is accomplished by your feet.


How Fast Does a GoTrax Scooter Go?

The fastest electric scooter is GoTrax G4 model which speeds up to 20 mph. But note that the more important thing is security when you ride it. Anyway, GoTrax does fast and through this, you can reach the place in a short time.

Are Gotrax Scooters Good?

Yes, the product has a long-term warranty and many positive reviews. In our article, you can find the advantages and shortcomings of the device that prove the fact it is a solid and robust scooter among other models. GXL commuter is the major consumer of this device indeed.

What is the best Gotrax scooter for heavy adults?

We think that Gotrax GXL V2 is perfectly suitable for heavy adults since it can support users with 220 pounds. Also, it does speed to 15.5 mph in spite of heavy parameters of the consumers. You can carry the packaging easily in any transport.

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Final thoughts

Ok, we have made a detailed review of GoTrax electric scooters. And in conclusion, we would like to say that the best choice is GXL V2, as it features advanced characteristics and a well-built design.

As for children, we consider that GKS Plus is the most suitable device for kid’s niche.

So, if you have questions, leave your comments here and share the article with your friends.

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