Battery life of e-scooter: all you need to know before buying an electric scooter

If you are an owner of an electric scooter, you might wonder in what way to treat your vehicle to give it a longer life.

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In this article, you will find out what kinds of electric scooter batteries exist, what a battery pack is, and how to give an e-scooter battery a better lifespan.

Let’s dive into some technical information

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The “heart” of an electric scooter is its battery. It transmits energy to the regulator, lights, engine, and many other parts of a scooter.

The battery is composed of different electronic components and cells that maintain the safe operation of a scooter.

The larger the battery pack, the more battery capacity (which is calculated in watt hours) the scooter has and the further it can ride.

But at the same time, larger batteries affect the scooter’s mobility, turning it into a less mobile vehicle.

A bit more about battery packs


Lithium-ion cells are pieced together and form a brick alike structure. This allows for the creation of a battery pack with plenty of watt-hour capacity.

All of this is controlled by a Battery Management System, which is designed to monitor the stream of electricity in the batteries.

Battery management system

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Li-ion cells, though having a lot of advantages, need more care than other types of technologies. This is why they are almost in every case built into the battery pack, supporting a battery management system (BMS).

What is it? It is an electronic part that regulates battery charging and discharging and watches over the battery pack.

Li-ion battery is developed to perform at about 3.0 volts. The systems also prevent overcharging and disconnecting electricity before the vehicle is completely charged.

What is an e-scooter battery made of?

Lithium-ion batteries

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Most electric scooters are stocked with a lithium-ion battery since they are one of the best existing ones. Typical li-ion battery has a great length of service and an outstanding energy capacity. The latter means they can be fully discharged and recharged a lot of times and still have excellent battery life.

These types of electric scooter batteries are lightweight and rechargeable; they have a longer lifespan, more capability, and charge faster.

Due to these reasons, they are often used in the aerospace and military fields. Unfortunately, li-ion batteries are not designed for recycling, therefore an owner of this type of battery needs to treat it in the right way.

Lead-acid batteries

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Some frugal models of electric scooters have lead-acid batteries. They are usually used in cars and other bigger vehicles. E-scooters of this type have the advantage of being relatively cheap, but they are known for having a bad energy density since their batteries are lower quality batteries.

How long does an electric scooter battery last?


An e-scooter battery’s average lifespan is about 400 charge cycles, which is equal to two years of permanent use of a vehicle or 6.500 miles.

It is important to point out that after that, a battery replacement is not necessarily required, but the energy capacity of a battery pack will decrease. If you ride your e-scooter daily, expect it to lose its maximum capacity faster.

Advice for extending the autonomy of your scooter

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Standard Li-ion batteries systems are developed to prolong battery life as much as it is possible, but if you want your scooter to have a better capacity and follow the proper maintenance, you can acquire these tips:

1. Do not charge your e-scooter battery in temperatures above 45 °C or below 0 °C

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Lithium batteries swell and even can deform under such conditions. In the worst case, the battery can actually explode, so keep the battery charged only at the proper temperature.

Also, do not charge your battery right after using your scooter. Let it cool down for about an hour, and it will save the battery’s life and deliver a max power to your scooter.

2. Do not keep the battery discharged

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An average user usually charges the scooter when it is fully discharged, but lithium batteries lose a little of their lifespan every time they are fully drained. If you are not planning to use your e-scooter for a while, make sure it is charged at least 50%.

The best you can do is charge your electric vehicle every time after using it, even if it was just a short ride. By doing so, you will retain the charge capacity and will always have a charged e-scooter.

3. Do not let the battery be overcharged

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Battery life depends on keeping it charged, but it is equally important not to overcharge it as well. Despite the fact that most manufacturers provide scooters with a mechanism that cuts off electricity as soon as the battery is fully charged, there is still a possibility of battery life damage. Make sure to plug off the charger as soon as the scooter battery is charged.

4. Use only the original charger

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Although it may seem not that necessary, using the correct charger from your manufacturer is vitally important. Electric vehicle chargers are elaborately devised to prevent battery damage. They charge them slowly in order to evade overheating the battery.

Despite the fact that almost all scooters have the same types of rechargeable batteries, charging your scooter with the wrong voltage and charge capacity may severely damage your battery.

5. Maintain optimal battery charge

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Electric scooter batteries are developed in a different way from the majority of devices. For some types of batteries, it may be more efficient to have a full charge cycle, which means fully draining them and then completely charging them. But for an average electric scooter, it is better not to drain them and to have the battery always charged from 10 to 40 percent.

6. Take into account the carrying capacity

The average capacity of electric scooters is 330 pounds. In order to prevent your battery life from being damaged, do not overdraw the recommended load.

It is also imperative not to ride up hills at maximum speed, especially if your model electric scooter is not supposed to climb. By doing this, you strain the battery, and it will drain faster.

Even li-ion battery, which is considered to be good quality battery, are not designed for quick climbing.

7. Use the speed control

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Many electric scooters have the function of speed control for a decent reason. Rapid speeding up strains and reduces a battery’s capacity. If you need to speed up, do it in a mild way to provide your scooter with long battery life.

What should I do if my electric scooter battery capacity is poorly damaged?

It is always possible to repair the battery of the electric scooter, but most of the time it needs to be fully replaced. Sometimes the change of a battery on your vehicle may cost you an entire scooter, so try not to bring your battery life to such a condition.

With the gained knowledge, you can now maximize your scooter’s life and save your money. If you follow all the tips above, your electric scooter battery will last longer and have a better lifespan.


So, to sum up, let’s revise the most important information about electric scooter battery life.

How long can electric scooter battery last?


An e-scooter battery’s average lifespan is about 400 cycles, which is equal to two years of permanent use of a vehicle or 6500 miles. Keep in mind that the more you use your vehicle, the faster the battery life reduces and the more the battery capacity suffers.

How long should an electric scooter last?

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Your electric scooter battery life depend on many aspects.

With a correct charger, maintenance of an optimal battery charge, correct temperatures while charging, not overcharging, and some other tips above, electric scooter batteries should last exactly two years or 6500 miles.

How far can an electric scooter go on a charge?

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If you have a li-ion battery in your scooter, it can drive up to 80 miles in one ride. Just remember to charge it correctly after every time you use your vehicle, and enjoy your ride!

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