Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters 2023. Ultimate guide.

Electric scooters are the trendiest vehicles available for purchase at the moment. You can see more and more people riding their electric scooters in your suburb. Many people prefer electric scooters, green and versatile transport means instead of cars, which are awesome, but consume a lot of fuel and can´t go offroad.

Buying a more powerful electric scooter will be the next step after you have some experience with a single-motor scooter and start thinking about how to make your electric scooter faster.

As you get better and better at riding your new buddy, you may want to try the best and the fastest electric scooter. What makes an electric scooter better and faster? Well, the best high-performance electric scooters have one thing in common: they come with dual motors. Dual-motor scooters are in a league of their own.

Why? Let’s see!

Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters

What makes a dual-motor electric scooter so special?

A dual-motor electric scooter is a very specific type of electric scooter. Why? The name says it all. It has two electric motors (usually very powerful ones). It means that you get an enormously powerful vehicle.

While an average electric scooter is equipped with a 200-500W motor, the power of dual motors usually starts from 1000W. Plus, the high motor power produces more torque. So, reaching top speed will only take seconds.

Dual-motor electric scooters give you comfortable ride quality, high speeds (up to 59 mph!), and a long-lasting battery. The best dual-motor electric scooters can go as fast as a car and carry you from one city to another on a single charge. You won´t have any troubles while going off-road riding and most of them possess an amazing hill climbing capability.

Anyway, there is a good choice of dual-motor electric scooters nowadays. There can be many things to consider before purchasing: its price, top speed, its power, and issues with maintenance. Even if these e-scooters aren´t considered mass-market models, you can choose the one most suitable for you. How? Let’s see.

What should I keep in mind before the purchase?

Dual-motor electric scooters are considerably faster than usual single-motor models. But you must never forget: higher speed equals bigger responsibility. You must know whether you consider yourself an experienced rider. Then, you should check the rules considering the use of electric scooters in your state or district. Maybe you just don’t need a scooter with a maximum speed of 40mph.

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After checking the road safety rules, look for the specifications of the scooters you’re considering buying. Just like with single-motor electric scooters, the twin-motor brothers have these core specifications: the combined power of the electric engines, battery pack capacity, charge time, and the total weight of the electric scooter.

Which dual-motor scooter is best at this moment?

Well, answers to that general questions are always difficult. The best way to put it correctly: it depends on what you need from an electric scooter. That’s why we check the specifications before the purchase, after all. Speaking of different needs, the main point of this article is to show you the models which are considered best by customers at the moment.

So, we prepared a Top-10 list of dual-motor electric scooters!

Quick Summary

Hiboy Titan Pro and Yume Y10: best buy for everyday use in suburbs and rural areas (good off-road pneumatic tires and overall versatility).

Yume D4+: the best with a seat, an excellent purchase for customization and everyday use in the suburbs.

Unagi Model E500: nice first-buy for new dual-motor scooter riders. The cheapest and the lightest. It also has a stylish design that will turn heads.

Joyor S10 is an excellent dual-motor electric scooter for use in the city (great portability);

HOSYSA is interesting for unleashed speed fans (it is probably the fastest electric scooter available for purchase now, but it has a lot of quality issues).


Top-10 list

1. Hiboy Titan Pro

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Hiboy Titan Pro is named first for one reason: it may be the most popular dual-motor electric scooter available now. There’s a fact that says it all: it has a lot of reviews on different e-stores and is highly rated by customers. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable choices as its price is about $1.200-1500, which is not expensive for one of the best dual-motor electric scooters.

Speaking of its technical specifications, they’re really impressive. Maximum speed, for example, is stated to be 40 miles per hour! It’s near the speed limit FOR CARS in some cities.

Another big pro of this scooter is its battery pack. 17.5 Ah lithium-ion battery pack needs to recharge just every 40 miles (but the cruising speed is 32 mph). It is not bad by any measures.

The high-end battery pack is good, but it should feed a quality engine. And there’s no disappointment, either! Hiboy Titan Pro is powered by a 2400W dual brushless motor. In combination with 10-inch-inflatable tires, it makes it the perfect choice for all-terrain rides!

The Titan Pro electric scooter is really one of the strongest. It can support up to 286 lbs (130kg) of weight. But it´s much more than a simple commuter scooter that provides power and speed for heavier riders. Its excellent climbing ability makes it great for those living in hilly areas. Dual disc brakes make it safer when riding.

In addition, the scooter has a great suspension system. Its front and rear shock absorbers give you smooth and reliable ride quality. Also, Titan Pro has an IP55 water-resistance rating. It is better than most other scooters on the list.

This scooter has a wider deck to make you stay balanced on a wide and stable platform. Its 10-inch pneumatic tires with deeper lines provide perfect anti-seismic and anti-slip performance, it can keep a good riding experience in bad road conditions.

But, of course, there are cons, too. First, there can be some problems with electronics (namely, speedometer). In some cases, it may give digits, which are not correct. Another problem with Hiboy Titan Pro is tires.

  • High-performance electric engine and lithium-ion battery pack
  • Rear dual shock suspension
  • High-performance electric engine and lithium-ion battery pack
  • Three brilliant lights system
  • It is water-resistant, but not waterproof
  • Issues with electronics (namely speedometer)

2. Yume D4+

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Yume D4+ offers a lot of possibilities. First, it has two kilowatt brushless motors (2x1000W motors). Second, it has a great battery pack (52V 23.4 Ah Li-ion). Third, said electric engines and batteries work in a team to bring this e-scooter to an unbelievable 40 mph top speed! All these make Yume D4+ an excellent choice for speed fans (and many people buy electric scooters for speed rides).

The maximum rider’s weight for Yume D4+ is 330 lbs, which can be useful for heavyweight riders. Its wide deck accommodates adults comfortably. Also, it has an LED headlight by default, which is good for both urban and rural areas.

The double front and rear spring suspension make it more comfortable and safe. This electric scooter has 10-inch wheels with pneumatic tires, which makes this e-scooter suitable for off-road use. With the ability to conquer hills with a 45% grade, this electric scooter is suitable for hilly urban centers. It comes with wide 10-inch tires optimized for off-road performance.

Speaking of everyday use, Yume D4+ can offer a lot, too. For example, this dual-motor electric scooter gives a lot of opportunities for modification. You can install a seat, a basket, or modify the electronics of this scooter, and it still will be well-balanced.

The quick folding mechanism allows it to be folded and unfolded in seconds making it easily put in the trunk of the car, and suitable for home travel. It´s quite affordable too. The prices vary from $1000 to $1200.

  • Balance of steering and acceleration
  • High modification potential
  • Good LED lights
  • Loose handlebars

3. Unagi Model One E500

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This dual-motor electric scooter model has one big pro: it is one of the most affordable models on the market. It can be bought for just $600! It´s the most popular powerful scooter for under $1000 and one of the best dual-motor electric scooters too.

Besides price, there are a lot of traits that make the Unagi Model One E500 a perfect choice for fans of electric scooters. It has dual motors with a combined peak power of 500 Watts, which may accelerate to 26 mph and can go as far as 8 miles on a single charge.

The Unagi Model One E500 electric scooter can boast a Toray carbon fiber frame that provides amazing strength. This scooter offers responsive braking as it has a dual braking system with electronic anti-lock brakes and a foot pedal. Responsive brake and accelerator levers on this unit are easy to operate.

Another big advantage of Unagi Model One E500 is its compactness. It weighs just 26 pounds. Also, it folds without any problems (as its handlebar is made of light magnesium alloy, while the tube is made of TORAY steel).

We can easily name another advantage of this electric scooter: design. It has an excellent speedometer integrated into the handlebar (it means all wires are hidden), while a high-performance LED headlight is very useful at the dark time of the day.

But there are weak points, too. The wheel size for this model is 7.5 inches, so it is not suitable for all-terrain use. Another problem is that its top speed is comparable to one achieved by most single-motor scooters (26 mph said by the manufacturer, which is almost impossible to achieve in real life). There is also a lack of braking power (which may be not so big problem, since the scooter is not designed for achieving high speed).

  • Sophisticated design with integrated wiring
  • Brilliant LED headlight
  • Low price (it is the most affordable dual-motor scooter)
  • Ultralightweight
  • Use of this electric scooter model is limited to city rides
  • Specifications of this model are comparable to a typical single-motor electric scooter

4. Yume Y10

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As you can see, it’s the second model of this manufacturer selected for our top-10 list. And we have a lot of reasons to put it here.

First, it has dual motors with a combined power of 2400 Watts! These twinned motors and a high-performance power 52V lithium-ion battery can accelerate this electric scooter to 40 mph. When two chargers are used at the same time, the charging time is only 6 hours.

Yume Y10 offers a multifunctional driving system that will show you how to easily adjust the speed to meet your local requirements. The scooter is equipped with a digital speedometer with 3-speed modes, 2 power modes, and dual motor control.

Speaking of long rides, this dual-motor electric scooter has high-tier hydraulic shock absorbers. Said shock absorbers, combined with 10-inch all-terrain pneumatic tires, make this dual-motor e-scooter model a nice choice for everyday use.

The scooter comes with a front and rear oil brake system. When you brake in an emergency, the oil brake system will provide a more sensitive and faster response, and shorter reaction distance, ensuring safe braking at high speeds

Many of us say: “I’ve read all this before”. Well, there’s some reason for it. Most of its specifications are comparable with those stated by the manufacturer of Hiboy Titan Pro. It’s a coincidence since trademarks are owned by different manufacturers. This makes both models versatile choices for everyday use (both in cities and suburbs).

According to reviews, the biggest issue with this electric scooter is the inner tubes. Speaking generally, there are issues with assembly quality (for example, customers complain about loose bolts and screws). Another big problem for Y10 owners is a very long charge time (especially if the battery for each of the motors charges discreetly).

This scooter is the perfect combination of adrenaline and convenience. Makes for a great commute in the city and is much cheaper than other brands with the same qualities.

  • Comfortable ride
  • Adjustable stem
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Offroad capabilities
  • Keyed entry
  • Stem locking mechanism do not instill confidence
  • Grip tape cut unevenly
  • Boxy design

5. Joyor S10

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Joyor S10 may be interesting for people from big cities. This dual-motor electric scooter offers high-class portability. It has a brilliant folding mechanism, which is useful for transporting the e-scooter via public transport.

We mentioned that this electric scooter model is good for the city. It has a great design with a touch of seriousness, so you will look cool riding this one!

Now, we must talk about the most important parts of an electric scooter: the motor and battery. Joyor S10 has two brushless motors that deliver a combined peak power of 2000 Watts. Battery power is not disappointing, too. Joyor S10 has a powerful 60V 18Ah lithium-ion battery. Battery capacity is enough for riding up to 54 miles (87 km) without recharge.

So, what about maximum speed? Well, this dual-motor electric scooter can reach 37 mph. And hydraulic disc brakes keep you safe while riding.

Also, Joyor S10 e-scooter provides a lot of modification possibilities. You can install a seat, basket, or trank without any problems!

Speaking about off-road riding, this electric scooter model provides great opportunities. 10-inch wheels with pneumatic off-road tires make Joyor S10 an excellent choice for off-road riding!

  • The versatility of this model (it’s good for both city and countryside roads);
  • Good climbing possibilities (up to 35% hills)
  • Max load of 265 lbs, so it´s not an ideal electric scooter for heavy riders


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Now, let us introduce you to the most intriguing part of our top-10 list. It’s HOSYSA dual-motor e-scooter, and the most important part of our description is its maximum speed. IT’S CRAZY 60 MILES PER HOUR! Yes, you’ve read it right.

This dual-motor scooter can reach 60 mph: the speed of which you should be afraid of. Most people are afraid of reaching this speed while driving a car, so an electric scooter having a top speed so high, looks unbelievable and outright insane. What’s its secret?

Just like other models in this review, HOSYSA has two twinned electric motors. And each electric motor has a power output equal to 3000 watts! It’s more than two engines for most of the models TOGETHER! While twinned, the electric engines of this scooter show crazy 6000 watts!

This scooter is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lighter and more maneuverable.

We said a lot about HOSYSA accelerating. So, what about braking? There’s a lot to talk about. This dual-motor electric scooter model has high-performance hydraulic disc brakes (both forward and rear). It helps to shorten brake distance even for high speed!

Speaking of two enormously powerful motors, needless to say, they are powered by a very powerful battery pack (60v 38Ah), which lets this dual-motor e-scooter run without charge for 65 miles.

As you can see, battery capacity is impressive, too. But you must remember: riding a vehicle that fast requires proper protective gear. You MUST buy a high-class helmet (probably the one used for motorcycle rides) and a protective jacket.

But there’s trouble in paradise. The rating for this electric scooter is just 3.4 stars. Why? Most owners complain about the electric motor quality. It can break during a few first rides. Maybe it’s the price for enormous motor power.

  • Unbelievable high speed (64 mph or 100 km/h)
  • High-power brushless motors (3000 watts each)
  • Weak balance of the system
  • Serious quality issues

7. DailySports

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We’ve got another electric scooter model with dual motors and high-performance top speed. The name of this model is absolutely proper for its character. It’s named DailySports.

It has impressive manufacturer’s specifications: two connected electric motors with power of 1600 Watts each, a high-power Li-ion battery pack (60V 21 Ah) letting this electric scooter ride without any charge for 56 miles. The maximum load for this dual-motor scooter is 440 pounds.

Speaking of design, DailySports provides a simple yet eye-catching look. Dual LED headlights provide brilliant lighting for night rides.

DailySport is capable of all-terrain rides. too. It has 10-inch off-road tires coupled with polycarbonate wheels to provide an excellent grip for all terrains on rural roads. There are also dual-shock absorbers and dual hydraulic brakes for both front and rear wheels.

Speaking of disadvantages of this e-scooter model, we should mention assembly quality (some owners complain about the front wheel getting wobbly at high speed) and possible short battery life.

  • Powerful electric engines (solid 3200 Watts together)
  • Good off-road ride quality (high-class shock absorbers, all-terrain tires, dual LED headlights)
  • Possible issues with assembly quality (especially front suspension)

8. Tifaglop T88

Behold another high-performance dual-motor scooter model! Its name is Tifaglop T88. Besides motor power (dual motors have a peak power of 5600 Watts), its main advantage is comfort. For example, it has a scooter seat in the standard pack (not an add-on).

Another big advantage is the huge battery capacity (it lets you ride 40 miles per charge). One more good thing about this e-scooter is its great foldability and transportability (but you shouldn’t carry it in the bag, since this model weighs 90 pounds).

Speaking of issues related to this model we must name the main one: the brand is relatively unknown. So it may be difficult to get proper after-sales service.

  • High-performance electric engines (5600 watts combined)
  • Great foldability
  • Scooter seat comes standard equipment
  • The brand is rather obscure (so you can get in trouble while seeking proper service and repair)

9. Fieabor T108

Fieabor T108 has 2 powerful motors (2800W each) with dual drivers front and rear allowing it to reach a top speed of 45mph. 11-inch thick off-road tires provide durable and more stable riding.

30Ah lithium-ion battery lets it travel 40-50 miles per charge, and the battery can be cycled 2000 times. The battery has overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, etc.

The front and rear oil brake systems make the T108 more responsive and the braking distance is shorter.

The newly upgraded and thickened frame is twice as thick as other scooter steel providing warmer and safer ride quality. The scooter lasts longer. The C-type shock absorption is better and the ride is more comfortable.

The T108-Scooter has a maximum load of 550 pounds and can carry 2 people on the ride.

  • Great acceleration
  • Amazing speed
  • Good for heavy riders
  • Issues with lights and charger connectors

10. Kikpop

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Kikpop electric scooter is yet another interesting dual-motor model. It weighs 75 lbs. Its power is 3200 Watts, while the battery capacity is enough for riding 50 miles per charge. The top speed for Kikpop electric scooter is 40 mph. But the main advantage of this dual-motor electric scooter is its front and rear suspension with excellent steel shock absorbers.

Speaking of countryside rides, this scooter model is capable of reaching 50-degree hills! Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

This electric scooter is upgraded with a dual headlight system (instead of one). Dual headlights can make the irradiation range wider and the irradiation distance farther. In addition, the newly designed two small LED lights can perfectly match the headlights, allowing you to see the road conditions near the front of the scooter.

Kikpop electric scooter can boast a safer brake system. The front and rear wheels of the scooter are equipped with hydraulic brakes and electronic brakes. The electronic brakes can emergency shutdown the power of the engine, control the speed quickly, realize emergency braking at a short distance, and easily avoid emergencies.

Overall, this model is definitely among the best dual-motor electric scooters, it’s well-rounded enough to be a good purchase for everyday use (commuting, rural areas rides, leisure time) as well as for off-road rides.

  • Scientific body design
  • Max rider weight: 440lbs
  • Dual brakes (hydraulic and electronic)
  • Issues with a stem clamp, tires, and inner tube

So, what is the best dual-motor electric scooter?

Well, we have reviewed the top-10 of dual-motor scooters available now. As you can see, they have different specifications and different uses. However, we’ve chosen the best models and can recommend them to you. Hiboy Titan Pro and Yume scooters are the most popular dual-motor scooters and they definitely deserve it!

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In a nutshell, before you make a decision, consider what are you going to use your e-scooter for, the kind of terrain you are riding on, and the distance and speed of your rides. Read reviews and chat with other electric scooter lovers. Hopefully, our guide will help you choose the best one for you that fits all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a dual-motor electric scooter?

As the name suggests, a dual-motor electric scooter is an electric scooter with two connected electric motors. The connection between engines helps the scooter to get more power and reach higher speeds.

How do dual-motor electric scooters work?

Well, e-scooters with twinned motors work just like every other electric scooter. They need a charge. They have a built-in headlight and rear lights. What makes them different is that two electric engines let you accelerate and steer the electric scooter at the same time.

What’s the difference between dual and single-motor electric scooters?

As we mentioned before, dual-motor electric scooters use two connected electric engines which let your electric scooter keep control over the road and achieve higher speed at the same time.

Dual-motor electric scooters also provide better weight distribution and better grip off-road (in bond with off-road tires). They also have higher weight limits (while most electric scooters have a weight ceiling set at 220 lbs, there are dual-motor scooter models with a maximum rider weight of 330 lbs, or maybe even higher).

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Are dual-motor e-scooters better?

Well, there are a lot of opinions. Yeah, dual-motor scooters have more motor power, more battery power, higher weight limit, and top speed.

Get a dual-motor e-scooter if you need a breathtaking ride that can take on steep hills, off-roading, and high speeds. Plus, consider a dual motor if you need a heavier max load. Dual motors promise the maximum performance possible in an e-scooter. As a result, you get the most out of your rides.

However, all these advantages make you ask yourself two questions. First: am I an experienced rider who can handle a high-performance electric scooter?

And second: do I actually need the vehicle which I can’t use for 100%? If you just want to have a nice ride in the park, then you won´t need a dual-motor electric scooter. But if you are really sure about being able to get a maximum of an electric scooter with twinned engines, you can buy the one (it may be expensive, but you know what you are paying for).

Maybe a dual-motor e-scooter isn’t for you if you prefer portability over performance. Keep in mind that these types of e-scooters are heavier than most e-scooters on the market. One of the bonuses to having the dual motor is that you can switch between single and dual-motor modes, which can help to conserve battery depending on the distance you’re traveling.

Think about your preferences and needs, and see whether a dual-motor e-scooter fits your lifestyle.

How fast does a dual-motor electric scooter go?

The top speed of a dual-motor scooter (just like any vehicle) depends on its model. It depends on many factors (engine power, scooter weight, terrain, etc.), but most models have a top speed set at 35-40 mph. There’s a monster named HOSYSA which has a top speed set at 64 mph (comparable to the top speed of a motorbike), but it’s not very usual.


Is a dual-motor electric scooter cheap?

Short answer: no, it isn’t. Being a high-performance electric vehicle, a dual-motor scooter just can’t be cheaper than a single-motor scooter (especially on the now-warmed electric scooter market). The most affordable model now is Unagi Model One E500, which costs $600, while most models cost more than $1300.

Dual-motor electric scooters are excellent vehicles. Their main advantages are versatility, advanced electronic systems, high top speed, and weight limit. However, like any other electric vehicle, dual-motor scooters require proper maintenance. Always check the information about your electric scooter model – it will help to get proper service and repair.

And, of course, don’t forget about safety gear!

Have you ever tried a dual-motor electric scooter? Or maybe you´re a lucky owner of one of them? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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