Best electric scooter accessories

Electric scooters are very trendy devices, we can see them here and there in every city. When we look at e-scooter riders we can notice that some of them wear helmets or elbow protection, while others don´t. Also, we can see different accessories which make an e-scooter more visible and look great, such as, for example, LED lights or reflective stickers.

Best electric scooter accessories

If you are planning to buy a scooter or already have one, you will want to know which are the best electric scooter accessories and of you need any of them. This article will explain to you which accessories you may need, and what you should keep in mind while shopping.

Which types of accessories are the most popular among the owners?

Well, there are accessories that should be a must-buy for electric scooter owners, since they need to protect them during the ride. Most popular are helmets, rear-view mirrors, and eyeglasses. Speaking about comfort, you may want to add a seat or wear fingerless gloves. Let’s take a look at the most popular accessories categories.

Best electric scooter accessories for every rider


Every time you ride your electric scooter, you must keep in mind: safety first! You should have quality protective gear. A helmet is the most important part of said protective gear. Also, it´s required by the law of many states for people under 18 years old.

There aren’t helmets specifically made for electric scooters, so what can I do?

Some people use bicycle helmets (or even football ones). If you’re going slower than 20 mph, you can choose a standard bicycle helmet. They are usually light, small, and comfortable.

3Closca Helmet Loop.
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The helmet must be certified. In the US, the CPSC standard is required by law.

If you have a powerful and fast scooter or prefer riding offroad, you can look at e-bike or motorcycle helmets. They will give you more protection. 

If you’re going faster than 20 mph, a full-face helmet is the only way to go. With a chin bar that they have, your whole face and teeth will be safe. They provide some protection around your neck, as well. By law, all motorcycle helmets in the US must be certified with the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) FMVSS 218 standard.


Also, you will need to pick your size, fit, and color.

An essential thing you need to think about is the helmet’s size. Some helmets are one-size-fits-all and these come with adjustable straps or knobs. Standard open-face helmets should sit level on your head, so the front edge is no more than one or two fingers-widths above your eyebrows. The chin strap shouldn´t dig into your chin. It should feel snug but not annoyingly tight.

As for the color of your helmet, there´s a big choice. Nevertheless, it´s recommended to have a white helmet, as white contrasts well with most backgrounds, that´s why white or light-colored helmets are considered the safest.

It’s not difficult to check any marketplace to find a model suitable for you. But one thing is crucial: the choice of your helmet should depend on the term of use (maximal speed, terrain, traffic intensity, etc.). 

And remember to wear your helmet always!

Eye protection

Another accessory that may be required by law. Some states require electric scooter riders to have eye protection, depending on the rider’s age (Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia). 

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If your helmet doesn´t include any kind of sun shield or a visor, you´ll definitely need glasses not only from the sun and wind, but also from dust, bugs, flying dirt, and everything that can get in your eye. You can wear any pair of sunglasses, but bicycle or motorcycle glasses will obviously be the best choice. 

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If you once get a bug or a bright ray of sunlight right in your eye while riding, believe me, you won´t hesitate and will put on eyeglasses next time.

Knee and elbow pads

Another important piece of the safety gear set. These are strongly recommended especially if you´re a beginner and just learning to ride an electric scooter or, on the contrary, if you ride at higher speeds. Wearing knee and elbow pads can help you prevent muscular injuries and bone breaks. 

It is a very good addition to a helmet and protective jacket. And, of course, children must wear elbow and knee pads while riding their e-scooters.

4JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set for Biking, Riding, Cycling and Multi Sports: Scooter, Skateboard (Black, Adult)

Safety jacket

If you have a fast scooter (with a max speed of more than 20 km/h), you should wear a safety jacket, too. It will provide protection for your front, back, and shoulders, depending on the model you have. It can also protect your arms. There’s a big choice of models. For example, you can buy a whole-body jacket or protective vest. 

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If your kids ride the e-scooter, they will need it too. Their safety should be your priority.

Reflective clothing

In many states, fluorescent vests are required for night riding. Well, if you own a car, you may already have one. A reflective vest helps the drivers on the road see you in the dark. Some fluorescent vests have a turn signal widget that serves as an extra turning signal and it´s a good addition to your safety gear.

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For more visibility, you can use an LED armband. It´s an effective and affordable accessory and you can find it in all colors and sizes everywhere.

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And it looks funny and interesting! Kids will enjoy wearing fluorescent clothing.


Gloves are important especially at high speeds as they protect your hands if you fall. 

If you decide between a wrist guard or gloves, keep in mind that a wrist guard can be uncomfortable and makes it harder to control your scooter. Gloves are better as they are flexible and lightweight.

Before buying gloves you may consider their thickness and material. If you don´t drive fast (up to 10 mph) you can choose standard biking gloves. If you are a fast rider, you´d better opt for electric skateboarding gloves as they are sturdier. For extremely high speeds (40-50mph) mountain biking or motorcycle gloves would be a must.

There are winter and summer gloves, made of leather or synthetic materials. Many of them boast anti-slip grip and comfortable design which make it easy to ride having them on. In addition, most have a touch screen tip design that gives you the possibility to use your smartphone.

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Phone Holder

Never use your phone for calls while riding. According to the law of many states, you can not ride whilst listening to music with earphones or using your mobile phone. Riding with headphones on definitely means you’re not fully focused on riding itself, and the chances of an accident are greater.

Nevertheless, with a phone holder, you can use a GPS navigator or any e-scooter app when you’re riding. It´s really helpful. The holders are installed on the scooter handlebar. When choosing a holder, consider its size. Not every holder will fit your phone, so make sure you’re buying the right one. The handlebar size also matters.


Speedometer and Odometer

Many scooter owners may ask: why should I buy a speedometer for my device if I already have one? Yeah, most models have a built-in speedometer. But, if you don’t have one, check the e-stores. You can buy a bicycle speedometer for just $15.

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But, you’d rather check the models before buying in order to prevent future inconveniences. The speedometer will help you to keep the pace of the ride and not to break the speed limit (which is set for electric scooters in all states).

Front and rear lights

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We were talking about the rider’s safety. Now, it’s time to talk about safety overall. One of the most useful devices for this purpose is the front light for your scooter (and rear light, too). 

Headlights are a standard piece of equipment and usually come with a scooter in a box. It helps you see the road in the dark. It´s a good idea to get extra front light. They are made for bikes, but they work for scooters, too. 

How do I choose a front light? You should check its brightness, which is measured in lumens. There are a lot of models for your choice, but you should know: the best choice of the front lights should be a model with 300-600 lumens brightness or the one with brightness surpassing 800 lumens (in case you ride mostly on unlit roads and paths).

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LED lights also give you a field for customization! You may give your electric scooter an incredible and futuristic look!

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The rear light isn´t as bright as a front light, it´s used to make you visible to other riders and pedestrians and helps them measure the distance. 20 lumens is a good brightness for rear lights. You can also purchase a model that attaches to your clothing or a backpack because it will be more visible.

Turn signals

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They are a good addition to your safety. Most scooters don´t come with them, but it’s a good idea to install them. They will be helpful, especially at night. You can install them on the rear parts of your e-scooter or on both sides of the deck. The bike turn signals will go to an electric scooter perfectly. You will be able to control them using a small controller attached to the handlebar. 


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Rear-view mirrors are among the most common accessories for electric scooters. There’s a good explanation: the mirror is a really useful device especially if you commute through a lot of traffic a lot. It helps the rider to check the distance, control the position in traffic (especially near the traffic lights), and, finally, makes you more careful on the roads and sidewalks. 

If you´re not sure if you need mirrors or not, try to ride your e-scooter without them first. You´ll see whether you tend to lose control of your scooter while turning your head to look behind. Most riders do so, many accidents happen because of that. So, better get a mirror or two.


There is a wide choice of mirrors. You can use the mirrors designed for bikes. Most of them are quite cheap (about $15-20) and easy to install. They are not heavy and don’t change the balance of the scooter.

Bell or Horn

Front and rear lights are visual signals, so what about audio signals? 

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Well, there’s a solution for you. You can buy a bell for your beloved scooter. There’s a wide choice: from old-fashioned ones (which sound just like a bike ring from childhood) to modern ones that allow you to choose the signal. 

But there can be situations when the bell is not enough (near the big roads, for example). You may need the horn for your electric scooter. It has a louder and more distinctive sound. It goes without saying that an electric scooter horn or bell adds more to your road safety warning other people that you are coming up from behind.


Before buying one, check if it is loud enough to grab the attention and if you can change the volume of your horn during driving. Some horns are powered by a battery. There are also hand-driven, or conventional air pressure horns. It is important to select the right type for your needs.

One more feature you will need to check is your handlebar diameter. Most bells are one-size-fits-all, but others fit only for particular kinds of e-scooters. If you see different size options available at a sales store, measure your scooter’s handlebar diameter before buying a bell.


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All these accessories help you in preventing accidents. And what about preventing stealth? There is a very old-fashioned solution: a bike lock! There is a wide choice of locks for keeping your e-scooter safe. 

It ranges from simple cable locks (which you can see used for bike protection) to more sophisticated U- and D-locks wrapped around the wheel. Before buying the lock, check the Sold Secure Rating System. You will see that locks are rated from bronze or silver to gold.

The most common lock types are:

  • A cable lock is the most popular of all locks. It´s light and flexible, which makes it easy to use. You lock a cable lock with a key or set a combination to secure it. But they are pretty easy to cut, so you can´t be sure that your electric scooter won´t be stolen.
  • A chain lock is made of metal links and it´s harder to cut. This kind of lock is safer but weighs more and it could be uncomfortable to carry it with you.
  • U-lock or D-lock is wrapped around the wheel, frame, and a permanent fixture. It can be a bike rack or similar object. It´s very safe, but it will be quite difficult to find the right place to secure your e-scooter, as this type of lock isn´t flexible.

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Another useful accessory that can protect your e-scooter from stealing is an anti-theft alarm system.

When activated, this smart burglar alarm reacts to vibrations or movements. If someone touches your electric scooter they get a warning to step away. A second touch causes the alarm to sound. The alarm is not ear-splitting but it is loud enough to bring attention to what is going on. 

You can easily set the alarm to different sensitivity levels for different situations from the softest and smallest touch to the most violent movement. This wireless remote control usually has a range of up to 20m.

You can attach it directly to the e-scooter stem or just put it in the trunk so it’s not visible to would-be thieves. Before buying one, make sure that it is waterproof.


We’ve said a lot about safety, so what about comfort? 

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Yes, there are some accessories that will make your rides more comfortable. What about a seat for your scooter? Some e-scooter models go with a seat and you can install or remove it whenever you need. 

It´s better to choose an e-scooter with a seat if your rides are long and you want to have the possibility to sit down. It turns your device into something similar to a motorbike (albeit less powerful)! 


Nevertheless, most models have no opportunity to install the seat. And it´s not recommended to install it in that case, as it most likely won’t work properly.

Basket or Trunk

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Do you remember the bicycle from your childhood? Yeah, some accessories from bikes can be handy. You can use it for carrying small things or purchases (bottle of water or some snacks, for example). 

First, you should check your e-scooter. It may be not designed for installing the basket. But, thankfully, most models have handlebars that can support the installed baskets. Some electric scooters come with a basket installed on the front of the stem. It’s important to say: adding a basket is one of the most popular electric scooter modifications.

Sometimes a trunk can be better than a basket as you can close it. But it´s good if you don´t carry big items of course.


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If you need to carry grocery bags or other items when riding you may need a hook that is mounted to the stem. Most e-scooters come with a hook, which can be used also as a part of a folding mechanism in some models.

Before you get a hook, bear in mind two things:

  • If you attach the hook, your scooter should still be able to fold properly. 
  • Try not to overload the electric scooter with heavy bags, since this may affect its balance and increase the likelihood that it will fall over if you use only the front brake.

Bag for transport

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Most models already have a bag by default. However, it can be a very basic one. It’s better to have a waterproof one. You can buy one for your taste and needs in every marketplace for a reasonable price (most waterproof models cost $10 or just a little bit more)

And, having a bag is good if you are transporting your electric scooter in the trunk of your car. It will protect the scooter from scratches and other mechanical damage (since the trunk can be full of other things).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I keep in mind before the purchase?

You must always remember that every accessory installation leads to changes in the balance of whole systems. The changes may be slight or significant. They may increase battery consumption (LED lights) or the weight of the electric scooter (seat or basket).  

How can I make my electric scooter look cool?

There are some ways to customize your electric scooter. First, you can install LED sidelights (and front lights, too). They make the look of your scooter more futuristic and will be useful in the dark time of day (especially on unlit roads). Then, you can use the stickers. They will show your personality to other people (and you can find a lot of them for your kids’ scooters, too).

Should I put mirrors on my electric scooter?

Yes, you should. It is very useful for checking the traffic and measuring the distance. Rear-view mirrors are not heavy, so there’s no influence on the scooter’s behavior. If you´re afraid that you will look ugly with, them, don´t bother, it actually doesn’t look that bad and will make your life easier. 

It’s much better to use a mirror than to turn your head backward to know if you can change lanes without being able to yield.

What should you wear on an electric scooter?

It actually depends on many factors. For example, if your e-scooter is fast enough, you should definitely wear a protective jacket (or vest), helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads. Remember that a bicycle helmet maybe not be enough for riding a powerful high-end e-scooter model. 

If you have a low-end scooter with a maximum speed not exceeding 12 mph (or 20 kph), you maybe should wear just a helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads. 

Speaking of children and teens, they should wear a full protective gear set (helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, and protective jacket). 

Electric scooters may bring fun and joy not only from rides. Customization can also be very exciting! Choose the most suitable accessories and make your scooter look like the one from your dreams!

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